Monday, March 30, 2015

Daegu International Marathon 2015 is coming soon~!

Daegu International Marathon 2015

Expecting new records of the Marathon this year! 

International Marathon 2015 will be held in Daegu, on 5th of Apr, Sunday. 

The city, Daegu has hosted the race annually from 2002 so far. 

The race will be memorable and exciting, especially people who love running can release stress thorough this event. 

△ Provided from the official website of Daegu International Marathon Race

Daegu International Marathon has 5 different races for masters and elite runners, you can check the schedule below.

Also, visit the website for more information. 

Click Here

(5) The ARC /Following the filming site of Running Man in Daegu, a tourist destination recommended by the < 2015 World Water Forum >

The last tourist destination recommended by the 2015 World Water Forum is The ARC, which also appeared in the famous variety TV program ‘Running Man’

The ARC that is an abbreviation of Architecture of River Culture and Artistry of River Culture is a complex cultural space where you can learn about four major rivers and waters. 

The ARC is designed by world-famous architect Hani Rashid.
It expresses wavelength of the moment stone skipping and the moment of fish jumping over the water. 

Also it has been selected for Excellence in Architecture Culture Award in 2014, South Korea completed building sector. 

The building has exhibition spaces and art galleries on the basement floor, a huge circle theater highlighting the theme of water on the first and second ground floors.

First basement level with white and the first and second ground floors, decorated in blue. 

Going up the building feels like getting into the water.

There are artworks around that make The ARC look more beautiful. 

At the observatory on the third floor of The ARC, you can look down the panoramic views of Nakdong river, Kumho river and Gangjeong Goryeongbo surrounding natural landscape. 

Also, you can see the night view after the sun has set, The ARC colorfully shining together with the wonderful night view of Nakdong River which makes you feel refreshed.

I strongly recommend you to go to The ARC to get relaxed and refreshment in breeze~!!

■ How to go to The ARC  

- Address : 805, Jukgok-ri, Dasa-eub, Dalseong-gun, Daegu 

- Public Transportation: Ride Seoseo 2 and get down at Gangjeong Goryeongbo (The ARC entrance)

■ Operating Hours

- Exhibition Hall: 10:00~18:00   
- Observatory and cafe: 10:00~22:00 (closes at 23:00 during summer)   
   (※ Closed on Mondays and New year’s day) 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

2.28 Central Memorial Park in Daegu, Korea

What if you would want to relax your feet and eyes after a tiresome shopping day in Daegu City?

Try out 2.28 Central Memorial Park that changes every season.

2.28 Central Memorial Park is one of the big parks in Korea.

As a mecca of Daegu City, it is located in Dongseong-ro where you can watch various concerts and performances.

The peaceful 2.28 Central Memorial Park also gives you a glimpse of the past.

The Central Memorial Park was established to commemorate the event that happened on the 28th of February in 1960 during Seungman Yi’s administration.

A student democratization movement resisted the dictatorship of the corrupt liberal party before the 3.15 presidential election.

The 2.28 movement instigated the 3.15 Masan movement as well as the 4.19 college student protest which then primed the resignation of Seungman Yi.

The 2.28 Daegu student democratization movement was an expression of the Daegu civic mind that was against poverty, dictatorship, injustice, and corruption.
It was an incident that pioneered Korea’s version of Western democracy.

It holds a great story behind its magnificent scenery, doesn’t it?

There are rows of cafes at the entrance of the park.
The weather gets chilly during the blooming season so how about having coffee from the 2nd or 3rd floor of the café while enjoying the view of the 2.28 Central Memorial Park on a weekend? 

▶ How to go to 2.28 Central Memorial Park

- Address : 15, Gongpyeong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
- Public transportation : Exit 14 of Jungang-ro st, subway line 1

Friday, March 27, 2015

Daegu’s festivals in April_Spring flowers Festivals in Daegu, Korea

The season for spring flowers has come in Daegu~!!

There are some flowers festivals have been held in Daegu, Korea now~!

▲ E-World 

 ▲ Biseulsan Korean rosebay habitat 

▲ Mount Palgong 

Check the schedule for the festivals now!!

1. Starlight cherry blossom festival at E-World

- When?  20.Mar ~ 17.Apr. 2015

- Where?  Entrance of Milky way road of 83 Tower
                 (Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu)

2. Yuga HanJeong-ri cherry blossom festival

- When?  3.Apr ~ 5.Apr. 2015

- Where?  The whole area of Dalchang reservoir
                  (Hanjeong-ri, Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea)

3. Okpo cherry blossom singing contest

- When?  4.Apr ~ 6.Apr. 2015

- Where?  Seniors Welfare Center
  (Entrance road for Okpo-ro : 13, Okpo-ro, Okpo-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea)

4. Mount Palgong cherry blossom festival

- When?  10.Apr ~ 14.Apr. 2015

- Where?  Palgongsan Donghwa district water fountain square
                 (Yongsu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea )

5. Biseulsan Azalea Cultural Festival

- When?  18.Apr ~ 26.Apr. 2015

- Where?  Biseulsan Korean rosebay habitat
                (San 10, Yang-ri, Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea)

Daegu’s popular cherry blossom attraction: Mount Palgong ring road, Yongyeon temple, and Suseong pond

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Spring?

Cherry blossom comes to mine and it excites me.

The fluttering cherry blossoms are remarkably beautiful which remind you of faint memories.

As the weather gets warmer, buds slowly bloom.
All of Daegu is expected to be painted with pink cherry blossom by March 31st.

Personally, cherry blossoms look most beautiful when they flutter around like snow right after they bloom.

And so, I want to introduce you to Daegu’s popular cherry blossom attractions.

[Mount Palgong ring road]

Mount Palgong is always packed with tourists because of its beauty all year round.

The reason why more visitors come during Spring is because of the cherry blossoms.

The streets that lead you to Sootaeji passing through Baekam intersection and Donghwa temple have cherry blossoms in abundance.

Driving through the driveway and listening to music can make someone fall into the romance of spring that’s why many people love this place.

Also, there is a cherry blossom festival in Mount Palgong. 
There are lots of stalls in the event hall where you can purchase affordable special products and woodcrafts from the eight provinces of Korea.

Mount Palgong cherry blossom this year will be held from April 10th to 14th!

▶ How to go to Mt. Palgong ring road

- Address : 35, Dohak-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
- Public transportation : Bus (급행1, 팔공1, 팔공3)

[Yongyeon temple cherry blossom street]

Yongyeon temple is located in Okpo-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu.

The street in front of Yongyeon temple, a temple of Silla that was established in 914 A.D., was selected as the most beautiful street in Daegu in 2010 and was then recognized as the ‘Yongyeon temple cherry blossom street’.

Age-old cherry blossoms (about 40 years old) have proven themselves beautiful and worthy to be called a cherry blossom tunnel.

Unlike in Mount Palgong ring road, the Yongyeon temple cherry blossom is a place where you can go strolling with your family or lover.

Because of its limited parking spaces, the use of public transportation is being highly encouraged there.

▶ How to go to Yongyeon temple cherry blossom street

- Address : Bansong-ri, Okpo-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
- Public Transportation : Bus( 600, 달성2, 달성5) 
                                       Get off at the entrance of Yongyeon temple

[Suseong pond]

Suseong pond, a favorite weekend picnic place of Daegu residents, is also a popular cherry blossom attraction.

The cherry blossoms are planted around the huge Suseong pond which enhances the beauty of the already scenic cherry blossoms. 

Another reason for recommending this place is because of the numerous cafes surrounding the Suseong pond.
Serenity is what you get when you enjoy the scenic cherry blossoms with a cup of coffee.

▶ How to go to Suseong pond

- Address : Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea
- Public transportation : Bus (449, 400, 601, 수성1-1, 가창1, 급행2)

It would be great to go with yours lover, friends, or family, but how about enjoying the cherry blossoms by yourself?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

(4) Suseong Pond /Following the filming site of Running Man in Daegu, a tourist destination recommended by [2015 World Water Forum]

The place we will introduce today is Suseong pond.

It also appeared at famous variety programs 'Running Man' and 'Dad! Where are you going?'

Do you see the duck-shaped boat on the water?

The swan moves gracefully above the water but it paddles with great speed under the water.

How about the people inside the duck-shaped boat

Yes! They are moving their legs, and it’s very hard to move the duck-shaped boat.

Riding a duck-shaped boat at the Suseong pond is one of the best date courses, especially in Daegu.

Suseong pond was created during Japanese colonization period to ensure water for the plantation through an artificial reservoir located at Suseong-gu.

Now, it makes a good waking trail and is utilized as a rest area for the residents of Daegu.
Just like Sincheon, it is one of the 12-scenic views of Daegu. 

Also, since Suseong Park land is located beside Suseong pond, if you come with your family, you can have fun along the Suseong pond as well.

And lastly, the pride of Suseong pond! 

Suseong pond video-music-fountain show! 

You can watch the amazing fountain show at night from May to October.

In the afternoon as well as the evening, walk around the area of the pond. 

Relax in the midst of the quiet of the Suseong pond while sitting down at the café nearby.

Public Transportation : Bus 449, 400, 601, 수성 1-1, 가창 1, 급행 2

address : Suseongmot-gil, Daegu, South Korea

(3) Sincheon / Following the filming site of Running Man in Daegu, a tourist destination recommended by the < 2015 World Water Forum >

The second tourist destination recommended by the 2015 World Water Forum is Sincheon, which also appeared a bit in the famous variety program ‘Running Man’


Sincheon is an urban shelter for the residents of Daegu.

▲ Captured from SBS weekend variety program ‘Running Man’ replay

Did you know? Daegu is known as the hottest city even in Korea.
But Sincheon plays a role in cooling down the heat produced from the heart of the Daegu city.

It is because Sincheon, body of water of 12.5km, flows crossing the heart of the city, and also crosses the North and the South starting from Biseul Mountain to Geumho River.

At the cycle track connected along Sincheon, Residents of Daegu exercise or enjoy resting at the grass.

During the summer, an outdoor waterpark is made at the upper stream of Sincheon to cool down the heat. 

During the winter, they open an ice-rink, which brings a touch of flavor and reminds the people about memories of childhood. 

In addition, it is put under the spotlight as an urban ecological stream where nature and human life harmonize through different events like concert halls, festivals, among others, as a social space for citizens.

It makes us sleepy just imagining relaxing under the shadow of the tree while lying down on a blanket.

It is an athletics plaza for citizens.

You can sometimes see people riding bicycles against the wind.

We think it is also a good idea to pack a simple lunch box this weekend and have an outing with friends, a lover or family to nearby Sincheon.

We can see Sincheon turning yellow at the moment, 

Would you like to go to take a walk to Sincheon to enjoy the cool air?

Recommended bike route connecting Sincheon and Geumho River
(Beginner’s class/36km)

Sincheon in front of Daebaek Plaza > Sangdong Gyo> Geumho River & Sincheon confluence > Paldal Gyo > Geumho River & Sincheon confluence > Backside of Geomdan-dong village > Gdumho River & Sincheon confluence > Chilseong Market > Daebaek Plaza

Monday, March 23, 2015

(2) Duryu Park /Following the filming site of Running Man in Daegu, a tourist destination recommended by the < 2015 World Water Forum >

We recommend Duryu Park as a tourist destination following the filming site of Running Man in Daegu.

Do you know what the favorite menu of Koreans is?

It is the combination of chicken and beer.

CHIMAC(CHIMAC stands for chicken and beer) festival is one of the biggest festivals in Korea where you can taste different kinds of chicken and beer and is held in Duryu park every year!

Duryu park, as a city neighboring park, is loved and used by many people since it is equipped with culture, liberal arts, physical training facility, among others.

It is a park created with the Duryu Mountain and the Geumbong Mountain at the center, The Duryu Mountain is where E-world 83 tower is built, and the Geumbong Mountain is behind the culture and art center.

Inside the Park, there are Daegu famous sites namely the E-World 83 tower, the Duryu library, different physical training facilities, the Culture and Art center, which is the hall of the civic culture, and the Kolon outdoor concert hall.

▲ Seongdangmot in Duryu Park.

We think Duryu park is the best in Korea as it has different amusement sites and is close-packed.
We now want to introduce the course for a one-day walking tour around Duryu park.

[Duryu park Roadside]

Do you want to clear your head while taking a walk?

There is a good road to take a walk where there are cherry blossom from the Duryu cross road to the entrance of E-world.

From the end of March to the beginning of April, it is the best place to take a picture since the cherry blossoms turn out very beautifully.

[Kolon outdoor music hall]

In a hot summer day, are you looking for a cool and open place? 
Do not stay inside during a high-spirited Friday night. Come to the Kolon outdoor concert hall.

It is a place where you can spread out and sit on a blanket on the grassy hill, enjoying chicken and beer watching a concert, regardless of age and sex.

It is also a hotspot that connects to a walking trail where you can have exercise.

[E-World Theme Park and 83 Tower ]

The fantastic space spread over the sky!
It is an 83-floor tower that boasts being the highest in Daegu with a stunning view.

It is a tower that reproduces the traditional architectural beauty of Korea since it is built similarly to the Dabotap of the Silla dynasty.
Also, do not miss the Star-light Blossom festival during 3/20~4/17 at E-World, if you guys want to experience the fantastic space!  

[Sidewalk bars and food alley in the Kwangjang Koa Plaza area]

You must be hungry after appreciating the night view at the 83 tower, right?

Go to the Kwangjang Koa Plaza area to fill up your hungry stomach and maintain your high spirit.
You can end your day happily if you drink at the street full of different kinds of bar and restaurants.

The whole area of Kwangjang Koa Plaza is located between subway line2,Gamsam station and Duryu station, and it takes around 15 minutes on foot from the main gate of E-World.  

Now you know how big and romantic the Duryu park is, right?

We always highly recommend Duryu Park regardless if you are a person who was born in Daegu or a traveler from another place!

Shall we go on a walk to Duryu park where there are collective things to enjoy, to see and to eat? 

Location: 17min walk from Exit 14 of Duryu station, subway line 2