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Daegu Tour Blog and SNS awarded with grand prize for tourism marketing division of 2014 Korea Internet Communication Satisfaction Index!

Fall season tourist attractions of Daegu/ Enjoy a wonderful date at the gorgeous Hanok village in this late fall! _ Daegu Otgol Village (Head House of Gyeongju Choi Clan)

Daegu’s November Exhibition / The 3rd Daegu International Robot Industry Expo& 2014 Daegu International Machinery Industry Expo where you can look all around from robots to the industrial machinery and tools.

Daegu’s November Festival/ Lights for fancy year-end! “Dancing with Light” E-World Starlight Festival

Train trip to Daegu episode 12 Places to go near Daegu subway line 3 ChilgokKyungppok National University Medical Center Station~Goo-am Station.

Daegu restaurants that Jjang-ddol dad is recommending / The Kitchen NOI, DAlizio, Full House, La Luce ? Kyungyang Restaurant, pasta restaurant, Italian food