Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween at Daegu Nature Park: Zoo, Spooky Attractions and more!

Halloween at Daegu Nature Park: Zoo, Spooky Attractions and more!

Each year on Halloween, more and more people, especially youngsters and children, celebrate Halloween in Korea. For party-goers, bars and clubs in downtown are some options to consider. If you are looking for a way to make your children experience the Halloween festivity, visit somewhere kid-friendly like Nature Park in Daegu, Korea. Nature Park is a part of Spa Valley, which is one of the biggest water parks in Korea. Nature Park can offer you a relaxing timeout in the outskirt of Daegu.

In October, Nature Park is spirited up with spooky yet light-hearted fun Halloween decorations. From oversized pumpkins, spider web, skulls to dolled-up scarecrows, every corner of the park is presented in Halloween spirit.

One popular attraction is “Horror River stream” where you can ride a boat along spooky stream. There are also games and little events that anyone can participate and win gifts.

If your kid are more on the active side, you can bring them to "Jungle Challenge"

One of a few things that you should not miss is interacting with animals. You can watch squirrels running through net or you can directly interact with some animals like a snake and bird. 

This year, their Halloween decoration will be up until Nov. Even if it’s pass Halloween, the park looks beautiful with autumn foliage and lights at night!

  Date: Now – Aug 20
  Hours: Botanical Garden 10:00 – 21:00(22:00 on weekend), zoo 11:00 – 20:00
  Address: 891, Gachang-ro, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
  Address(KR): 대구 달성군 가창면 가창로 891
Botanical Garden 10,000KRW(adults), 8,000KRW(children)

Botanical Garden + Zoo 16,000KRW(adults), 14,000KRW(children)

Monday, October 30, 2017

Korea Autumn Flower Blossom: Daegu Chrysanthemum Festival

Daegu Arboretum Chrysanthemum Festival!
One of Korea’s Most Coveted Autumn Festival

Finally, it’s the time of the year! Our one of the most anticipated events in fall: Daegu Arboretum Chrysanthemum Festival! Opened in 2002, Daegu Arboretum was once a landfill before it became a beautiful forest located in the city. It is beautiful all year around. In Spring and Summer, the entire place exudes its exuberant green energy. During the fall, as you can imagine, the entire place turns its colors. Especially with mountains located right behind the arboretum, it looks absolutely stunning. 
It’s highly accessible by public transportation. So, please come by and let’s celebrate this fall together!

At the festival, most chrysanthemum flowers are planted in the main square. Whether you come from the parking lot or you take a side trail from the entrance, you will directly pass the square.

The flowers are decorated into many interesting structures to create a fairly-tale-like atmosphere. It is also a great chance to look at different types and colors of chrysanthemum flowers. For Koreans, this flower is one of the most popular flowers that symbolizes the peak of fall.

Daegu arboretum is spacious. If you are coming with your friend or family, an afternoon will pass away so quickly with the view of beautiful flowers, trees, architectures, laughter and good chatting. There are a food town right outside the entrance for you if you need to feed yourself a good food J

Daegu Arboretum
─  Date: Oct 28 – Nov 12
─  Hours: Sep – Dec 09:00 – 18:00
─  Location: Daegu Arboretum
─  Address: 342, Hwaam-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
─  Address(KR): 대구 달서구 화암로 342

Thursday, October 26, 2017

[FALL TRAVEL WEEK] Light the Night with LED Light Toys @the Arc

1000 LED Light Toys Shot Towards the Sky this Weekend!
Special Daegu “Fall Travel Week” Event

Fall Travel Week began on Oct 21 and continues through Nov 5. One of the most anticipated event is “Coloring Daegu: Lighty Night Event.”

On Oct 28 and Nov 4, more than 1,000 people are going to shoot LED light toys at once! The Arc itself is beautiful at night. With all these lights shot towards the sky, it will definitely be a spectacular scene!

Come out to The Arc this weekend or next weekend and be a part!

Moreover, there are many giveaways before and after the event. Who would mind free coupons and Starbucks coffee? Read the following info to earn your gifts! 

*If you are coming with your friend, you need to RSVP separately. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

How to Travel From Manila to Daegu, Korea: Not an Ordinary Trip to Korea!

From Manila to Daegu, Korea
Exploring a Hidden Gem of Korea

Are you browsing over at booking.com to find your next holiday destination? It's time for you to finally visit your first or another visit to Korea! If you are looking for an not so ordinary trip, it is Daegu that you need to consider visiting. Daegu is full of culture and history that will please your curious soul. It is also one of the most convenient Korean cities where public transportation system is on spot! You will be able to navigate the city easily. Most of popular attractions with public transportation!
If you are looking to immerse yourself in Korea but not a fan of packed tourists spots, come to Daegu! Welcome to Daegu in advance! 

#1 Manila Int’l Airport – Incheon Int’l Airport – Dongdaegu Station


The charm of this way is the fact the Incheon Airport has more flight coming from Manila so you can pick a ticket among more options. The flight usually takes from 4 to 7 hours and costs around 11,000 to 18,000 peso.
When you arrive at the airport, it is directly connected to KTX station. Follow signs inside the building; you will easily get to the station. Enjoy a 2-hour-40-minute ride while you can enjoy the view of Korea’s countryside out the windows. A KTX ticket costs around 2,500 peso.

─  Pros
Opportunity to ride one of Asia’s most advanced railway systems, “KTX”
Transportation(Manila-Daegu) is cheaper.
─  Cost: 13,500 to 20,500peso
─  Hours: 7 to 10 hours
*Another great option is to explore Seoul and take KTX to Daegu. It is only 90min ride and cost around 1,800 peso.

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#2 Manila Int’l Airport – Daegu Int’l Airport


Depending on what flight you take, it can actually save your time to use connecting flight at Incheon Airport to finally arrive at Daegu Int’l Airport. From Manila to Daegu, it takes around 6.5 hours to 10 hours. Desirably, get a flight that takes around 6 – 7 hours. Inexpensive flight cost around 23,000 to 28,000 peso. 

─  Pros:
No need to leave airport.
No need to buy a separate ticket for KTX
─  Cons:
Transportation(Manila-Daegu) is more expensive. However, living cost in Daegu is much cheaper than Seoul. The longer you stay, the cheaper the whole trip cost will be.
─  Cost: 23,000 to 28,000 peso.
─  Hours: 6.5 to 10 hours

*Another convenient option you might want to consider is there are quite a number of flights that connect from Hongkong, Narita and Cebu airports. Many airlines allow you to stay for a couple of days connecting city. It is a great way to spend your vacation more than one country: Korea and somewhere else! ;)

One-Day Trip Idea
Here are selected ideas you can plan each day in Daegu.
─ Songhae Park & Yongyeonsa Temple
─ First-timer’s Daegu Trip

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─ Accommodation: Complete List of Guest House
─ Tour Bus & Cable Car: Rida Away Korea

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Must-visit in Fall: Songhae Park in Dalseong

Daegu, South Korea
Songhae Park in Dalseong
Blog by Jenikah Joy

Autumn in Daegu!

Having spent most of my time in the suburban areas of Daegu, this time I decided I wanted to see
a little bit of the nature that surrounds the city. Now that the weather is a bit cooler, it’s the perfect
time to visit Daegu! A friend recommended visiting the cosmos fields at Songhae Park in Dalseong,
and after seeing just one photo, I knew I had to go! I have seen these beautiful kind of photos
before on social media many times, but never knew where they were taken. Also, I always thought
these kinds of flowers only bloomed in spring, thankfully however, this time of year, they are also
in bloom and I was able to fully experience them.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

송해공원 Songhae Park
Songhae Park is located at the end of the red line at Daegok Station. You can take a bus or taxi to
the actual park, because it’s a ways out in the mountains. The park is located between two of
Daegu’s most well known temples, so we first went to Yongyeonsa Temple and walked down from
there to the park. The temple is quite beautiful so if you’re heading out to the park, it’s close
enough to visit as well. The walk to the park is quite long, but you can see a lot of the outside of
the main city, which is lovely in the early fall weather.

용연사 Yongyeonsa Temple

Songhae Park
When you first arrive at the park, there is a large parking lot for families and visitors who are able
to drive in. There are some small local vendors selling fresh vegetables and other snacks. We
grabbed a couple bottles of water and looked around at what we wanted to explore first.

During this time of year, many people come to see the flowers while the weather is good. Later on
in the year, you can see the fall leaves changing, and then in winter, this park is known for the
frozen waterfalls or the ice wall. Of course, this is probably one of those parks that is wonderful
any time of the year. As well, we came during the afternoon, but in the evening you can see
statues lit up on the lakes, and other spectacular lights after dark.

At the entrance to the park are several attractions including a giant water wheel, a gazebo, a heart
walkway which lights up at night, and a statue of a named Song Seung, a well known comedian
and MC who seems to be the mascot for this park! Right from the beginning this park is truly
beautiful, especially as we arrived in the late afternoon, you could see everything in the soft
afternoon glow.

송해공원 Songhae Park

옥연지 Okyeonji Pond

Once you walk through the archway of hearts you will come across one of the most spectacular
views in Daegu. Here you will come to 백세교 Baekse Bridge, which literally means 100 years old,
because it is said that if you walk across this bridge you will live to be 100! The bridge is built in a
winding fashion, with 3 main walkways, creating a taeguk, a symbol that is famous in Korea. The
view of the water and mountains is truly breathtaking. I can honestly say I have not seen this same
kind of beauty anywhere in Seoul.

백세교 Baekse Bridge

Keep Walking

After exploring the pavilion and taking many photos, we decided to start off on the trail. The
walking trail which runs along the side of the mountain, goes for about 3.5km and ends at a
another temple at the end. The trail is very easy to navigate, and while it is a bit of a long walk, it is
not difficult at all. People of all ages walked the trail, and there were handrails and lights the whole
length. There were even signs on the trees warning people to watch their heads for low hanging
trees. Also at many points there are lookouts where you can stop to rest and take photos.

The view along the trails

What’s at the End?

Perhaps the most rewarding part of the hike was the end point, where you can cross the pink
arched bridge which passes next to one of the many waterfalls you can see along your walk.
Although the bridge is titled 구름다리, a title given to bridges that are considered scary or thrilling, I thought the bridge was truly beautiful.

I imagine that this area is really beautiful after a heavy rain, where the waterfall probably runs even heavier, but the sight near the lake, from the bridge was captivating anyhow. Once you walk down from the bridge you can see how highly suspended it is. Which is probably how it received its name.

Welcome to the Cosmos!

And of course the thing that brought me to the park in the first place, was to see the beautiful
flowers! I’ve always loved flowers, but rarely been able to see entire fields of them. On a few
occasions when I was a child I saw some along the roads, or when traveling to specific flower
gardens, but it was truly wonderful to see them growing so organically along the sides of the
bridges and in the fields near the end of the park.

Wild flowers in fall

I’m really glad I came out to this park and experienced a little nature outside of the city. It was
really invigorating to be able to take in all the natural beauty and to see a different side of Korea. I

want to come back and see the park in winter with the frozen waterfalls but of course now that I’ve visited in fall, I recommend coming any time of the year!

Monday, October 23, 2017

24/7 Korea Travel Hotline 1330. Dial Now to Solve Your Questions!

Ask 1330
Call 1330 about Travel Questions!

When you plan traveling or are traveling, having someone who can help you on spot is very helpful. Korea Hotline is 24/7 service via which you can ask any question about traveling Korea in 3 languages. Moreover, there is no extra fee calling the number!

1. Dial 1330
2. Press 2 for English, 3 for Japanese, 4 for Chinese
Inquiries on: travel spots, festivals, weather, transportation, accommodations, shopping, photogenic spots, operating hours, translation, etc.
Hours: 24/7
─  Details

A Quick Answer
Usually, famous attractions have all relevant information that you need. Even if they don’t , you can dial 1330 to find out what you want to know. They can even provide local traveling tips that Korean people are well aware of but not expats. For example, where is a quiet beach? where is the best place for shopping for a budget-minded travelers?

Taxi Ride Translation
When you have a trouble telling your taxi driver your destination, call 1330 and the person can assist you to arrive at your desired destination not somewhere else!

Conveniently, there is always a specialist who can help you 24/7. When you get lost

Compliment or Thank-you Message
Dial 1330 for tourism information in Korea Tourism Hotline 1330 is a telephone number for all tourism information in Korea, which offers a variety of information about travelling in Korea to domestic and international tourists.

Sometime, traveling in a different country can be inconvenient and you might think that a simple change can drastically improve your traveling experience! At other times, you might want to report a complaint. Then, you can call 1330 and tell them your suggestions or stories. You can also submit it on the website. Click here. https://www.touristcomplaint.or.kr/en/gate

If you like to ask specifically about administration part of Daegu, you can call 120!
Dalgubeol Call Center
How : Call 120 if you live in Daegu (or call 053-120 from outside Daegu)
Inquiries on : passport, car registration, transportation, waterworks, tour, welfare, environment, manucipal administration
Hours : Weekday 09:00 - 21:00 / Weekend, Holidays 09:00 - 18:00

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ride Away Korea – All Possible Riding Options!

Some of the Most Efficient Ways to Travel Korea

Tour Buses and Cable Car Rides

When you have a month to explore Korea, you might want to do your own search and visit wherever you feel like that day. However, when you only have a couple of days or a week, you want to take a full advantage of the limited time. That’s when a tour program comes very handy! We’ve gathered up 6 possible ways to tour around one of Korea’s most beautiful city, Daegu.


Daegu City Tour is probably most known to tourists partly for its bright red bus. Especially, the red double-decker ride is also popular among locals! There are mainly two types of tours available for you: urban course and themed courses. Those two courses run slightly different, so make sure you read thoroughly!

Urban Route

Courtesy: Daegu City Tour

If you’d like to try a double-decker bus, this is the route for you. Among all routes, only the urban course runs with a double-decker. There are 14 stops available and bus will stop by 12 times a day during the operating hour. You can start at any stop. Also, you can choose how many stops and which stops to get on or off! How convenient!

─  Date: Everyday except Mondays, Lunar New Year’s Day and Chuseok)
─  Hours: 09:30 –18:40
─  Location: You can hop on at any stop!
─  Price: 5,000KRW for adults, 4,000KRW for students

*No reservation needed.
*You can buy a ticket when you first hop on the bus with cash, credit card, or transportation card.
*You can use the ticket unlimitedly on the day.

Courtesy: Daegu City Tour

Theme Routes
Theme courses take you to outer sides of Daegu which may not be most convenient if you travel by a public transportation. These course usually include places full of history and culture. You need to check if any course fits your taste!

─  Date: Different for each course
(Every Course close on Mondays, Lunar New Year’s Day and Chuseok)
─  Hours: 09:30 –17:00
─  Departing Location: Sinan Station(9:30) and Dongdaegu Station(10:00) only. 
─  Price: 5,000KRW for adults, 4,000KRW for students

*Reservation needed by 13:00 on a day before the tour day.
*In order to book, call 053-627-8900 or visit www.daegucitytour.com
*Please get on the bus by 10min before departing time.

Featured Courses

Mt. Palgong Course
Sinnam subway station  >  Dongdaegu Train Station  >  Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb Park/DTC(Daegu Textile Complex) Textile Museum  >  Daegu Bangjjayugi Museum
  >  Dongwha temple  >  aegu Safety Theme Park  >  Dongdaegu Train Station  >  Sinnam subway station  *Entrance fee for Donghwasa Temple: 2,500KRW

 Mt. Biseul Course
Sinnam subway station   >  Dongdaegu Train Station   >  Zelkova tree theme park   >  Do Dong Confucian Academy   >  Daegu National Science Museum   >  Mt. Biseul(National Forest resort)  >  Dongdaegu Train Station  >  Sinnam subway station

 Nakdong River Course
Sinnam subway station  >  Dongdaegu Train Station  >  Gangjeong Goryeongbo Weir & The ARC  >  Samunjin ferry  >  Mabijeong Mural Painting Village
  >  Inheung Village   >  Dongdaegu Train Station  >  Sinnam subway station

Suseoung & Gachang Course
Gate No.2 of Sinnam Subway station  >  Dongdaegu Train Station  >  Kim Gwang seok-gil Street  >  Nokdongseowon Confucian Academy  >  Suseong Lake Resort
  >  Daegu National Museum  >  Momyeong-jae  >  Dongdaegu Train Station  >  Sinnam Subway station

#2  DAEGU TROLLY BUS aka “Cheongna Bus”

If you like to explore deeper into Daegu’s downtown, take Daegu Trolly Bus instead of City Tour Bus(Urban Routes). It’s a lot like the urban City Bus Tour in that you can hop on and off at any stop during the operating hour. Some stops overlap but the trolly bus include more stops around Jung-gu areas! There are total 8 stations and bus stops 7 times a day for each.

Courtesy: Daegu Trolly Bus

─  Date: Every day except Mondays, Lunar New Year’s Day and Chuseok)
─  Hours: 10:00 –17:45
─  Departing Location: at any station 
─  Price: 3,000KRW for adult
─  Click here to visit official website http://alleybus.jung.daegu.kr/eng/index.php
*No reservation needed.
*You can buy a ticket when you first hop on the bus with cash or credit card.

#3  The Play Bus

It claims that it is the first “play” bus where you can have fun during its ride. Unlike other bus tour, you don’t get off the bus during 1-hour ride. Instead, you will get to enjoy the view out windows and DJ-ing inside the bus! After that, you will arrive at the famous Kim Gwang Seok St., look around Kim Gwang Seok Story House and enjoy a mini concert after!

─  Date: Every Saturday
─  Hours: 17:00 – 19:00
─  Departing Location: in front of Novotel @16:45
─  Price: Free
─  Click here for booking and more info. https://theplaybus.modoo.at/
*Your reservation is complete only when you get a confirmation call.


If you plan to travel Daegu from Seoul, K-Travel Bus can be a great option. K-Travel Bus takes you to 5 popular places in Korea, one of which is Daegu! K-Travel Bus include a round bus trip, guide tour(English, Chinese or Japanese), and a one night stay at a 3 starred hotel or a guesthouse.

─  Date: Every Thursday
─  Hours: 7:20 Thur – 18:30 Fri
─  Departing Location: SM Duty Free@7:30
─  Full Course: Seomun Market/Kim Gwangseok-gil Street/Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine/Dongseongno Street/ DonghwasaTemple Palgongsan Cable Car Guam Farm Stay(Experience)


Continuing our ride to cable car, I’d like to introduce you Apsan Cable Car. It takes you to one of the most beautiful night view spots in Daegu. Recently, it has extended it operating hours after sunset from Friday to Sunday and holidays so that many people can enjoy the ride up and down while they view all of day, sunset and night views of the whole city!

─  Address: 574-114
─  Address(KR): 574-114, Apsansunhwan-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu, Korea
─  Price : Round-trip 9,500 for adults
* 20% off with a City Tour Ticket of the day
*The ride may be canceled depending on weather. 
─  Hours
Courtesy: Apsan Cable Car


Last but not least, you might want to include a visit to Palgong Mt. Autumn is a perfect time to visit palgong area to see its beautiful foliage. Especially when you ride a cable car, you can look at the magnificent nature changing its cloth from the sky! 

─  Date: Tuesday –Sunday (open on Monday if it is a holiday)
─  Price: Round-trip 9,000KRW for adult
─  Hours
*The ride may be canceled depending on weather. 

Courtesy: Palgong Mt. Cable Car