Monday, March 16, 2015

Biseulsan Firefly electric car starts operating.

Biseulsan, Daegu, where beautiful Rhododendron weyrichii blooms in spring!

Many tourists visit every spring, when flowers boom, to the Korean Rosebay Habitat famous in Korea.

 ▲ the Korean Rosebay Habitat in Biseulsan mountain

Some people give up the attractions because in order to visit tourist spots such as Three-story Stone Pagoda of DaegyeonsaTemple Site, Geumsu-am Observatory, Biseulsan Block Stream and the Korean Rosebay Habitat, you have to walk up to 1,000 m above sea level.

But since Biseulsan’s new mode of transportation, the “Biseulsan Firefly Electric Car,” began operations from the 28th of last month, you can now conveniently travel.

It is Korea’s first electric car that operates in mountainous regions, thus it is harmless to the environment while it provides convenience to the people.

▲ Provided by the Dalseong County Office
ㅁ Run route: 11.6 km
Shuttle bus Platform within Biseulsan Public Parking lot ↔ Biseulsan Recreational Forest Facility Office Parking Lot  ↔ Doseonsa Temple Entrance(turning place)

ㅁ Fare: Adult: 5,000 KRW / Child: 3,000 KRW (one-way)

ㅁ Speed: 10-15km/hr

ㅁ Service frequency: 18 time per day (6 time /bus)

ㅁ Operating hours: 09:00am ~ Sunset

ㅁ Driving time for a round trip: 1 hr (including stoppage and waiting time)

ㅁ Number of Passengers: Maximum of 20 (Standard of one Bus)

※ Appropriateness is adjusted based on the number of visitors on weekdays, weekends, and holidays.
※ Operates when there are at least 10 passengers

[Way to Biseulsan, Daegu]
ㅁ Address: 230, Hyuyangnim-gil, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

ㅁ Public Transportation: Bus: 600, Dalseong5 (Operates only on Sat, Sun and holidays) alight from Hyuyangrim.

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