Monday, March 23, 2015

(2) Duryu Park /Following the filming site of Running Man in Daegu, a tourist destination recommended by the < 2015 World Water Forum >

We recommend Duryu Park as a tourist destination following the filming site of Running Man in Daegu.

Do you know what the favorite menu of Koreans is?

It is the combination of chicken and beer.

CHIMAC(CHIMAC stands for chicken and beer) festival is one of the biggest festivals in Korea where you can taste different kinds of chicken and beer and is held in Duryu park every year!

Duryu park, as a city neighboring park, is loved and used by many people since it is equipped with culture, liberal arts, physical training facility, among others.

It is a park created with the Duryu Mountain and the Geumbong Mountain at the center, The Duryu Mountain is where E-world 83 tower is built, and the Geumbong Mountain is behind the culture and art center.

Inside the Park, there are Daegu famous sites namely the E-World 83 tower, the Duryu library, different physical training facilities, the Culture and Art center, which is the hall of the civic culture, and the Kolon outdoor concert hall.

▲ Seongdangmot in Duryu Park.

We think Duryu park is the best in Korea as it has different amusement sites and is close-packed.
We now want to introduce the course for a one-day walking tour around Duryu park.

[Duryu park Roadside]

Do you want to clear your head while taking a walk?

There is a good road to take a walk where there are cherry blossom from the Duryu cross road to the entrance of E-world.

From the end of March to the beginning of April, it is the best place to take a picture since the cherry blossoms turn out very beautifully.

[Kolon outdoor music hall]

In a hot summer day, are you looking for a cool and open place? 
Do not stay inside during a high-spirited Friday night. Come to the Kolon outdoor concert hall.

It is a place where you can spread out and sit on a blanket on the grassy hill, enjoying chicken and beer watching a concert, regardless of age and sex.

It is also a hotspot that connects to a walking trail where you can have exercise.

[E-World Theme Park and 83 Tower ]

The fantastic space spread over the sky!
It is an 83-floor tower that boasts being the highest in Daegu with a stunning view.

It is a tower that reproduces the traditional architectural beauty of Korea since it is built similarly to the Dabotap of the Silla dynasty.
Also, do not miss the Star-light Blossom festival during 3/20~4/17 at E-World, if you guys want to experience the fantastic space!  

[Sidewalk bars and food alley in the Kwangjang Koa Plaza area]

You must be hungry after appreciating the night view at the 83 tower, right?

Go to the Kwangjang Koa Plaza area to fill up your hungry stomach and maintain your high spirit.
You can end your day happily if you drink at the street full of different kinds of bar and restaurants.

The whole area of Kwangjang Koa Plaza is located between subway line2,Gamsam station and Duryu station, and it takes around 15 minutes on foot from the main gate of E-World.  

Now you know how big and romantic the Duryu park is, right?

We always highly recommend Duryu Park regardless if you are a person who was born in Daegu or a traveler from another place!

Shall we go on a walk to Duryu park where there are collective things to enjoy, to see and to eat? 

Location: 17min walk from Exit 14 of Duryu station, subway line 2

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