Tuesday, March 24, 2015

(4) Suseong Pond /Following the filming site of Running Man in Daegu, a tourist destination recommended by [2015 World Water Forum]

The place we will introduce today is Suseong pond.

It also appeared at famous variety programs 'Running Man' and 'Dad! Where are you going?'

Do you see the duck-shaped boat on the water?

The swan moves gracefully above the water but it paddles with great speed under the water.

How about the people inside the duck-shaped boat

Yes! They are moving their legs, and it’s very hard to move the duck-shaped boat.

Riding a duck-shaped boat at the Suseong pond is one of the best date courses, especially in Daegu.

Suseong pond was created during Japanese colonization period to ensure water for the plantation through an artificial reservoir located at Suseong-gu.

Now, it makes a good waking trail and is utilized as a rest area for the residents of Daegu.
Just like Sincheon, it is one of the 12-scenic views of Daegu. 

Also, since Suseong Park land is located beside Suseong pond, if you come with your family, you can have fun along the Suseong pond as well.

And lastly, the pride of Suseong pond! 

Suseong pond video-music-fountain show! 

You can watch the amazing fountain show at night from May to October.

In the afternoon as well as the evening, walk around the area of the pond. 

Relax in the midst of the quiet of the Suseong pond while sitting down at the café nearby.

Public Transportation : Bus 449, 400, 601, 수성 1-1, 가창 1, 급행 2

address : Suseongmot-gil, Daegu, South Korea

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