Thursday, March 19, 2015

(1) Following the filming site of 'Running Man' in Daegu, a tourist destination recommended by {2015 World Water Forum}

SBS popular variety show ‘Running Man’ visited Daegu!!

Due to the World Water Forum that will be held in Daegu in April, Team Running Man visited Daegu.

Have you watched episode 370 last 15th of March?
The members of Team Running Man and guests raced around the popular sites in Daegu.

We will tell you about the places where Running Man was filmed in Daegu.


The first is Sinchon.

This is a walking trail and a place to exercise for the residents of Daegu.

[Duryu Park Kolon Outdoor ConcertHall]

The popular place that anyone from Daegu knows!
It is Duryu Park.
Duryu Park’s Outdoor Music Hall provides a rest area to Daegu residents and it is a popular place of art for various artistic concerts.

As you can see in the picture, it has wide grassplot perfect for spring picnics!!
Every summer, people come out of their house with mats to go to the Outdoor Concert Hall to enjoy chicken, cold beer, and the cool breeze.

[Suseong Pond]

In Suseong pond, you can enjoy scenic views and gentle winds while riding a duck ship.

[The ARC]

The last destination of episode was The ARC!

The ARC where the last race was held stands for ‘Artistry of River Culture,’ and it means it is an elegant geometric architectural artwork that holds the pond.

Captured from SBS weekend variety program ‘Running Man’ replay

You can check water related information inside this display hall with a water theme.

And at night, it gives you a great view of beautiful light harmonized with Nakdong River.
It also has been selected as an experience tour course of the 7th World Water Forum to be held in April 2015, and many tourists from all over the world will visit the ARC.

This is a scene in which the cast of Running Man are traveling to Daegu on the KTX train.

With the KTX from Seoul to Daegu (stop at East Daegu Station), you can easily and quickly travel in 2 hours.

Just like this, there are many popular places in Daegu for broadcasting stations to film their shows. We will show you the next recommended tourist spot in the next episode, so come back for more!

Come and feel the flavor of Daegu, a tourist attraction for the people around the world.

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