Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Useful apps when travelling in Korea

Do you need information regarding travelling in Korea?

Then download the app and you will be able to see useful information anytime, anywhere!

▶ Korea Travel Guide - A guidebook on travelling in Korea published by the Korean Tourism Organization

It’s an app that provides approximately 70,000 pieces of touring information, and includes the following: a feature (map) locating tourist spots, sharing through SNS, and a feature for writing a travel list.

▲ Captured images by Korea Tourism Organization

Though the font size is a little small due to the generally wide range of content, including an introduction of Korea with its history, we recommend this app to those who want to study about Korea before visiting it!

To download  >  Google Play

▶ Visit Korea: Office Guide - Korea Tourism Organization

This is an app that records approximately 30,000 pieces of local travel information regarding all parts of Korea, which are broken down according to regions and other categories.

It does not only provide entries regarding a travel specialist’s own experiences and recommended travel courses, but also useful Korean expressions, the exchange rate, how to connect to the Internet, shopping information, sleeping accommodations, restaurant information, discount coupons, as well as articles covering different events, exhibits and festivals that take place in Korea.

▲ Captured images by Korea Tourism Organization

It features a travel album where you can save your own travel experience through pictures and text messages, and even share travel information in real-time with friends through SNS.

It is a highly recommended app because it contains detailed content on the most important modes of transportation in Korea.

To download  >  Google Play

▶ Daegu Junggu Walking Tour

It contains walking tour courses and descriptions of 36 tourist spots in Jung-gu, the center of Daegu Metropolitan City.
The distinct travel album feature allows you to record memories of the travel through pictures and texts, and there is also a stamp-receiving feature that allows you to collect stamps.

▲ Captured images by HUONE Inc.

To make travelling alone easier, the app features getting directions and searching nearby areas, as well as a voice file that gives an introduction of the tourist spot that you can listen to while exploring the place.

To download  >  Google Play

[Other Tips]

Korea Travel Hotline
Call to 1330

The Korean Travel Organization is operating a travel guide call service for convenient travelling as well as relieve language discomfort for both local people and foreigners for 24 hours all year long.

If you need travel information regarding the country, translation service for foreigners (Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese) or report complaints of discomfort during the travel, you can use the service anytime.

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