Tuesday, March 24, 2015

(3) Sincheon / Following the filming site of Running Man in Daegu, a tourist destination recommended by the < 2015 World Water Forum >

The second tourist destination recommended by the 2015 World Water Forum is Sincheon, which also appeared a bit in the famous variety program ‘Running Man’


Sincheon is an urban shelter for the residents of Daegu.

▲ Captured from SBS weekend variety program ‘Running Man’ replay

Did you know? Daegu is known as the hottest city even in Korea.
But Sincheon plays a role in cooling down the heat produced from the heart of the Daegu city.

It is because Sincheon, body of water of 12.5km, flows crossing the heart of the city, and also crosses the North and the South starting from Biseul Mountain to Geumho River.

At the cycle track connected along Sincheon, Residents of Daegu exercise or enjoy resting at the grass.

During the summer, an outdoor waterpark is made at the upper stream of Sincheon to cool down the heat. 

During the winter, they open an ice-rink, which brings a touch of flavor and reminds the people about memories of childhood. 

In addition, it is put under the spotlight as an urban ecological stream where nature and human life harmonize through different events like concert halls, festivals, among others, as a social space for citizens.

It makes us sleepy just imagining relaxing under the shadow of the tree while lying down on a blanket.

It is an athletics plaza for citizens.

You can sometimes see people riding bicycles against the wind.

We think it is also a good idea to pack a simple lunch box this weekend and have an outing with friends, a lover or family to nearby Sincheon.

We can see Sincheon turning yellow at the moment, 

Would you like to go to take a walk to Sincheon to enjoy the cool air?

Recommended bike route connecting Sincheon and Geumho River
(Beginner’s class/36km)

Sincheon in front of Daebaek Plaza > Sangdong Gyo> Geumho River & Sincheon confluence > Paldal Gyo > Geumho River & Sincheon confluence > Backside of Geomdan-dong village > Gdumho River & Sincheon confluence > Chilseong Market > Daebaek Plaza

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