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Representative Korean liquor and Drinking culture : Soju brand in Daegu – How to make Korean bomb shot 'Poktanju'

Korea’s Representative liquor Soju and Korean drinking culture
Korea, a country that loves alcoholic drinks!
Soju, a beverage distilled through crop fermentation, is always accompanied by Koreans during times of joy and sorrow.
Why do people like Soju? 
Because it’s inexpensive and tasty!

Fruit-flavored Soju is a big trend in Korea nowadays.
Every liquor company is releasing fruit-flavored Soju with sweet scents and flavors.
The trend of Soju is changing as well. The recently released fruit-flavored Soju has 14% alcohol content, while ordinary Soju has an average of 18-25% alcohol content.

Korea has different Soju brands per area.
The representative Soju of Daegu, Gyeongsangbuk-do is ‘Sunhancharm’ and ‘Charm’ Soju of Kumbokju. These are rare and hard to acquire in other areas!

There must always be liquor in all forms of meetings!
Drinking games and ‘Poktanju’(폭탄주_‘bomb shot’ in Korean term), which is made of different kinds of alcoholic beverages on the spot, are very popular.

It is called ‘Poktanju’, because the beer foam that bounces off when the Soju is dropped into the beer glass resembles the cloudy smoke that appears when a bomb explodes.
It is loved by people because anyone can easily craft it to raise the atmosphere.
But be aware, since Poktanju makes you tipsy three times faster!

Daegu Travel would like to introduce two methods of making popular Poktanju for your enjoyment of drinking Korean liquor. ;) 

‘Gojingamrae’ (고진감래)
Gojingamrae is a Korean idiom which means ‘pleasure follows pain’.
It can be made of Soju, beer and coke. As the name infers, it is a Poktanju that gives you pleasure (sweetness of coke) after drinking pain (bitterness of Soju and beer).

It requires two Soju glasses and one beer glass.
Fill coke and Soju into each Soju glass and pile them up inside the beer glass.
Pour beer as both glasses are submerged.

‘Somaek’ (소맥)
Somaek is an abbreviation of Soju and Maekjoo(beer) in Korean, basically a glass of beer with a shot of Soju.
You may fill the glass with the desired ratio of Soju and beer based on your preference and drinking capacity.
For your information, the golden ratio of Soju and beer is 3:7.
Put the Soju glass filled with Soju into the beer glass and then pour beer. When the spoon strikes the bottom of the glass, the foam arises like a storm! The foam gives you the smooth flavor.

Please Be careful when you drink Poktanju, since it can make you tipsy with only a single glass! ;) 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Top 5 night views of Daegu Korea - A great nighttime trip in Daegu

Top 5 night views of Daegu Korea, A great nighttime trip in Daegu

There is thing you should not miss out when you travel.

The night view of cities!
Daegu is famous for its modern nighttime cityscape. You will have a great nighttime trip in Daegu starts with E-World 83 Tower, then to Apsan Observatory, The ARC, Suseongmot and finally, Samunjin Jumak(Samunjin Dock).

We would like to recommend you the places where you can see magnificent night scenery of Daegu~!! 

1. E-World, the amusement theme park in Daegu

E-World 83 Tower is a great place to view the city at night, and is often visited by families, friends and couples. 
The 83 tower in the centre of theme park makes for a beautiful night scenery with lights. 

Direction : 12min walk from exit 15 of Duryu station, subway line2 to E-world main gate.
If you want to visit only 83 tower, walk along the trail which is behind the E-World main gate. 
Address : 200, Duryugongwon-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

2. Apsan Observatory

Apsan observatory is one of the must-visit places in Daegu for its city view. From the observatory, people can enjoy a beautiful night view of the whole city at a glance. Also a cable car runs to the observatory for more convenient access.

Direction : Bus 300, 410-1, Dalseo 4-1 (달서4-1), 410, 750 or Dalseo 4 (달서 4) stop at Apsan Park entrance and 10 min walk to the Apsan cable car station.  
Address : 574-116, Apsansunhwan-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu, Korea

3. The ARC

The ARC (Architecture of River Culture), equipped with water-themed art and photo exhibition halls, offers a magnificent night view of Daegu as well. Its extraordinary exterior and lights make for a beautiful night view.

Direction : Bus 'Seoseo 2' (성서 2) stops at Gangjeong Goryeongbo (The ARC entrance)

Address : 805, Jukgok-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

4. Suseongmot (Suseong Lake)

Suseong lake, also known as Suseongmot, is one of the famous places for a night view and also a nice resting place in Daegu.

We can enjoy fantastic fountain shows until October 15th this year.

Fountain show time

Until October 15th - 13:00, 14:00, 20:00, 21:00 

Direction : Bus 401, 410, or 410-1 stop at Suseong Lake (Suseongmot). 

Address : Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

5. Samunjin Jumak (Samunjin Dock)

You can view of a Korean traditional style ambiance at night in Samunjin Jumak(tavern)of the dock.

Samunjin dock used to be a centre of the trade among provinces in Korea during the Joseon Dinasty. Now a cruise ship and ferry runs through Nakdong river for visitors.

Direction : Bus Dalseo 3 (달서 3) goes to Samunjin Dock.

Address : Seongsan-ri, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Insanely delicious Bingsu you have to eat before summer is over! :: Korean summer desserts in Daegu.

Insanely delicious Bingsu you have to eat before summer is over - Korean summer desserts in Daegu

In the hot summer, most people tend to look for a cool drink and dessert.
Let me introduce you insanely delicious Bingsu of Daegu that will freeze you to the bone.

Shark Bingsu of café Blue Comma

Shark Bingsu available in Blue Comma Café is a Bingsu you make according to your personal taste.
When you order this, it comes with various ingredients including four flavors of syrup (Strawberry, Mango, Papaya, and Grape), Cookies & Cream, Soybean Powder, Watermelon, Condensed Milk, Rice cake, and Red beans.

After pouring a suitable amount of syrup and condensed milk over iced milk flakes, add the toppings such as Cookies, Watermelon, Soybean Powder, Rice cake, and Red bean.
Wash away the summer heat of Daegu by Shark Bingsu with the fun of decorating as you want.
This Bingsu is priced at 14,500won and is good for three people.

▷ address of café Blue Comma : 138-18, Pa-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Pineapple Bingsu of café Sugar Pumpkin

The Pineapple is cut out like a Jack-o-lantern and filled with ice cream and ice flakes. The Pineapple Bingsu is a dessert with a whole pineapple turned into Bingsu with slices of pineapple on it. Add in the nuts and cookies that come out with the Bingsu makes it even more delicious.

▷ address of café Sugar Pumpkin : 282-2, Samdeok-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

Coconut Bingsu of café Bubbas

Coconut is filled with coconut-flavored ice flakes with vanilla Ice cream and almond on top. There are also round yellow pearls at the bottom that doubles the fun as they pop in your mouth.

▷ address of of café Bubbas 
 Dongseong-ro : 11-1, Samdeok-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
 Suseong-gu :  300, Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Melon Bingsu of café Coffee U

They serve Melon Bingsu that has ice cream and watermelon on top.
It's bountiful with fresh chunks of melon. :D

▷ address of café Coffee U : 1554-4, Sangin 3-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

Monday, July 27, 2015

Getting to Daegu from Incheon International Airport by KTX :: How to go to Daegu from Incheon International Airport?

How to go to Daegu from Incheon International Airport? - Getting to Daegu from Incheon International Airport by KTX :: The official website of Daegu Tourism
Are you looking for a way to Daegu from Incheon International Airport?
There is convenient transportation service to get to Daegu from Incheon International airport (ICN) directly which is riding a KTX train.
KTX train will take you to the centre of the city, Daegu, from the airport.
It only takes 2hrs and 55min and cost 54,800won for one way.
For you efficient travelling by KTX, find the latest schedule and reserve a ticket at KORAIL Website.

Follow the direction below to check the latest schedule and purchase a train ticket.
1.  Open the KORAIL website. (
2.  Choose options which are departure time, a point of departure, destination and number of passenger depending on your plan.
Make sure that the destination has to be chosen ‘Dongdaegu’, not ‘Daegu’.
  KTX train stops at ‘Dongdaegu (East Daegu) station in the centre of the city only.
3.  Press the Inquiry button and you will be able to check the time schedule and fare.

KTX between Incheon International Airport and Daegu(East Daegu)

Hours : 2hrs and 55min
Fare : KRW 54,800

KORAIL Website

Dongdaegu station address
550, Dongdaegu-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

※  Time schedule and fare may be subject to change, we recommend the KORAIL Website to check the latest schedule and ticket prices.

Dongdaegu station of Daegu, South Korea

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The largest international opera festival of Asia - Early bird ticket sales for Daegu International Opera Festival 2015 open!

The largest international festival of Asia, Daegu International Opera Festival 2015

The 13th Daegu International Opera festival will be held with the theme ‘Amore Mortale’ which means 'Dangerous love' in the autumn, the romantic season full of colorful leaves.
Daegu International Opera Festival (DIOF) is the representative music festival in Korea, also the largest international opera festival of Asia.

Daegu Travel would like to give you some information that the early bird ticket sales for the operas are available from 14pm on July 24th thorough 18pm on August 14th 2015.

The 13th Daegu International Opera Festival Overview

- Title : The 13th Daegu International Opera Festival 2015
- Period : Oct 8 to Nov 7, 2015
- Theme : ‘Amore Mortale’ (Dangerous love)
- Venue : Daegu Opera House

Main Programs

Date & Place
19:30pm on Oct 8, Oct 9
15pm on Oct 10
19pm on Oct 15
15pm on Oct 17
19:30pm on Oct 21, Oct 23
Les Pecheurs de perles
19:30pm on Oct 30
15pm on Oct 31
The treasure of the nation 'Gaya'
19:30pm on Nov 6
15pm on Nov 7

Ticket information
Early bird tickets are available, priced as follows. (KRW)
- Discount rate of 30% : R 49,000 / S 35,000 / A 21,000 / B 14,000 / C 7,000
- Regular price : R 70,000 / S 20,000 / A 30,000 / B 20,000 / C 10,000

※ Check out ticketing page here!
'Daegu opera house', 'Interpark', 'Ticketlink'

How to get to Daegu Opera House?
- By Bus : If you departure from Dongdaegu station, take a bus Dong-gu1 across from Dongdaegu express bus terminal and get off at Homeplus Daegu branch and 7 min walk to Daegu Opera House. It may take you about 35 min to get there.
- By Taxi : It will take you about 15 min and cost about 5,500 won from Dongdaegu station.

Address : 15 Hoam-ro, Chilseong-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Korea’s Love for Chimac(chicken and beer) gives birth to World Chimac Festival! - The Most Popular Chicken Dishes in Korea

The most popular chicken dishes in Korea | Official Daegu Tourism

△ photo provided from Byul-byul chicken

There is probably no other country in the world that loves and consumes as much chicken as Korea. As shown in countless chicken franchises across the country, chicken is sought after by a lot of Koreans. 

Known to be the haven of numerous poultry farms, regions in Daegu and Gyeongbuk had the advantage of fresh chicken and have come to be the very origin of the chicken fad. Daegu is also the birthplace of several successful local and global chicken stores like Kyochon chicken, Ttangttang chicken, Hosigi Dumari chicken, Byul-byul chicken, and Daegu Tongdak.

You can imagine just how big Koreans’ love for chicken is when there’s even a Korean term for the chicken and beer combination called Chimac(chicken and beer), and also a festival called Chimac Festival
Also, Chimac has become more popular since its appearance in the Korean drama ‘My love from the star’ with actress Jeon Ji yeon who played ‘Cheon-Song yi.’ 
In a country where food delivery service is very convenient, chicken can also be enjoyed as a midnight snack, just like pizza. As a food that can never be missed in every get-together with some good friends and family, chicken with beer is definitely a comfort food that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Daegu Travel introduces to you the most popular chicken dishes among Koreans. 

1. Yangnyeom chicken (Korean Glazed Chicken)
△ photo provided from Hosigi Dumari chicken

A sweet-spicy chicken dish made by coating the fried chicken with a sauce made by combining chili paste, garlic, sugar, salt, pepper and rice wine.
There are variations to this dish depending on the different ingredients added to the sauce, just like garlic glazed chicken. 
This dish is normally ordered in a box of half fried, half glazed chicken.

2. Fried Chicken 

△ photo provided from Byul-byul chicken

A crispy chicken dish made by deep-frying a whole or pieces of chicken at the degree of 180-190ºC.

It is one of the most love chicken dishes along with glazed chicken. If you’re the type who loves crispy fried food, I highly recommend this dish. 

3. Ganjang Chicken (Soy sauce Fried Chicken)
△ photo provided from Hosigi Dumari chicken

A chicken dish made by lightly coating the fried chicken with soy sauce.
If you think you neither like too much flavor nor too bland flavor going on in your mouth, I recommend you try this one. 

4. Dakgangjeong (Chicken Popcorn)

This boneless chicken dish is best to just munch on with hands. 

5. Baeksuk (soup made with young chicken without any additional herbal ingredients)

It is a Korean traditional chicken dish with a clean taste similar to that of Samgyetang. Boiled in a large pot of water tossed with garlic, the white, tender meat of the chicken is enjoyed by dipping it in salt. 

6. Dakttongjip (Fried Chicken Gizzard)

Have you ever heard of ‘Dakttongjip?’ It is the gizzard in chickens, or the muscles found in their upper intestines leading up to their stomach. Interesting, isn’t it? It is a chewy, salty dish that creates an awesome combination with Soju on the side. You can try this dish in “Chimac Road” in Pyeonghwa Market of Daegu, which is famous for their chicken gizzard dishes.

7. Jjimdak (Korean steamed or boiled Chicken)

Jjimdak is a variety of jjim (a Korean steamed or boiled dish) which is made with chicken, various vegetables marinated in a ganjang (Korean soy sauce) based sauce. The name literally means 'steamed chicken'.

There are a lot more dishes aside these, and if you want to taste all of the chicken dishes in Korea with some good beer, we invite you to come and join Daegu Chimac Festival, from July 22nd to 26th 2015. It will definitely take your experience with chicken to a whole new level! 

Useful Korean Vocabulary for Ordering Chicken ! 

Chicken & Beer
Glazed Chicken
양념 치킨
Yangnyeom chicken
Fried Chicken
후라이드 치킨
Huried Chicken
Soy sauce Fried Chicken
간장 치킨
Ganjang Chicken
Chicken Popcorn
Chicken Soup
Half Glazed Chicken & Half Fried Chicken
양념 후라이드
Yangnyeom ban,
Huried ban
Korean steamed or boiled Chicken

Monday, July 20, 2015

Korean Street Food :: Must-eat Korean food of Seomun Market in Daegu

What kinds of Korean food have you tried so far?
Daegu Travel likes to introduces some Must-eat street food of Seomun Market in Daegu today.
Seomun market, which can never be excluded when the delicacy of Daegu is discussed! It is the biggest traditional market in Daegu and has 4000 of various stalls.
The variety of food in the market makes people to hesitate what to eat first.

1. Kaljebi, the famous dish regardless season

The dish made by boiling the noodle of Kalguksu and sujebi. Kaljebi is the compound word of Kalguksu (chopped noodles) and Sujebi (clear soup with dumplings).
It is not pricey as it costs only about \3,000 and can be eaten fast when you are busy shopping!

2. Nabjak mandu (flat dumpling)

One of the dishes that can only be tasted in Daegu!
‘Miseongdang’ is staying in its place for several decades and creating the unique flavor of Nabjak-mandu.
Unlike the ordinary mandus, the flat mandu has the glass noodle inside the thin dumpling skin. Soy sauce, red pepper power and green onion are decorated on the mandu.

3. Tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cake)

Food that does not need to be explained as it is super famous!
I recommend you to dip the flat mandu, fried squid and fried pepper in the sauce of tteokbokki and eat.

4. Janchiguksu (banquet noodles)

Janchiguksu, one of the two noodle dishes that you should try in Seomun market.
You will feel the happiness when you eat the milky noodle in the anchovy broth by dipping it in the special soy sauce.

5. Ssiat hotteok (sweet Korean doughnut stuffed with seeds)

I go to Seomun market just to eat the Ssiat hotteok!
It is the Korean doughnut and has sweet sugar and seeds in it.

How was the food trip to Daegu?
Are you heading to Seomun market already? :)

How to go to Seomun Market?
I recommend you to get there by subway line 3(Monorail). Seomun Market station is just in front of the gate of the market. If you want to take a taxi from Dongdaegu station, it will take you about 15 mins and cost 6,500 won.

Address : 45, Keunjang-ro 26-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

Friday, July 17, 2015

Popular summer places in Korea :: Enjoy this summer with water leisure activities, water park, outdoor swimming pool in Daegu

△ photo from Spa Valley 

Have you heard of the term “Daefrica”? It is the nickname of Daegu, which is famous for its hottest weather in Korea during summer. It is a compound word of ‘Daegu’ and ‘Africa’.
Summer, the season of real vacation, is starting. We can never exclude water parks from the exciting summer! Here we recommend the water parks which will cool down the heat wave of Daegu so that you can enjoy this coming summer.

    forRest Spa Valley

△ photo from Spa Valley

Complex Theme Park, Spa Valley!
You can enjoy water dabbling, recreation, romance and the lodge all at once!
Various attractions such as the speed slide with 26m height, hurricane, boomerang and superball and the outdoor facility composed of wave pool and lazy river!
Indoor facility such as the hot spring with 100% alkalescent mineral waters, Jjimjilbang(Korean Spa) and oriental bathe pool!
Also garden where you can relax in the nature and the lodge! It is an all-equipped complex theme park.

△ photo from Spa Valley

Recreation forest : Forest the garden of light which takes place in the forRest Spa Valley outdoor water park and the Spa Valley recreation forest, offers you the romantic night through the light festival where 550,000 LED lights embroiders the night.

△ photo from Spa Valley

There are two kinds of lodge: ‘Villa De forRe’, which is finished by an anion and phytoncide emitted by trees in the forest, sun tree and the yellow soil brick and ‘Camp Village’, which is the lodge in the form of camping.
Camp Village lends you all the tent equipment, thus you do not need to prepare the camping tools on your own!

△ photo from Spa Valley

Spa Valley will be responsible for your summer for you to enjoy the water park and heal yourself in nature in hot summer!

Water park Use Guide

- Afternoon tickets are issued and can be used from 15p.m. onwards. 
   The weekend fee will apply in public holidays.
- Customers holding the free pass can use the hot spring (sauna) from 13p.m. onwards.
- Rental Supplies(swim suit, swim hat, safety vest, towel) are available at Spa Valley.

- Ticket Fee of facility

Type of ticket
7.18 to 7.24
Free pass
Afternoon ticket
Free pass
Afternoon ticket
7.25 to 8.16
Free pass
Afternoon ticket
8.17 to 9.13
Free pass
Afternoon ticket
Free pass
Afternoon ticket
※ Foreigner discount : 30% discount (only for oneself)

How to get to forRest Spa Valley?
Bus 405, 449, 452, Gachang1, Gachang2 (Dansan), Gachang2(Dansan), Geuphang2 stop at Spa Valley. If you departure from Dongdaegu station by taxi, it will take about 30 mins and cost 13,000 won.

Address : 891, Gachang-ro, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

    Duryu Park Swimming Pool

Duryu Swimming Pool, located in the dense forest of Duryu Park, can be used by Daegu citizens at inexpensive price.
There are the indoor pool where you can exercise and the outdoor pool where you can water dabble. The outdoor pool is operated from the beginning of July till the middle of August every year.
You can use the slide as well as the swimming in the outdoor pool. The awning is installed so that you can take a rest in the cool forest! Moreover, the life guards are always on duty so that you can enjoy water dabbling excitingly and safely.
We recommend Duryu Swimming Pool if you want to swim and water dabble in your neighbor!

Duryu Park Outdoor Swimming Pool
- Operation hours : 10:00~18:00 
- Operation period : July 4th to Aug 16th 2015
- Ticket : Adult 2,000 / Youth & Soldiers 1,500 / Children & Seniors 1,000

How to get to Duryu park swimming pool?
- By Subway and Bus : If you departure from Dongdaegu Station, take a subway line 1 and transfer from Seongdang-mot Station to Bus 606, 452, 609, 706 or 202-1. And get off at Duryu Swimming pool.
- By Taxi : If you want to take a taxi, it will take you about 30 mins and cost you 12,000won from Dongdaegu Station. 

Address : 237, Gongwonsunhwan-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

    Experience of marine leisure sports at Dalseongbo, Nakdong River

Do you like sports? There is a place in Daegu where you can enjoy water sports.
Marine leisure sports experience class at Dalseongbo, Nakdong River where you can enjoy the water sports such as dinghy yacht, cruiser yacht, rafting boat, canoe and kayak for free! They teach you the safe guidelines and how to ride the boats before the actual water sports.

- How to apply : Reserve in advance through the official homepage(click). You can reserve at least before 3 days of the expected participating date. When visited without any previous reservation, you can participate upon the vacancy of the slot.
※ Mondays, Tuesdays and Korean thanksgiving days are closed.

- Participation : Individual or group, at least grade-schooler 
- Requirements : Outdoor clothing, extra clothing, personal goods such as towel and sunblock.

- Safety education & dinghy yacht (120 mins) : 10am, 13pm, 15pm 
   Age of possible participation : 11 year old ~ 16 year old
- Safety education & kayak or canoe (60 mins) : 10am, 11am, 13pm, 14pm, 15pm
   Age of possible participation : 16 year old ~ adults
- Safety education & rafting boat (60 mins) : 10am, 11am, 13pm, 14pm, 15pm
   Age of possible participation : 8 year old ~ adults

※ Children with the height of below 120cm can only participate when the parents are accompanied.

How to get to Dalseongbo marine leisure sports?
Bus 600, 655, Dalseong6 stop at Yaksan oncheon(hot spring) and 2 min walk to the place.
If you departure from Dongdaegu station by taxi, it will take you about 45 mins and cost 28,000 won.

Address : 683-2, Ha-ri, Nongong-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea