Friday, July 31, 2015

Representative Korean liquor and Drinking culture : Soju brand in Daegu – How to make Korean bomb shot 'Poktanju'

Korea’s Representative liquor Soju and Korean drinking culture
Korea, a country that loves alcoholic drinks!
Soju, a beverage distilled through crop fermentation, is always accompanied by Koreans during times of joy and sorrow.
Why do people like Soju? 
Because it’s inexpensive and tasty!

Fruit-flavored Soju is a big trend in Korea nowadays.
Every liquor company is releasing fruit-flavored Soju with sweet scents and flavors.
The trend of Soju is changing as well. The recently released fruit-flavored Soju has 14% alcohol content, while ordinary Soju has an average of 18-25% alcohol content.

Korea has different Soju brands per area.
The representative Soju of Daegu, Gyeongsangbuk-do is ‘Sunhancharm’ and ‘Charm’ Soju of Kumbokju. These are rare and hard to acquire in other areas!

There must always be liquor in all forms of meetings!
Drinking games and ‘Poktanju’(폭탄주_‘bomb shot’ in Korean term), which is made of different kinds of alcoholic beverages on the spot, are very popular.

It is called ‘Poktanju’, because the beer foam that bounces off when the Soju is dropped into the beer glass resembles the cloudy smoke that appears when a bomb explodes.
It is loved by people because anyone can easily craft it to raise the atmosphere.
But be aware, since Poktanju makes you tipsy three times faster!

Daegu Travel would like to introduce two methods of making popular Poktanju for your enjoyment of drinking Korean liquor. ;) 

‘Gojingamrae’ (고진감래)
Gojingamrae is a Korean idiom which means ‘pleasure follows pain’.
It can be made of Soju, beer and coke. As the name infers, it is a Poktanju that gives you pleasure (sweetness of coke) after drinking pain (bitterness of Soju and beer).

It requires two Soju glasses and one beer glass.
Fill coke and Soju into each Soju glass and pile them up inside the beer glass.
Pour beer as both glasses are submerged.

‘Somaek’ (소맥)
Somaek is an abbreviation of Soju and Maekjoo(beer) in Korean, basically a glass of beer with a shot of Soju.
You may fill the glass with the desired ratio of Soju and beer based on your preference and drinking capacity.
For your information, the golden ratio of Soju and beer is 3:7.
Put the Soju glass filled with Soju into the beer glass and then pour beer. When the spoon strikes the bottom of the glass, the foam arises like a storm! The foam gives you the smooth flavor.

Please Be careful when you drink Poktanju, since it can make you tipsy with only a single glass! ;) 

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