Monday, July 20, 2015

Korean Street Food :: Must-eat Korean food of Seomun Market in Daegu

What kinds of Korean food have you tried so far?
Daegu Travel likes to introduces some Must-eat street food of Seomun Market in Daegu today.
Seomun market, which can never be excluded when the delicacy of Daegu is discussed! It is the biggest traditional market in Daegu and has 4000 of various stalls.
The variety of food in the market makes people to hesitate what to eat first.

1. Kaljebi, the famous dish regardless season

The dish made by boiling the noodle of Kalguksu and sujebi. Kaljebi is the compound word of Kalguksu (chopped noodles) and Sujebi (clear soup with dumplings).
It is not pricey as it costs only about \3,000 and can be eaten fast when you are busy shopping!

2. Nabjak mandu (flat dumpling)

One of the dishes that can only be tasted in Daegu!
‘Miseongdang’ is staying in its place for several decades and creating the unique flavor of Nabjak-mandu.
Unlike the ordinary mandus, the flat mandu has the glass noodle inside the thin dumpling skin. Soy sauce, red pepper power and green onion are decorated on the mandu.

3. Tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cake)

Food that does not need to be explained as it is super famous!
I recommend you to dip the flat mandu, fried squid and fried pepper in the sauce of tteokbokki and eat.

4. Janchiguksu (banquet noodles)

Janchiguksu, one of the two noodle dishes that you should try in Seomun market.
You will feel the happiness when you eat the milky noodle in the anchovy broth by dipping it in the special soy sauce.

5. Ssiat hotteok (sweet Korean doughnut stuffed with seeds)

I go to Seomun market just to eat the Ssiat hotteok!
It is the Korean doughnut and has sweet sugar and seeds in it.

How was the food trip to Daegu?
Are you heading to Seomun market already? :)

How to go to Seomun Market?
I recommend you to get there by subway line 3(Monorail). Seomun Market station is just in front of the gate of the market. If you want to take a taxi from Dongdaegu station, it will take you about 15 mins and cost 6,500 won.

Address : 45, Keunjang-ro 26-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

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