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Korean Dessert Cafe MU-A where we can try Korean Cuisines in Daegu

Korean Dessert Cafe MU-A where we can try Korean Cuisines in Daegu.
Are you a food lover? Looking for perfect date place in Daegu downtown?
If you are in Daegu and looking for something extra advance food culture corner with your friends family for the perfect date.
If you want to enjoy some live music performance in a very cool environment with food and drinks, the wonderful sweet musical sound that could mild your ear touch your soul and heart!
Yes, The Korean national music “Geuk-aak” which play with ‘Kayaguem’ the Korean traditional musical instrument.
Then I want to introduce you Cafe MU-A in daegu downtown.    
It is also a good place even if you are alone and you don’t have a partner and even you want to spend some beautiful time for your mind and body relaxation.

Yes, I am talking about MU-A Cafe that is such a place in Daegu and it is so popular for its a variety of korean traditional foods and drinks with live performance music.

Yes, We visited here on the weekend with my friend and really liked it so much.
After visiting here, we decided to visit often because of good environment and yummy Korean food.
So, why don’t you also try here once!
I am going to introduce this beautiful place here with details and hope one day you will visit here and enjoy it.
I must say that you will always remember this place when you will talk about Daegu downtown area.

Cafe MU-A is not a just cafe but it also produce a large range of popular Korean traditional food and western food along with a variety of coffees and drinks with live musical performance. So you can say that Mu-a cafe is a kind of Combination of East & West and Classical and Modern Cultural Food Court.
Its a new kind of idea where people can experience the all old and new east and west traditional and cultural and modern things together and one thing is sure that you will not feel bored here for a long time.

As we enter to the Cafe, the front space of the cafe was full with the fruits rack with the various fruits.

In the other side, there were magazines, books and menus.
We have picked one menus booklet form there. It looked like a magazine. :-)

Although the menu is in Korean language but all the item names are written in English too with the clear picture of each menu. So it is comfortable to choose the menu. The Menu booklet name is very interesting “The Story of Korean dessert Mu-a”.

As you can see that there are Detox Juice and Korean traditional cocktails Makgeoli is also in the menu. The price is also not so high and it's reasonable.

While you are here you can also enjoy the free live music concert with Korean traditional music that is awesome.

Finally we got the table No.9 and started to think what we should order for our dinner here in the large menu lists. We started to choose what to eat and order first. There are lots of items in the list to try here so it took a little time to decide us.
There are some yummy Korean traditional dessert menu. It looks really mouth watering..

And this the main menu list as you can see in the picture that they provide the take-away too. The prices are indicated with all the menu and it look reasonable.
Finally we have decided to drink the sweet red juice. It made by different kind of fresh mixed fruits and syrup. It was really healthy and delicious.

We want to recommend this to try once you are there.

The second menu we ordered was main meal.
Aren't you curious what it is???
guess...  now we are going to open....

yes, it is the first dish in the main menu of Mu-a. and it's called “Steamed rice wrapped in lotus leaf” it sounds a little bit awkward though. Ah. I think you have already been well accustomed with this kind of things in Korea. You will understand once you see the menu and the picture in the menu list.
I want to recommend this too because the taste is very amazing. There are many side dishes come with this menu too.

We ordered this third menu. It's called “Corn Flower Pan Cake Salad”. Doesn't it look so yummy? I personally like it so much. but there are other option too here. you may order other menu too if you want. I must say that each menu has their own unique taste and all are good and worth to eat.

So now its time to enjoy the food.
While you enjoy the food you can enjoy some music too. But here they provide not the ordinary music but live traditional Korean national musical performance. Yes! that is awesome. That makes you feel the classical aura in very modern environment.

Another artist playing Gayageum a Korean traditional musical instrument.

The interior of the cafe is also amazing and comfortable.

There is small room made by Hanji 'Korean traditional paper' for the small group or couple.

We spent almost 3 hours because of the comfortable environment and beautiful musical performance. Not only we but also I felt that other people surrounding our table didn't want to leave because of the music and good well being environment.

But we had to leave after all. So we decided to come here one soon to try other menu too.

You can see the location and phone number of Mu-a it is very near to the CGV academy in downtown, so after visiting Mu-a what about watching a movie in CGV?
Hope to see you some time there.
If you read this and go there and yoy will find this information useful. Please do not forget to write your feed back or comment here.

How to get to the cafe 'MU-A' ?
It's only 5 min walk from exit 1 of Jungang-ro Station.
If you departure from Dongdaegu Station by Taxi, it will take about 15 mins and cost 6,000 won.

Address : 38-1, Jong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I'm looking for unique, quirky and out-of-the-ordinary places to go to when I travel there in October. This cafe will definitely be in my list!!