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Korea’s Love for Chimac(chicken and beer) gives birth to World Chimac Festival! - The Most Popular Chicken Dishes in Korea

The most popular chicken dishes in Korea | Official Daegu Tourism

△ photo provided from Byul-byul chicken

There is probably no other country in the world that loves and consumes as much chicken as Korea. As shown in countless chicken franchises across the country, chicken is sought after by a lot of Koreans. 

Known to be the haven of numerous poultry farms, regions in Daegu and Gyeongbuk had the advantage of fresh chicken and have come to be the very origin of the chicken fad. Daegu is also the birthplace of several successful local and global chicken stores like Kyochon chicken, Ttangttang chicken, Hosigi Dumari chicken, Byul-byul chicken, and Daegu Tongdak.

You can imagine just how big Koreans’ love for chicken is when there’s even a Korean term for the chicken and beer combination called Chimac(chicken and beer), and also a festival called Chimac Festival
Also, Chimac has become more popular since its appearance in the Korean drama ‘My love from the star’ with actress Jeon Ji yeon who played ‘Cheon-Song yi.’ 
In a country where food delivery service is very convenient, chicken can also be enjoyed as a midnight snack, just like pizza. As a food that can never be missed in every get-together with some good friends and family, chicken with beer is definitely a comfort food that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Daegu Travel introduces to you the most popular chicken dishes among Koreans. 

1. Yangnyeom chicken (Korean Glazed Chicken)
△ photo provided from Hosigi Dumari chicken

A sweet-spicy chicken dish made by coating the fried chicken with a sauce made by combining chili paste, garlic, sugar, salt, pepper and rice wine.
There are variations to this dish depending on the different ingredients added to the sauce, just like garlic glazed chicken. 
This dish is normally ordered in a box of half fried, half glazed chicken.

2. Fried Chicken 

△ photo provided from Byul-byul chicken

A crispy chicken dish made by deep-frying a whole or pieces of chicken at the degree of 180-190ºC.

It is one of the most love chicken dishes along with glazed chicken. If you’re the type who loves crispy fried food, I highly recommend this dish. 

3. Ganjang Chicken (Soy sauce Fried Chicken)
△ photo provided from Hosigi Dumari chicken

A chicken dish made by lightly coating the fried chicken with soy sauce.
If you think you neither like too much flavor nor too bland flavor going on in your mouth, I recommend you try this one. 

4. Dakgangjeong (Chicken Popcorn)

This boneless chicken dish is best to just munch on with hands. 

5. Baeksuk (soup made with young chicken without any additional herbal ingredients)

It is a Korean traditional chicken dish with a clean taste similar to that of Samgyetang. Boiled in a large pot of water tossed with garlic, the white, tender meat of the chicken is enjoyed by dipping it in salt. 

6. Dakttongjip (Fried Chicken Gizzard)

Have you ever heard of ‘Dakttongjip?’ It is the gizzard in chickens, or the muscles found in their upper intestines leading up to their stomach. Interesting, isn’t it? It is a chewy, salty dish that creates an awesome combination with Soju on the side. You can try this dish in “Chimac Road” in Pyeonghwa Market of Daegu, which is famous for their chicken gizzard dishes.

7. Jjimdak (Korean steamed or boiled Chicken)

Jjimdak is a variety of jjim (a Korean steamed or boiled dish) which is made with chicken, various vegetables marinated in a ganjang (Korean soy sauce) based sauce. The name literally means 'steamed chicken'.

There are a lot more dishes aside these, and if you want to taste all of the chicken dishes in Korea with some good beer, we invite you to come and join Daegu Chimac Festival, from July 22nd to 26th 2015. It will definitely take your experience with chicken to a whole new level! 

Useful Korean Vocabulary for Ordering Chicken ! 

Chicken & Beer
Glazed Chicken
양념 치킨
Yangnyeom chicken
Fried Chicken
후라이드 치킨
Huried Chicken
Soy sauce Fried Chicken
간장 치킨
Ganjang Chicken
Chicken Popcorn
Chicken Soup
Half Glazed Chicken & Half Fried Chicken
양념 후라이드
Yangnyeom ban,
Huried ban
Korean steamed or boiled Chicken

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