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The Best Korean Foods to Try in Daegu :: Must Try delicacies of Daegu Downtown

People who do not like eating would be few as the famous quote says “Eating something delicious is being happy.” 
Will there be another place full of delicacy like Daegu?
Here Daegu travel introduces you some of delicacy which only can be tasted in Daegu!

Must-Try Foods in Daegu downtown, Dongseong-ro

1. Dongin-dong Jjimgalbi Alley(braised beef ribs)

The first recommended food is 'Dongin-dong Jjim-galbi' (braised beef ribs) found near Dongseong-ro.
It is one of the ten dishes selected as '10 flavors of Daegu'.
The sweetness of soft galbi covered with spicy sauce inside the antique nickel-silver pot is peerless. The spiciness would be lessened if you wrap the galbi with Baek-kimchi (Non-Spicy Fermented Cabbage) which comes out as the side dish.
※ Dongin-dong Jjimgalbi Alley is located between Dong-in intersection and Jong-gak intersection.
It's a little bit far from the center of downtown though, you'd better walk about 10 mins from Exit 3 of Chilseong Market Station, subway line 1.

2. Seasoned Oden(Fish Cake)

The Seasoned Oden cannot be excluded as one of the street food of Daegu.
Pick the oden submerged in the hot oden broth which was brewed with anchovy, red pepper powder and green onion and dip it in the soy sauce or spicy sauce. There are two types of oden: spicy seasoned oden and ordinary oden. You can choose whatever you want!

3. Samsong bakery

Bread that even Krystal, the member of Korean k-pop girl group f(x), fell in love with!
‘Mayakppang’(addictive bread) of Samsong Bakery which is in huge trend that the people from other regions fill the store!
It is called ‘Mayakppang’ due to its flavor that makes you to crave it over and over again once you taste it. ‘Mayakppang’(corn bread) which is filled with sweet corns, Croquette stuffed with vegetable, not fried but baked in an oven, and the Cream cheese bread stuffed with cream cheese, red bean and sticky rice are the best sellers of this bakery!
For your information, there is a chain store of Samsong Bakery at Dongdaegu-station!

※ Address of Samsong bakery in Dongseng-ro : 7-6, Dongseongno 3-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

4. Banwoldang Croquette

Croquette which is simple to eat.
There is large variety of croquette such as sweet potato, egg and bulgogi, so you can choose what you prefer!
Banwoldang Croquette is located at underground shopping arcade of Banwoldang Station, closed to Exit 14. 

※ Address of Banwoldang Croquette : 88, Deoksan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

5. Coffee Myeong-ga

Did you know that Daegu is the region with the most number of café in Korea based on its area?
The café established in Daegu, ‘Coffee Myeong-ga’, can be called as the beginning of the roasting coffee!
In the past, the roasted coffee was rare in Korea. In the present era, lots of people can taste roasting coffee, thanks to the contribution of Coffee Myeong-ga.
Also the strawberry cake which can only be tasted in winter is the most famous dessert of this café!

※ Address of Coffee Myyeong-ga : 22-21, Samdeokdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea

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