Friday, January 30, 2015

Daegu Unique Museums & Exhibitions Tour 4 Dalseong Korea-Japan Friendly Relation Center/ Museum of Medical Missionary Works/ Police History Experience Center.

I recommend you the Daegu Museums and Exhibitions which are best for experience activities as I please!~~
Fourth story of Daegu Unique Museums & Exhibitions Tour Series! Here it goes~

■ Dalseong Korea-Japan Friendly Relation Center
Dalseong Korea-Japan Friendly Relation Center is a place for unity in both Korea and Japan and it is situated near the Nokdongseowon Confucian Academy which is built to commemorate Kim Chung-seon who naturalized to Korean. 
It provides an opportunity for Japanese who visited Dalseong Korea-Japan Friendly Relation Center to know more about Korea, and also to Korean to understand more about Japan. 
Also there are experience activities you could participate here.
It provides different opportunities to learn about cultures of Korea and Japan as it provides different activities like wearing Hanbok and Kimono and teaching about Tea Ceremony.

 Museum of Medical Missionary Works
Museum of Medical Missionary Works is situated at the 2nd course of Daegu Modern Street Tour.
Museum of Medical Missionary Works which is situated on the Cheongna Hill is built by missionaries who lived in Daegu as name suggests. 
So, it emits unique atmosphere through modern architecture. Writing materials, books, uniforms, and agricultural implements which were daily needs are displayed. 

 Police History Experience Center
Last place I will be introducing is Police History Experience Center.
It is a place where you could see different forms of police stations.
Experience activities which involve experience of jail which just looks the same with the real one and Forensic Science Experience are possible here. 

It is interesting place for adults however wouldn’t it offer fun and easy education for your children if you visit here with your children? ^^

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Daegu for the winter~ with the BEST 3 recommended places to visit at Daegu!

Many people are expected to travel to Daegu~ 
That’s why an itinerary has been prepared for your travel in Daegu! 

3rd place. Apsan Café Alley

First recommended place to go to while in Daegu ~ Apsan Café Alley. 
Many people come here to experience the taste and flavor of Daegu ~ 

Apsan Café Alley is a famous dating place for its many intimate restaurants and cafés! 

You will find the Constellation Tunnel if you go straight up the street. You are encouraged to take a look at the constellations if you visit here! 

Enjoy mouthwatering meals from the Apsan Café Alley while feeling the refreshing wind of Apsan~.

2nd place. Suseongmot Lake

Another must-see place while in Daegu ~ Suseongmot Lake! 

It is one of the places in Daegu where you can see a body of water without any seawater around! It has an island situated in the middle of the lake. 

In Suseongmot Lake, you will surely enjoy the landscape which harmonizes the lake and the city ~ it is also a place with beautiful view at night after the recent construction. 

1st place. Seomun Market

You must not forget to taste the special delicacy of the place when you are traveling ~ 

Also, you must not miss the fun out of eating different delicacies while strolling around the place! 

The top recommended place to go to while in Daegu is the Seomun Market~ In Seomun Market, you will see many beautiful sights and taste different delicacies. It is an amazing place where famous restaurants, which people line up for, are just in every corner of the street. 

There are many delicacies in Seomun Market like Kaljebi (Noodle Soup and Sujebi), Triangle Dumpling, Seed Hotteok (Sugar-filled Korean Pancake) and many others.

Motnani Hot Bar and Meatball Skewer are really delicious. They are a must-try when you go to Seomun Market! 

There is also the ade (fruit soft drinks) which our friendly owner genuinely prepares for you! 

How was this short travel with me? 

There are more places to go to like the Apsan Observatory, where you could observe the scenic night view, the Ayanggyo Railroad, Dongseong-ro, which is full of youth, the Modern Street, which harmonizes the present time and the past, and the Street Drawing Kim Kwang-seok Street. 

So don’t dare miss them ~. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Daegu travel course for all Rail-ro travelers! It is an Overnight stay at Nakdonggang River and Biseulsan Mountain.

Introducing, the last Rail-ro travel course! It will be an Overnight stay at Nakdonggang River and Biseulsan Mountain.

It is where you will experience harmony between the beautiful river and mountain. 

First day: Arrive at Dongdaegu Station → [Tourist attraction] The ARC Museum  [Tourist Attraction] Hawaon Hill  [Lunch] Samunjin Traditional Inn → Mabijung Mural Village  [Lodging] Elybaden

First destination of the day will be The ARC Museum.
Just ride the Rosebay Shuttle Bus, which is managed by Dalseong-gun, to easily go to The ARC Museum from Dongdaegu Station! ~
The surrounding environment of The ARC Museum allows you to ride around while enjoying the scenery of the Nakdonggang River so it sure attracts bicycle riders when the weather is good.
The ARC Museum, which opened in 2012, is a Four Major Rivers Cultural Center that showcases exhibition and art works, centering on a common theme: water. Wouldn’t it be great to start your travel by enjoying the scenic riverside?
Shall we go to Hawaon Hill now? You just have to ride the Dalsung-gun Rosebay Shuttle Bus going there~~~
Hawaon Hill is an area near Samunjin Ferry and is known for its picturesque view at sundown.
You can get on a boat or the cruise ship at Samunjin Ferry and experience the beautiful sunset while on it ~! It really is magnificent.
It’s also good to try and enjoy traditional Korean cuisine like Makgeolli (Rice Wine) and Pajeon (Green Onion Pancake) while at the Samunjin Ferry.

The next destination is Mabijung Mural Village
It is known to be a filming site for famous entertainment programs of SBS like the ‘Running Man’. 

Mabijung Mural Village is unique in a sense that you could actually experience traces of the early, friendly Koreans

Recommended lodgment for the day is at Elybaden!
Elybaden is a place with Water Park and Jjimjilbang for all seasons.
Jjimjilbang (Korean Spa) will be offered at 30% discounted price to all Rail-ro travelers, so don’t miss to experience the unique Jjimjilbang culture which is a Korean pride.

Second day: [Tourist attraction] Daegu Arboretum  [Tourist attraction] Inheung Village (Nampyeong Moon Clan's Original Residence Area)

First stop of the second day is at the Daegu Arboretum 
It is a famous place known for its natural forest with thematic setup based on the variety of trees with azure color.

The last destination of the Overnight stay at Nakdonggang River and Biseulsan Mountain will be the Inheung Village Nampyeong Moon Clan's Original Residence Area.
Fall in love with Korean atmosphere while being away from the complexity of urban life~.
It has well-decorated trees, stone walls, and roads made of soil. Inheung Village showcases various aesthetic Korean-style houses! It is absolutely beautiful
That’s it for the Overnight stay at Nakdonggang River and Biseulsan Mountain, where you will surely experience the true Korean beauty.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Daegu Tour riding Urban Railway _ Episode 16 – Places to visit near the Children Hall and Yongji station at Daegu Monorail Line 3

We’ve already reached the last series of Daegu Tour riding Urban Railway!

Let’s leave the feeling of disappointment behind as I will introduce places to visit around the Children Hall and Yongji station, which is the last route in Monorail Line 3!

The Children Hall Station ~ Yongji Station Area

[The Children Hall Station-The Children Hall]
The first place to visit today is the Children Hall where Daegu citizens’ reminiscences are remained intact.

As you can feel already from the name of the place itself, the Children Hall is a place for picnic, field trip and outing where children from Daegu have gone to at least once.
It has the Culture Experience Center that triggers diverse imaginations of the children, the reading room, the exhibit hall, and the lawn and park located in front of the hall where people can take a rest. 

[Hwanggeum Station- Beomeo stream]

The second place I would like to introduce is Beomeo Stream.

This place, with a total length of 7.9km, is a perfect place to walk along the stream.
Beomeo Stream is most attractive at night! The stunning lights coming from the stream itself and the surrounding skyscrapers are just amazing!

Try to walk along the Beomeo Stream, holding hands with your boyfriend/girlfriend!

[Suseong Pond Station – Suseong Pond/Amusement Park]
The last place I am introducing today is Suseong pond and Suseong amusement park.
As a shelter that represents Suseong-gu, Suseong pond is a huge pond around which walkways, fancy hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops are located. People from young adults to senior citizens often visit the place. 
Suseong pond, too, has an amazing night view!!!

Lights coming from the surrounding apartments and walkways form a harmony and sparkle marvelously.
Despite it being small, Suseong amusement park has every kind of rides that children would love!
Moreover, wonderful Suseong Festival takes place in Suseong pond every autumn.
Do you now have the full grasp of Daegu Metro Railway? 

A single transportation card is enough to travel around Daegu! Begin your journey right now! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Dashing through the snow~ Let’s go to Spa Valley to enjoy sled riding!

While the Spa Valley in Daegu is popular for its spa service especially during the summer, it is also well known for family outing and field trip during the winter because of its sledding slope  
After purchasing 2 tickets of sled package for adults at the ticketing office, you will see cute cookie-men welcoming you from the entrance. 

Remember that the Spa Valley is really big, so check your location first fusing the direction board.

You can find amazing ice sculptures and huge waterfalls everywhere. *_*
Can you feel the winter~?
Now, get ready to go ride on a sled! I’m excited!
I was so thrilled to enter the place. Note that the snow sledding operates until 5 o’ clock in the afternoon.
Now you see the sledding slope that is divided into two sections according to the height. 
Children below 10, including the guardian should use the lower section at the right side and the rest can use the higher section at the left.

You can feel the height once you come up the slope. 
It was higher than what I expected down the hill.
Try to buy from the snack stalls in front of the sledding slope when you feel hungry. Different foods such as soups and skewers are prepared for you.
Are you ready for the ice sledding? 

You will find a separate slope for ice sledding if you go up straight from the sledding slope. 
Now, get ready to watch the “Garden of Lights”!
The Feast of Lights that dazzled the place all around was really amazing. 
This place is perfect for the parents to hold their children’s hands and enjoy family outing. It is the best place for dating, as well
All day from day to night~ Let’s enjoy in Spa Valley even during the winter!