Saturday, January 24, 2015

Daegu Tour riding Urban Railway _ Episode 16 – Places to visit near the Children Hall and Yongji station at Daegu Monorail Line 3

We’ve already reached the last series of Daegu Tour riding Urban Railway!

Let’s leave the feeling of disappointment behind as I will introduce places to visit around the Children Hall and Yongji station, which is the last route in Monorail Line 3!

The Children Hall Station ~ Yongji Station Area

[The Children Hall Station-The Children Hall]
The first place to visit today is the Children Hall where Daegu citizens’ reminiscences are remained intact.

As you can feel already from the name of the place itself, the Children Hall is a place for picnic, field trip and outing where children from Daegu have gone to at least once.
It has the Culture Experience Center that triggers diverse imaginations of the children, the reading room, the exhibit hall, and the lawn and park located in front of the hall where people can take a rest. 

[Hwanggeum Station- Beomeo stream]

The second place I would like to introduce is Beomeo Stream.

This place, with a total length of 7.9km, is a perfect place to walk along the stream.
Beomeo Stream is most attractive at night! The stunning lights coming from the stream itself and the surrounding skyscrapers are just amazing!

Try to walk along the Beomeo Stream, holding hands with your boyfriend/girlfriend!

[Suseong Pond Station – Suseong Pond/Amusement Park]
The last place I am introducing today is Suseong pond and Suseong amusement park.
As a shelter that represents Suseong-gu, Suseong pond is a huge pond around which walkways, fancy hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops are located. People from young adults to senior citizens often visit the place. 
Suseong pond, too, has an amazing night view!!!

Lights coming from the surrounding apartments and walkways form a harmony and sparkle marvelously.
Despite it being small, Suseong amusement park has every kind of rides that children would love!
Moreover, wonderful Suseong Festival takes place in Suseong pond every autumn.
Do you now have the full grasp of Daegu Metro Railway? 

A single transportation card is enough to travel around Daegu! Begin your journey right now! 

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