Friday, January 23, 2015

Dashing through the snow~ Let’s go to Spa Valley to enjoy sled riding!

While the Spa Valley in Daegu is popular for its spa service especially during the summer, it is also well known for family outing and field trip during the winter because of its sledding slope  
After purchasing 2 tickets of sled package for adults at the ticketing office, you will see cute cookie-men welcoming you from the entrance. 

Remember that the Spa Valley is really big, so check your location first fusing the direction board.

You can find amazing ice sculptures and huge waterfalls everywhere. *_*
Can you feel the winter~?
Now, get ready to go ride on a sled! I’m excited!
I was so thrilled to enter the place. Note that the snow sledding operates until 5 o’ clock in the afternoon.
Now you see the sledding slope that is divided into two sections according to the height. 
Children below 10, including the guardian should use the lower section at the right side and the rest can use the higher section at the left.

You can feel the height once you come up the slope. 
It was higher than what I expected down the hill.
Try to buy from the snack stalls in front of the sledding slope when you feel hungry. Different foods such as soups and skewers are prepared for you.
Are you ready for the ice sledding? 

You will find a separate slope for ice sledding if you go up straight from the sledding slope. 
Now, get ready to watch the “Garden of Lights”!
The Feast of Lights that dazzled the place all around was really amazing. 
This place is perfect for the parents to hold their children’s hands and enjoy family outing. It is the best place for dating, as well
All day from day to night~ Let’s enjoy in Spa Valley even during the winter!

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