Friday, January 30, 2015

Daegu Unique Museums & Exhibitions Tour 4 Dalseong Korea-Japan Friendly Relation Center/ Museum of Medical Missionary Works/ Police History Experience Center.

I recommend you the Daegu Museums and Exhibitions which are best for experience activities as I please!~~
Fourth story of Daegu Unique Museums & Exhibitions Tour Series! Here it goes~

■ Dalseong Korea-Japan Friendly Relation Center
Dalseong Korea-Japan Friendly Relation Center is a place for unity in both Korea and Japan and it is situated near the Nokdongseowon Confucian Academy which is built to commemorate Kim Chung-seon who naturalized to Korean. 
It provides an opportunity for Japanese who visited Dalseong Korea-Japan Friendly Relation Center to know more about Korea, and also to Korean to understand more about Japan. 
Also there are experience activities you could participate here.
It provides different opportunities to learn about cultures of Korea and Japan as it provides different activities like wearing Hanbok and Kimono and teaching about Tea Ceremony.

 Museum of Medical Missionary Works
Museum of Medical Missionary Works is situated at the 2nd course of Daegu Modern Street Tour.
Museum of Medical Missionary Works which is situated on the Cheongna Hill is built by missionaries who lived in Daegu as name suggests. 
So, it emits unique atmosphere through modern architecture. Writing materials, books, uniforms, and agricultural implements which were daily needs are displayed. 

 Police History Experience Center
Last place I will be introducing is Police History Experience Center.
It is a place where you could see different forms of police stations.
Experience activities which involve experience of jail which just looks the same with the real one and Forensic Science Experience are possible here. 

It is interesting place for adults however wouldn’t it offer fun and easy education for your children if you visit here with your children? ^^

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