Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Daegu travel course for all Rail-ro travelers! It is an Overnight stay at Nakdonggang River and Biseulsan Mountain.

Introducing, the last Rail-ro travel course! It will be an Overnight stay at Nakdonggang River and Biseulsan Mountain.

It is where you will experience harmony between the beautiful river and mountain. 

First day: Arrive at Dongdaegu Station → [Tourist attraction] The ARC Museum  [Tourist Attraction] Hawaon Hill  [Lunch] Samunjin Traditional Inn → Mabijung Mural Village  [Lodging] Elybaden

First destination of the day will be The ARC Museum.
Just ride the Rosebay Shuttle Bus, which is managed by Dalseong-gun, to easily go to The ARC Museum from Dongdaegu Station! ~
The surrounding environment of The ARC Museum allows you to ride around while enjoying the scenery of the Nakdonggang River so it sure attracts bicycle riders when the weather is good.
The ARC Museum, which opened in 2012, is a Four Major Rivers Cultural Center that showcases exhibition and art works, centering on a common theme: water. Wouldn’t it be great to start your travel by enjoying the scenic riverside?
Shall we go to Hawaon Hill now? You just have to ride the Dalsung-gun Rosebay Shuttle Bus going there~~~
Hawaon Hill is an area near Samunjin Ferry and is known for its picturesque view at sundown.
You can get on a boat or the cruise ship at Samunjin Ferry and experience the beautiful sunset while on it ~! It really is magnificent.
It’s also good to try and enjoy traditional Korean cuisine like Makgeolli (Rice Wine) and Pajeon (Green Onion Pancake) while at the Samunjin Ferry.

The next destination is Mabijung Mural Village
It is known to be a filming site for famous entertainment programs of SBS like the ‘Running Man’. 

Mabijung Mural Village is unique in a sense that you could actually experience traces of the early, friendly Koreans

Recommended lodgment for the day is at Elybaden!
Elybaden is a place with Water Park and Jjimjilbang for all seasons.
Jjimjilbang (Korean Spa) will be offered at 30% discounted price to all Rail-ro travelers, so don’t miss to experience the unique Jjimjilbang culture which is a Korean pride.

Second day: [Tourist attraction] Daegu Arboretum  [Tourist attraction] Inheung Village (Nampyeong Moon Clan's Original Residence Area)

First stop of the second day is at the Daegu Arboretum 
It is a famous place known for its natural forest with thematic setup based on the variety of trees with azure color.

The last destination of the Overnight stay at Nakdonggang River and Biseulsan Mountain will be the Inheung Village Nampyeong Moon Clan's Original Residence Area.
Fall in love with Korean atmosphere while being away from the complexity of urban life~.
It has well-decorated trees, stone walls, and roads made of soil. Inheung Village showcases various aesthetic Korean-style houses! It is absolutely beautiful
That’s it for the Overnight stay at Nakdonggang River and Biseulsan Mountain, where you will surely experience the true Korean beauty.

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