Saturday, January 17, 2015

Daegu’s Famous Restaurant Alley / Eat! Play! Share stories! In an extraordinary food corners at the famous restaurant alley!!!

Although other countries would be same, there are a lot of gatherings to meet up friends and acquaintances after busy holidays of New Year in Korea.

We will introduce to you a unique famous restaurant alley good for such meet-ups and gatherings.

They are: DongIn Dong Jjim-Gal-Bi Alley, An-Ji-Rang Gop-chang(Tripe) Alley and PyeongHwa Market Dak-Ddong-Jip Alley

■ PyeongHwa Market Dak-Ddong-Jip Alley
Dak-Ddong-Jip is one of Koreans’ favorite dishes to eat along with alcoholic beverages.

Dak-Ddong-Jip refers to the gizzard of the chicken.
It is loved by many people for its affordable price for bar snacks.

You can enjoy as various styles of Dak-Ddong-Jip as chicken menu like Fried Ddong-Jip, Nude Ddong-Jip, Soy Sauce-Garlic Ddong-Jip and more at Daegu Pyoeng-Hwa Market. Even the price is as cheap as 7,000Won per plate!

■ An-Ji-Rang Gop-Chang Alley
Daegu is famous for the Gop-Chang cuisine.
An-Ji-Rang Gop-Chang Alley is a concentration of approximately 60 stores specialized in Gop-Chang cuisines.
Although the place is not decorative, the air of Koreans’ affection is just so great.

Chewy taste of Gop-Chang roasted in briquette fire is best.

■ Dong-In Dong Jjim-Gal-Bi Alley
Dong-In Dong’s Jjim-Gal-Bi, as famous as Gop-Chang and Dak-Ddong-Jip, is a famous taste of Daegu.
Dong-In Dong’s Jjim-Gal-Bi is the origin of one of the trending Korean cuisines, Chili Yang-Pun Gal-Bi!!

I believe this is the cuisine that one can literally feel the burning hot taste of Koreans.
Red sauce jammed with garlics gives the excellent sweet-chili taste of Dong-In Dong Jjim-Gal-Bi!

Taste of Daegu!
If you are curious about the traditional taste of Korea, visit Ddong-Jip Alley, Gop-Chang Alley and Jjim-Gal-Bi Alley!

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