Thursday, September 29, 2011

‘2011 Asia Song Festival’ Announces a Line-up of Next Generation Hallyu Stars1

- Asia Song Festival announced the line-up of Asian New Artists Showcase, the stage of dream for domestic rookies

- Six teams will be appearing: Pin-up boys ‘X-5’, president of Korean army ‘RaNia’, Korea's first multiracial girl group ‘ChoColat’, so-called female 2PM ‘April Kiss’, SONY Music's first boy idol group ‘HITT’, and acoustic guitar singer song writer ‘leeSA’

- Asia Song Festival will provide an opportunity to stage and introduce K-POP rookies to about 40 countries all over the world, expanding the base of K-POP.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Most Popular Daegu Tourist Attractions

[1] Daegu Course 1 

   ▶ Daegu Hyanggyo Confucian Academy → Gyeongsang Gamyeong Park → 
       Gukchae - bosang Memorial Park → Dongseongno Street  
       Yakjeon Golmok (Herbal-Medicine Street)

Daegu Hyanggyo Confucian Academy 

Established in 1398(the 7th year of King Taejo’s reign over Joseon) at Gyo-dong, Daegu Hyanggyo Confucian Academy was an academy for Confucian doctrines. Daegu Hyanggyo Confucian Academy has old school buildings bounded by beautiful gardens. At present, lectures on old Chinese characters and traditional Korean manners and etiquette are organized at the academy. The Hall is designated as Cultural Properties Materials No. 1 (Daegu).

Situated in a 500-meter distance from KB Kookmin Bank at Nammun Negeori (Jct) in the direction of Bongsan Yukgeori (Jct). It takes ten minutes from Daegu city on foot. City Bus No. 301, 303, 401, 427, 439, 524, 613, 646, 730, 929, 402, 704.

Gyeongsang Gamyeong Park 

Gyeongsang-Gamyeong Park was the original location for Gyeongsang-Gamyeong before it was moved to Daegu about four hundred years ago. It was turned in to a park in 1970 to preserve the location, permanently.  Inside the park, Sun-Hwa-Dang (Daegu tangible cultural property No.1), where Gyeongsang-Gamsa worked, and Jing-Chung-Gak (Daegu tangible cultural property No.2), which is a dwelling place, and the gravestone (No. 27) containing the achievements of the governor or Gwan-Chal-Sa can all be found. 

Five-minute walk from Jungangno Station

Gukchae - bosang Memorial Park

The park is dedicated to the 1907 National Debt Repayment Movement led by Daegu citizens. It houses the local poets’ monuments, where their respective poems are inscribed, as well as gigantic video display and other facilities that blend well with the foundations, pavilions, and stone formations. On every New Year’s Eve, people of Daegu gather at the park to hear the bell and celebrate New Year.

Opposite Kyungpook National University Hospital, next to Bank of Korea

Dongseongno Street

The busiest street in Daegu, Dongseongno presents Daegu Department Store, Donga Department Store, stores filled with the latest fashion, sporting goods, shoes, and etc. 

Subway Jungangno Station.

Yakjeon Golmok (Herbal-Medicine Street)

The biggest draw of Daegu is this 350-year-old market. With its origins during Joseon Dynasty, the entire alley is lined with herbal medicine shops, acupuncturists, and all manner of traditional oriental medicine.  

Five-minute walk from Subway Banwoldang Station, behind Donga Shopping Mall

[2] Daegu Course 2 

   ▶ Bullo-dong Ancient Tombs → Historic Site of General Sin Sung-gyeom → 
       Mangwoo Park → Otgol Village (Gyeongju Choi Clan) → 
       Daegu Dodong Arborvitae Forest


Bullo-dong Ancient Tombs

About 200 tombs are located at Dongu Bullo dong hillock near Geumho River. Dongu Bullo-dong tombs have been appointed as a historical site numbers 262, which was reportedly built in the 4th or 5th century, during the Three Kingdoms Period (37 B.C.-935 A.D.). 

Located east of the point where Palgongno Road and Gyeongbu Expressway Overpass meet

Historic Site of General Sin Sung-gyeom 

This site is the place where General Sin Sung-gyeom, one of the founding figures of the Goryeo Dynasty, died in defense of his nation. 

Pass through Pagunjae Three-forked Intersection. You will see the site 200 m from Gongsan-dong District Office.

Mangwoo Park

Located to the east of Daegu, the park is dedicated to the “righteous” general Gwak Jae-u (pen name: Mangwoodang) during the Japanese invasion of Joseon in 1592-7. 

Enter the road at Dongdaegu IC, go past Ubang Gangchon Maeul, cross Second Ayang Bridge, and make a right turn (opposite Cheonggiwa Gas Station within Dongchon Resort).

Otgol Village (Gyeongju Choi Clan) 

Otogol Village is the site of 20 ancient houses where the descendants of the Gonjeonggong family of the Gyeongju Choi clan are residing. This residence is the oldest (400-year-old) among the houses dating back to the Joseon period in Daegu. 

Pass through Ayang Bridge over Geumho River and run the length of the National Road to Hayang (2 km). When you reach Bangchon Market, go further north on the beltway to the east of Daegu International Airport for 1 km until you reach the Dunsan-dong area. From there, go straight until you reach the farthest village, Otgol, where the Gyeongju Choi clan’s residence is located.

Daegu Dodong Arborvitae Forest

Daegu Dodong Arborvitae Forest is a must visit for any nature lover or environmentalist. Trees in this forest are rooted in the rugged rocks of the stiff and the thick wood forms a flora. 

From Daegu Airport, pass through Bullo Three-forked Intersection, travel along Palgongno Road, make a right turn at Bullo Bridge, and further travel along a small stream for 2.5 km (eight-minute ride by bus). You will see Mt. Hyangsan and Oriental Arborvitae Forest to your right.

[3] Daegu Course 3

   ▶ Gatbawi (Gwanbong Sitting Stone Buddha Statue) → 
       Bangjja Brassware Museum

Gatbawi (Gwanbong Sitting Stone Buddha Statue) 

Gatbawi (National Treasure 431) is a 4 meter tall stone Buddha made from a solid piece of granite with a 15cm thick flat stone hat on his head. The 'Sitting Stone Buddha' sits on Gwanbong Peak (the eastern end of Palgongsan Mountain), and is believed by locals to posses an outstanding ability to grant prayers.

Bangjja Brassware Museum

The museum, specializing in brassware, houses 275 kinds of brassware items (musical instruments, tableware, ritual wares, and living goods) numbering 1,480 in all.
1) Public transport: Take the Express 1 or Palgong 1 (for Donghwa Temple) bus and get off at Bangjja Brassware Museum. (You will pass by Gongsan Elementary School.)
2) Expressway: Make a left turn at Mt. Palgongsan IC, head for Donghwasa Temple at Pagunjae Three-forked Intersection, and make a left turn at Baekan Three-forked Intersection (2 km).



2011 Korea Baseball exhibition games - Daegu Citizen Stadium

On April 2nd, 2011, the Korean baseball season began. We visited the Daegu Citizen Stadium to watch the exhibition match one month before the opening.

Lots of citizens visited the stadium in spite of the chilly weather.

Upon arrival, we found the stadium decorated in blue, symbolic color of the Daegu Samsung Lions.  There were fans who had gathered early in the morning.
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Daegu Station is nearby the stadium, so a lot of people transfer from there.  You can also take a taxi with a low fare.

We entered the stadium on a first-come first-served basis. Many people were there to get a better view
even though it was very early.

We could see the popularity of baseball by seeing many gathered people in front of the stadium.

Some people were playing catch with a ball while standing in the entrance time. People brought gloves to the event in order to catch foul ball or home run ball.

We took a seat near the third base.  We noticed how diverse ages of the fans were.

On that day, there was a match with the away team Lotte Giants.  We could see full seats near the first base.

Of course, we took the seat in front of the third base in order to see Samsung Lions players more closely.

Luckily, we were able to see the pitcher, Yoo Chan Cha who was practicing pitch in the bullpen.

Even though the game was over with the Samsung Lions losing, the atmosphere inside the Daegu Stadium was still heated up and we enjoyed the game.

The weather will get warmer soon with the upcoming baseball season. What about visiting the nearby stadium with your bf or gf, friends or families to enjoy warm spring sunshine and cheering fun?

And don’t forget to cheer at the World Championships Daegu 2011 also!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Warren Buffett visits Daegu Stadium

Warren Buffett visits Daegu Stadium

LOC Vice President and Secretary General Dong-Hoo Moon (with red tie) briefing Mr. Warren Buffet about the Daegu Stadium

Mr. Buffet surrounded by lots of news man

Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and professional investor Warrant Buffett visited Daegu stadium on 21st Mar. After attending the groundbreaking ceremony of the second factory of Taegu-Tech in the morning, Mr. Buffett arrived to the stadium. LOC vice President Dong-Hoo Moon gave to Mr. Buffett a brief report about the Daegu 2011 Championship.

Mr. Buffet getting ready to break the Men’s 100m World Record. Suddenly, a bunch of young girls approached to get signature of him. It was unexpected situation but he kindly gave his signature to girls. Lastly, his visit was closed with support cheering with Mr. Moon.


Idol Stars Athletics Championships (5) Shooting Stage

Last Sunday on 23 Jan, over 140 Korean Idol celebrities gathered to compete in the “Idol Stars Athletics and Swimming Championships” at Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul. 

Here are the stars during the Championships. 

Infinite were standby for shooting

Taemin of SHINee is very popular

Chansung of 2PM and Jinun of 2AM

Seungri of Big Bang

Dasom of SISTAR and Mir of M-Black are close

Members of M-Black were joking around

Naughty Junsu and Nickhun

Gorgeous Minkyung Kang of Davichi

Bora was like a professional athlete

Sleepy Sunhwa of Secret

Yui is waiting for a snack