Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Daegu Yangyeongsi Herb Medicine Street

I want to let you know about the Daegu Yangyeongsi Herb Medicine Festival which is held every year in May. This year, it started from May 3rd to 7th.

Even though the festival is held in May, you can always feel Daegu’s traditional herb medicine market culture anytime in Yangyeongsi.

Daegu Yangyeongsi is a seasonal market held in Feb and Oct, which has been crowded with many medicinal herb sellers, growers and herbalists, since 1658.

Yangyeongsi, propelled by Daegu citizens and herbalists, now has its own festival every May.

Yangyeongsi Oriental Medicine Cultural Center

You can experience history and tradition of Yangyeongsi through various programs at Yangyeongsi Oriental Medicine Cultural Center.
They exhibit many kinds of medicinal herbs and Korean medicinal tools.
It offers you unique experiences such as therapeutic foot bath with medicinal herbs and hot steam, check-ups and constitution diagnosis.

Daegu Yangyeongsi Herb Medicine Festival

The highlight of the festival is chopping herb medicine contest.
Herbalists and university students majoring in herb medicine or related fields are showing their professional skills for herb medicine.

Nowdays, herb medicine is not only used as treatment but also flavor for food.
Look forward to Yangyeongsi festival next year in May!!


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