Friday, August 16, 2019

Daegu cable car : palgongsan & Apsan

Do you want to enjoy nature in Daegu? But it's too hard to walk around? So we prepared it. Daegu Palgong cable car, Daegu front cable car!

Daegu Palgongsan cable car

Palgongsan is a mountain higher than I thought at 1,192 meters, and cable cars go up to a height of 820 meters. The Palgong cable car is a six-seat Kondora Rift, which is about 1.2 kilometers long and is a very long distance. If you ride a cable car for about 7 minutes, you arrive at the normal station at 820 meters above sea level. In addition to the magnificent view of Palgongsan Mountain, the observatory is a place where visitors can enjoy the city of Daegu as well as Donghwa Temple in the distance. Today, we will learn about the usage time and fare of Palgong cable car.
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Daegu Apsan cable car

In Nam-gu, Daegu City, there is a 660-meter-tall Apsan. There is a Daegu Apsan park.
There are a variety of walking paths in Daegu Apsan Park to match the name of Daegu citizens' leisure space. Basically, there are walking trails linked to Apsan, walking paths leading to the M.t Sanseong from Daegu, and walking trails linked to M.t Daedeok. Since such diverse trails range from 2 kilometers to 4 kilometers each, the biggest advantage is that you can choose the trails depending on your taste and stamina. If you take a cable car to the observatory, you can see the view of Daegu in front of you.
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Friday, August 9, 2019

Korean superstitions that make you surprise!

If you write your name in red, you will die.

In Korea, there is a superstition that if you write your name in red, it is considered ominous. There are three theories as to why. First of all, because red writing means blood that is associated with death. The second one is that when King Sejo started a coup in Korea's ancient dynasty of Joseon, he marked the names of his opponents in red and killed them all, so Koreans have avoided red ever since. Finally, since the names of soldiers killed during the Korean War were written in red letters, Koreans have not written their names in red since then.

When you whistle at night, a ghost comes out!

The superstitions about whistling at night exist not only in Korea but also in many other countries. In ancient Korea, whistles used to be used as a way to call a snake from the ground or as a way for a man to go to a woman's house and signal her to come out. Therefore whistling at night meant to bring out a snake from the ground to make other people dangerous, or to bring a woman with her husband out of the house and her family unhappy. Also, today, whistling at night can cause noise between floors in the apartment, so Koreans tend to refrain from whistling at night.

The number 4 means sinister.

Number 4 is a number that is avoided not only in Korea but also in the Chinese character culture such as China and Japan. The reason is because in the culture, the pronunciation of number 4 is same as the pronunciation of Chinese characters '死' (meaning the death).  Therefore, in Korea, F is often used instead of the number 4, and the number 4 is rarely used for military, hospital, and various transportation means.

When a pig comes out in a dream, money comes out.

In Korea, pigs were considered animals meaning enrichment because they symbolized good fortune. Therefore, Koreans thought that a pig dream would bring good luck. Koreans also thought that dreaming of a pig would give birth to many babies, thinking that pigs are chubby and give birth to many babies. In addition, the pronunciation of money in Korea (DON) is the same as the pronunciation of Chinese character 豚 (DON) , so Koreans thought that pig means money. So even today, if Koreans dream pigs,  you can often see them buying lottery tickets.

"If you want to know Korean superstitions more and experience them in person, go to the 2019 Daegu International Horror Festival!"

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Summer Festivals in Daegu in August

Whenever summer comes to us, Daegu is the hottest city in Korea. So citizens in Daegu find ways to escape the heat wave every summer. Although staying your home, you can escape the heat, if you come to Daegu, you are going to escape the heat more joyfully with festivals.

2019 Daegu international body painting festival

Theme? The festival representing colorful Daegu
when? 2019. 8. 24(Sat)~ 8. 25(Sun)
where? Kolon field concert hall in Duryu park, Korea
call 053-760-1855
2019 Daegu International Body Painting Festival is the best body painting competition held in Daegu in 2008 in Asia. It represents "Colorful Daegu."

Major events include the unconventional art world that uses the model's entire body as a canvas, the photo-time program "I am an artist too." along with the model, "Face Painting" by amateur enthusiasts, "Nail Art" dance and band performances, among others.

2019 Daegu international horror festival

Escape the heat wave! Daegu, a city of passion
when? 2019.8.9(Fri) ~ 8.11(Sun)
where? Daegu Stadium Citizens Plaza, Daegu City Theater
Call 053-255-2555

In summer, most parts of the country are experiencing heat waves, with heat wave warnings issued day after day after day. Especially, Daegu is the hottest place in Korea. In order to overcome this heat wave, by holding the Horror Arts Festival, a unique summer theme festival in Daegu that is differentiated from other regions, Daegu is going to transform the image of the hot city of Daegu into a world-class performing arts city.

Invited performances from Korea and abroad, official participation performances from Korea, street theater festivals, horror theater festivals and side events will be held.

2019 Daegu Cultural Heritage Night

Theme? Meet the modern streets of Daegu 100 years ago
when? 2019. 08. 23(Fri)~08.24(Sat)
where? Modern street (Yakgyeong City / Cheongna hill)
call 053-661-2191
Daegu Cultural Heritage Night is a cultural festival that opens the modern street of Daegu at night so that citizens meet the image of the modern street of Daegu 100 years ago. In 1919, many things happened in the modern street of Daegu.
The independence movement against Japanese colonial rule for the country, the first Western-style marriage in Daegu, Many artists who bloomed modern art in Daegu, etc.

Visitors to the 2019 Daegu Cultural Heritage Night will return to the modern city of Daegu 100 years ago to welcome the night sky and cultural assets.