Wednesday, August 5, 2020

A trip to Biseulsan Mountain on the hiking trail with clean water and fresh wind!

These days, the cool weather is continuing because of the rainy season, right?

So these days, more activity places are in the spotlight than summer vacations where people can enjoy the breeze and enjoy the distance between passersby.

Today, I'm going to introduce Biseulsan Mountain in Daegu, a place that always shows cool and wonderful scenery.

Why don't you go hiking on a clear day to enjoy the fresh air?

a safe and easy walk

10th Mountain in Yong-ri, Yuga-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

Have you ever met Biseulsan in summer? In summer, you can meet Biseulsan Mountain full of blue light.

On a clear day, you can see the entire view of Technopolis at a glance.

Biseulsan Mountain in spring is famous for its pinkish oak flowers, and in summer, it gives off a clear blue, green air that makes the snow cold.

Even if it's a hot summer day, I recommend you wear a hat and wear sunscreen when you get to the top, even though it's not hot in the cool mountain winds.

If you want to feel more nature, go hiking!

Biseulsan Mountain has hiking trails and electric cars, as well as trails that can be easily climbed by men and women of all ages.

There is also a good hiking trail for those who came to Biseul Mountain for hiking. The Biseulsan Mountain hiking trail consists mainly of stairs.

There are valleys with cool water everywhere.

Why don't you go hiking on the hiking trail, dip your feet in cool valley water, and play with water?: )

Korean rosebay in spring and colorful autumn leaves in autumn.

Biseulsan Mountain can be divided into natural recreational forests, hiking trails, and Daegwaesa Temple Site and Daegyeonbong Peak.

The spring at the top of the mountain is very special.

Biseulsan Mountain, famous for its oak flower habitat, is full of pink in spring. There is also a Korean rosebay Village Festival every year.

And there are walking paths near the Korean rosebay colony, so it's good for family to have a simple meal: ) It's good for other seasons!

Biseulsan Mountain in autumn is as beautiful as any other season.

Many kinds of maple trees and oak trees combine to create a picturesque view.

What a colorful color looks like a picture with a different color paint on purpose!

Biseulsan Mountain is a place where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery whenever you visit.

Please spend a cool summer in the Biseulsan Valley, where cool water flows under the shade created by nature: )

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Daegu E-World 83 Tower full of things to enjoy (Korean trick art museum, Ice rink)

There are many landmarks in Daegu, right? It also reminds me of the relatively recent The Arc, the suseong pond, and the noisy and spacious night market.
But wouldn't the old 'Woobang Tower' and the current 'E-World 83 Tower' emerge as the landmarks?

Daegu 83 Tower, which has various things to enjoy as well as an observatory where you can see Daegu at a glance.
It's a place where everyone in Daegu will have big and small memories.

Today, I will introduce you to various things to enjoy at the 83 Tower in Daegu!

E-World 83 Tower, you can see it rising high on the mountain in front of you in the city center of the city, right?

If you drive to E-World 83 Tower, you can go up to the tower parking lot.
If you're using public transportation, you can take the shuttle bus to get up.

It's a parking lot in the tower.

It is operated by an unmanned system, and the parking fee is 2,000 won per day for regular customers regardless of the parking time.

1st floor: Ashley, observatory ticket office, parking lot
2nd floor: Euroseum, Ice Rink, Digital Kids Cafe

On a hot summer day, a cool ice rink.

If you go to the second floor, there is an ice rink, a digital kids park, and a trick art museum called Euroseum.

Let me introduce you to the ice rink where you can feel the coolness even in these hot days!

You don't have to worry if you don't have skates! You can rent skates through rental shops.

The interior of the ice rink is also beautifully decorated.

You can see the two lovers holding hands. Daegu's indoor dating course would be nice, too!

I can see some friends who are running excitedly and slowly holding onto the wall.
Each group was skating safely, distancing themselves from each other!

No matter how hot it is in the summer, the ice rink has a very low energy, so make sure to take your coat with you when you visit the ice rink!

Euroseum Magic Art Museum with plenty of attractions and photo zones

One of the must-have attractions of the 83 Tower is the Euroseum Magic Art Museum.
If you look at many tourist attractions, there are trick art museums, which provide interesting photo zones.

Compared to other places, the Euroseum Magic Art Museum looked much richer and higher quality!

The entrance fee for Euroseum is 5,000 won. Free admission or annual membership is available for free of charge.
Wearing a mask and disinfecting your hands are essential for viewing.

Trick art is an art technique that uses light reflection, refraction, shading, and perspective to express paintings in three dimensions and in a realistic way.

You can take a lot of funny pictures with real facial expressions and gestures.

Next to the picture is a description of how to make it more fun and realistic.
Of course, it doesn't matter if you take it in your own style!

A place full of photo zones where you can take a lot of fun photos with your family and friends.

This is the Euroseum Magic Art Museum.

83 Tower Observatory at a glance at the city center of Daegu

Shall we go up to the 83 tower observatory where we can see Daegu at a glance?

The observatory ticket office and elevator are located next to Ashley on the 1st floor.

Free pass and annual membership can enter for 5,000 won, and there is a fee of 10,000 won for adults and 8,000 won for children.
It goes up to the 77th floor if you get on, and it's really fast!

If you go up, you can see the 83 Tower sculpture in front of you, and you can see the panoramic view of downtown Daegu with a telescope.

You can compare the height with the world-famous towers and towers. Tower 83 is really tall, right?

It deserves to be a landmark of Daegu!

There is also a mini-café where you can sit down at a table and look down at downtown Daegu after ordering coffee or drinks.

And at the observatory, you can also sky-jump at 231 meters, the third highest in the world after the Macau Tower and the Auckland Tower in New Zealand!

Daegu's activity and sky jumping, which can only be enjoyed at the 83 Tower, are temporarily suspended due to Corona 19.

Along with downtown Daegu, you can see hot rides and 103m-high sky drops in E-World these days.

Rainy days, sweltering hot days, these days like this.

I recommend the 83 Tower where you can enjoy it coolly: )