Monday, August 31, 2015

Story of Fancy Daegu International Bodypainting Festival 2015 held last weekend!

Story of Fancy Daegu International Bodypainting Festival 2015

2015 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival was held at Kolon Field Concert Hall in Duryu park last weekend.
It was full of excited visitors, artists & beautiful models.

There was a variety of events that visitors could experience besides an artists’ competition and awards! Also it was a great opportunity to experience face painting, nail art, Henna and to learn unique make-up techniques. 

Now, we will show you how splendid the festival was last weekend!

The artists and models were preparing the show and awards.

The models who got make-up on their bodies were stunning!

Fantasy makeup performances.
The luxurious costumes and face makeup were very fancy and colorful!

Bodypainting performances after the Fantasy makeup show.

51 participating teams from 9 different countries competed in the contests and the festival gave awards for two categories that are ‘Fantasy makeup’ and ‘Bodypainting’.

Did you miss the festival?
Don’t worry, you can come and enjoy Daegu International Bodypainting Festival in 2016!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Korea music festival :: 8th Daegu International Jazz Festival in September 2015 with Korean popular singers

Korea music festival - Daegu International Jazz Festival 2015
Korea music festival - Daegu International Jazz Festival 2015

Everyone, Let’s enjoy music~♬
The 8th Daegu International Jazz Festival will be held from Sep 1 to 5.
The festival has been settled as a representative urban-music festival taking place annually.
Popular artists and 30 teams of musicians will spread their love for music by performing jazz and contemporary music during the festival period throughout Daegu.

*photos from the homepage of DIJF 2015

Korean popular singers, 인순이(In Soon Yi), 박완규(Park Wan Gyu) and Joe locke with Rodriguez Robert Dou, Job Patton Quartet, Chris Potter with Joe Martin, Marcus Gilmore, Jason Lindner, world-class guitarist Mike Moreno and more artists will perform at the festival.

*photos from the homepage of DIJF 2015

Street performances and a series of more intimate club performances that will be featured are open to all visitors!
In addition, people can freely enjoy music anywhere since there are booths prepared for them to experience instruments, analog and digital sound equipment.

It takes place in both indoor and outdoor venues and there are no reserved seats at any of the stages.
*But, reservation for the performance at Suseong Artpia in Sep 3 is needed on the homepage by order of arrival. 
Admission is free!


*Schedule subject to change.

8th Daegu International Jazz Festival 2015

•  Period : Sep 1 to 5, 2015
•  Place : Suseong Artpia, Kolon Field Concert Hall(outdoor concert hall) in Duryu Park, 2.28 Memorial Park in Dongseongro, Dongseongro, outdoor stage, Suseongmot specially prepared stage, Ayang art centre, Igok fountain park (Rose garden)
•  Homepage : (Korean only)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Makgeolli, the oldest alcoholic beverage in Korea - Korea's traditional wine

Korea's traditional wine, Makgeolli, the oldest alcoholic beverage in Korea

 Makgeolli, the oldest alcoholic beverage in Korea 

With the Korean Wave ‘Hallyu’, the traditional wine of Korea, Makgeolli(막걸리), is steadily gaining popularity inside and outside of the country. Makgeolli, also known as rice wine in English, is a traditional Korean wine that is fermented by adding yeast to the rice or wheat. 
It provides nourishment and vitalization to the farmers during the times they would feel hungry or fatigued while working in the fields. 
This wine has been long beloved by commoners due to its high levels of protein and its low caloric content. It has a white milk-like color, and its alcohol rate six to thirteen percent. 
Moreover, there is also a wine called Dongdongju(동동주). It is a wine that has unfiltered rice grains floating along its surface just before the wine is fully fermented.

Like Soju, Makgeolli also has differing brands according to regions. Examples include the ‘Bulro Rice Makgeolli’ of ‘Daegu Takju’ that can only be found in Daegu and the ‘Gyeongju Beopju’ of ‘Geumbokju’.

Where could we find Makgeolli? 
There are a lot of Makgeolli pubs in places where pubs are highly prevalent. 
An example would be Daegu downtown’s Dongseong Street or the Gwangjangcoa near Duryu Station. 
Daegu Travel recommends enjoying Makgeolli with Pajeon(Korean pancake)_파전 and Dotorimuk(Acorn jello)_도토리묵 at the sky garden restaurant on top of Palgong Mountain. Drinking Makgeolli during breeze days while enjoying the Mountain View is also guaranteed to feel heavenly..

These days, Makgeolli cocktails made with fresh seasonal fruits are gaining popularity amongst the youth. If you’re looking for ‘Makgeolli cocktails’ with fresh fruits, the café MU-A is a highly recommended place to visit. It sells not only Makgeolli cocktails, but also healthy food such as quality Korean food and dessert.

Makgeolli, the fermented drink with one of the longest histories in Korea!
If you happen to be travelling in Daegu, have a taste of this Korean traditional wine!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Experience the Real Korean Night - Daegu’s specialty, the Bukseongro Bulgogi & Udon :: late-night food

Experience the Real Korean Night - Bulgogi & Udon :: late-night food

Late-night food street in Daegu, the Bukseongro Bulgogi and Udon

If you want to experience the Real Korea, you should try Bukseongro Bulgogi & Udon in Daegu. 
Bukseongro Bulgogi & Udon street is a well kept secret that is a ‘must see’ when travelling to Daegu. 
Even in Korea where the streetlights stay on well into the night, the most restaurants close at 10pm. In Daegu, there is a street where you can find late-night food tents that operate from 6pm to 3am.

Bukseong Street is actually a street lined with tool shops.
At night, the inside of the street is filled with the lights of tents that glow like fireflies, the sounds of people chatting, and the smell of the Korean specialty, Bulgogi.

Buseongro Bulgogi and Udon among Bukseong Street’s food tents are specialties of Daegu.
A pork leg seasoned with Bulgogi sauce is grilled onto the briquette grill. If you try it with onion soy sauce, the taste is so heavenly you would forget about any other dish. Udon is made up of fat noodles in a warm soup with a bit of powdered pepper, seaweed, and scallion inside.

Aside from Soju and drinks, the menu consists of two dishes, namely Bulgogi and Udon. You can order the grilled Bulgogi on a dish in Extra-large, large, middle, or small sizes. The price stars from 5,000won, a small plate of Bulgogi is enough for two people. 

Bukseong Street’s Udon and Bulgogi, with its cheap prices, are one of the many late night food choices that you can have with Suju, the Korean liquor. 
Before, laborers would come to this street to have a light beer after work. Taxi drivers would also drive here to have dinner or a late night food, making this street a dining area of late night drivers. However, this place is also visited by youths in their 20~30s, and there are some people from other regions who come all the way here to have a taste of Bukseong Street’s Udon and Bulgogi.

When you visit Daegu, make sure to try Bukseong Street’s Udon and Bulgogi! You will never forget the taste of this briquette grilled Bulgogi at such an affordable price.

To get to the Bukseongro streert's tents : 
Head to Jungangro subway station and get a taxi. Ask the taxi driver to take you to ‘Bukseongro Bulgogi' street. It is famous with Korean people and they should know where to go.

Address :  Bukseongro 2-ga, Joong-gu, Daegu

Friday, August 21, 2015

Shopping in South Korea :: Check the special price of the 2015 Korea Grand Sale and get all your hotter benefits - Shops in Daegu

Shopping in South Korea - Check the special price of the 2015 Korea Grand Sale and get all your hotter benefit
 photo from the website of Korea Grand Sale

Don’t miss out the big shopping benefits in South Korea!

The Korea Grand Sale, the largest shopping-tourism festival for overseas visitors, has started on the August 14th and will be until October 31st 2015 throughout Daegu and other major cities around the country.

International visitors can enjoy various benefits of shopping, dining, food, entertainment, transportation and accommodation at 250 participating companies and 30,000 venues in South Korea.

Come and have a great time shopping and enjoying Korean culture!

△ photo from the website of Korea Grand Sale

△ photo from the website of Korea Grand Sale

List of participating stores in Daegu
Main Items
Stores’ Name
Velvet products
Velvet Gallery Youngdo Daum
20% discount
15~40% discount
(All stores)
Up to 50% discount
Office supplies, music, gifts, and etc.
5% discount
Natural cosmetics
Gift giveaway

Precious Metals, Jewelry
Fashion jewelry town
5~10% discount
Novotel Ambassador Daegu
10% discount on accommodation
60% discount
Empathy Guest House
50% discount
Up to 50% discount
Amusement Park
50% discount
Traditional Culture Experience for foreign accommodation customers
Daegu Traditional Center
Complimentary experience for traditional culture
Cable car
Palgong Cable car
20% discount on tickets
Theme Park
50% discount on all entrance fees
50% discount on the entrance fee
50% discount on an exchange commission
Double Decker Bus for City Tour
Daegu Infrastructure Management Corporation, Daegu City Tour Double Decker
50% discount (1+1 Event),
Free fare for a company of a foreigner going to Korea Grand Sale

△ photo from the website of Korea Grand Sale

Tips on how to use the Korean Grand Sale Coupons that can get you products or services you need for a discounted price at the venues.

1. General Coupon (One-Pass Coupon)

This One-Pass Coupon can be used at any venue participating in the Korea Grand Sale. Get a discount at practically any store with just one coupon.

▪ Online Coupon : Use the coupon above that is available on the Korea Grand Sale website.
 ※ The coupon is available in all mobile formats.

▪ Printout Coupon : Use the coupons provided in the promotional leaflet.

 ※ Where to get a leaflet : major tourist information centers in Korea.
[Download One-Pass Coupon]

2. Venue-Specific Coupons

You can download Venue-Specific Coupons with more information of the venues and specific discount rates.  
[Go to Advanced Coupon Search]

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Daegu Contemporary Art Festival in Gangjeong, 'From near and far' - Exhibition in Korea

Daegu Contemporary Art Festival in Gangjeong, From near and far - Exhibition in Korea

△ John Clement' major work

Daegu Contemporary Art Festival 'From near and far' is taking place in Gangjeong from August 21 through September 20, 2105.
Daegu, the city of South Korea used be the centre of modern art in the past, now you can appreciate famous artists's artworks in Daegu.
It's nice time to enjoy artworks at the outdoor where The ARC, the one of Daegu's landmarks, is seen.

△ The ARC in Gangjeong

△ Lee Nam Lee 's major work                   △ Wilfredo Valladares's major work

Daegu Contemporary Art Festival in Gangjeong, 'From near and far'
● Title : Gangjeong, 'From near and far'
● Period : Aug 21 through Sepr 20, 2105
● Venue : The ARC square in Gangjeongbo, Nakdong River
● Participating Artists 
1. John Clement,  2. Woon Hak Chung,  3. Ki Jo Kim,  4. Yun Seob Kim,  5. Tallur, L.N.
6. Hui Bong Park,  7. Local Post,  8. Shoufan Piao,  9. Sung Il Yu, 
10. Lee Nam Lee (Oct.1-2),  11. Jae Hyun Kwon,  12. Seung Ho Baik,  13. Young Sup Kim
14. Moha. Jong Yuen Ahn,  15. Wilfredo Valladares,  16. Myeong Beom Kim,  17. Boo Yun Choi, 
18. Keun Byung Yook,  19. Jong Ku Kim,   20. Jun Seub Sim,  21. Hayoon Jay Lee, 
22. Chang Min Lim,  23. Han Chul Shin,  24. Project ALFA,  25. Yeon Suk Lee

● Program
1. Opening Ceremony on Aug 21 (Fri) 19:30pm - Music, Performances, Flash mob
2. See:Saw - sketch experience
3. Show me The Artists - Special Exhibit inside The ARC
4. Docent tour - Fri, Sat, Sun at 19pm, 20pm, 21pm

● Free Entry! 

● Direction for The ARC in Gangjeongbo from Dongdaegu station
1. Subway and Bus (1hr 15 mins)
- Take a subway at Dongdaegu station, Subway line 1.
- Transfer to Subway line 2 at Banwoldang station.
- Get off at Daesil station.
- Transfer to Bus '성서1'(Seongseo1) bound for Daegok, Dasa nearby exit 2 of Daesil station.
- Get off at 강정보(Gangjeongbo) and 8 min walk to The ARC.
2. Taxi (40mins)
The rate will be about 20,000won from Dongdaegu station.

● Address : 805, Jukgok-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

*All the Photos from the blog of Daegu Contemporary Art Festival in Gangjeong, 'From near and far'

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2015 Daegu International Body Painting Festival (DIBF) - World's best bodypainting artists gathering

World's best bodypainting artists gathering, 2015 Daegu International Body Painting Festival
The most splendid event on the planet, Body Painting Festival
Come and see all the beautiful colors in the world! 
Colorful Daegu will be full of amazing colors in August, the final stage of summer.
2015 Daegu International Body Painting Festival is taking place from August 29th to 30th for 2 days.

Enjoy a fantastic event of world's best bodypainting artists, congratulatory performances by top singers and a spectacular fireworks show, diverse performances, unique painting experience for visitors, free facepainting and nail art services!

△ 2014 DIBF

DIBF Awards
The competition is open to all artists from all around the world. The artists will have opportunity to show their own specialties in different categories. Bodies are painted with many different materials, techniques and sometimes combined with the most fantastic costumes and show effects. The competition categories for 2015 are Bodypainting and Fantasy Make-up.

△ 2014 DIBF

2015 Daegu International Body Painting Festival 
● When : August 29th (Sat) ~ 30th (Sun) 2015 
● Where : Kolon Field Concert Hall in Duryu Park, Daegu
● Awards 
1) Artist : DIBF Bodypainting Awards, DIBF Fantasy Make-up Awards 
2) Model : DIBF Photogenic Model Awards

● Schedule

● Location : 15min walk from the exit 14 of Duryu station, subway line 2
● Address : 588-3, Duryu 3-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

Monday, August 17, 2015

Upcoming Food Festival this week :: Anjirang Gopchang Alley 'Ogam Festival' – Korean Food Festival in Daegu

Upcoming Festival this week in Korea, Anjirang Gopchang Alley 'Ogam Festival' – Korean food in Daegu

Part of the exciting of living in another country is trying the country’s food and enjoying festivals of the country.
Anjirang Gopchang Alley, selected as the one of the representative theme food streets in Korea, is taking place ‘Ogam Festival’ from Aug 20 to 22, 2015.
People will be able to enjoy a variety of performances with K-Pop singers besides Gopchang and Makchang, the delicacy of Daegu.

Daegu is very famous for Gochang which refers to the small intestines from pork and cattle. The food may be new and unfamiliar to foreign people though, it tastes delicious grilled over the coal or charcoal fire pits at the tables, especially marinated in a soybean paste. Also it’s perfect food with Soju, the Korean liquor, and low price.

Anjirang Gopchang Alley is always full of young people at night, as we can see why it is called ‘the street of youth’.
Daegu Travel recommends joining the Anjirang’s Gopchang alley Festival (Ogam Festival) for your new experiences in Korea.

● Anjirang Gopchang Alley, the street of youth ‘Ogam Festival’
● Period : August 20th to 22nd, 2015 from 18:00 to 22:00
● Place : Anjirang Gopchang Alley in Daegu
● Main events from Aug 20 through 22
- Cass Blue Summer DJ Party
- K-POP’s performances (Navi, Hwang Chi-yeol, Mamamu, Switch, Kive, A.Some, BNG, T.G Breaker’s)
- Eating competition
- Anjirang’s god Talent (Audition Program) on Aug 20 and 22
- Challenge 50 songs, I’m a singer (Singing contest) 
- Casting Call New Kid (Kids Model Contest) on Aug 21st   
Anjirang Busking on Aug 21 and 22

● Direction : Less than 5 mins to Anjirang Gopchang Alley from the exit 3 of Anjirang station, subway line 1 on foot. 
● Address : 872-1, Daemyeong 9-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu, Korea