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Experience the Real Korean Night - Daegu’s specialty, the Bukseongro Bulgogi & Udon :: late-night food

Experience the Real Korean Night - Bulgogi & Udon :: late-night food

Late-night food street in Daegu, the Bukseongro Bulgogi and Udon

If you want to experience the Real Korea, you should try Bukseongro Bulgogi & Udon in Daegu. 
Bukseongro Bulgogi & Udon street is a well kept secret that is a ‘must see’ when travelling to Daegu. 
Even in Korea where the streetlights stay on well into the night, the most restaurants close at 10pm. In Daegu, there is a street where you can find late-night food tents that operate from 6pm to 3am.

Bukseong Street is actually a street lined with tool shops.
At night, the inside of the street is filled with the lights of tents that glow like fireflies, the sounds of people chatting, and the smell of the Korean specialty, Bulgogi.

Buseongro Bulgogi and Udon among Bukseong Street’s food tents are specialties of Daegu.
A pork leg seasoned with Bulgogi sauce is grilled onto the briquette grill. If you try it with onion soy sauce, the taste is so heavenly you would forget about any other dish. Udon is made up of fat noodles in a warm soup with a bit of powdered pepper, seaweed, and scallion inside.

Aside from Soju and drinks, the menu consists of two dishes, namely Bulgogi and Udon. You can order the grilled Bulgogi on a dish in Extra-large, large, middle, or small sizes. The price stars from 5,000won, a small plate of Bulgogi is enough for two people. 

Bukseong Street’s Udon and Bulgogi, with its cheap prices, are one of the many late night food choices that you can have with Suju, the Korean liquor. 
Before, laborers would come to this street to have a light beer after work. Taxi drivers would also drive here to have dinner or a late night food, making this street a dining area of late night drivers. However, this place is also visited by youths in their 20~30s, and there are some people from other regions who come all the way here to have a taste of Bukseong Street’s Udon and Bulgogi.

When you visit Daegu, make sure to try Bukseong Street’s Udon and Bulgogi! You will never forget the taste of this briquette grilled Bulgogi at such an affordable price.

To get to the Bukseongro streert's tents : 
Head to Jungangro subway station and get a taxi. Ask the taxi driver to take you to ‘Bukseongro Bulgogi' street. It is famous with Korean people and they should know where to go.

Address :  Bukseongro 2-ga, Joong-gu, Daegu

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