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Makgeolli, the oldest alcoholic beverage in Korea - Korea's traditional wine

Korea's traditional wine, Makgeolli, the oldest alcoholic beverage in Korea

 Makgeolli, the oldest alcoholic beverage in Korea 

With the Korean Wave ‘Hallyu’, the traditional wine of Korea, Makgeolli(막걸리), is steadily gaining popularity inside and outside of the country. Makgeolli, also known as rice wine in English, is a traditional Korean wine that is fermented by adding yeast to the rice or wheat. 
It provides nourishment and vitalization to the farmers during the times they would feel hungry or fatigued while working in the fields. 
This wine has been long beloved by commoners due to its high levels of protein and its low caloric content. It has a white milk-like color, and its alcohol rate six to thirteen percent. 
Moreover, there is also a wine called Dongdongju(동동주). It is a wine that has unfiltered rice grains floating along its surface just before the wine is fully fermented.

Like Soju, Makgeolli also has differing brands according to regions. Examples include the ‘Bulro Rice Makgeolli’ of ‘Daegu Takju’ that can only be found in Daegu and the ‘Gyeongju Beopju’ of ‘Geumbokju’.

Where could we find Makgeolli? 
There are a lot of Makgeolli pubs in places where pubs are highly prevalent. 
An example would be Daegu downtown’s Dongseong Street or the Gwangjangcoa near Duryu Station. 
Daegu Travel recommends enjoying Makgeolli with Pajeon(Korean pancake)_파전 and Dotorimuk(Acorn jello)_도토리묵 at the sky garden restaurant on top of Palgong Mountain. Drinking Makgeolli during breeze days while enjoying the Mountain View is also guaranteed to feel heavenly..

These days, Makgeolli cocktails made with fresh seasonal fruits are gaining popularity amongst the youth. If you’re looking for ‘Makgeolli cocktails’ with fresh fruits, the café MU-A is a highly recommended place to visit. It sells not only Makgeolli cocktails, but also healthy food such as quality Korean food and dessert.

Makgeolli, the fermented drink with one of the longest histories in Korea!
If you happen to be travelling in Daegu, have a taste of this Korean traditional wine!

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