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Summer with Water Sports :: Places for recreational water activities in Daegu and Yeongcheon, Korea

Summer with Water Leisure Sports, Places for recreational water activities in Korea
Daegu Travel would like to introduce two places where you can enjoy water sports in the summer. You can enjoy water activities in Daegu and YeongCheon which is near Daegu. 

'Daegu Soosang World' in Bongmu Park

Daegu Soosang world is located in Bongmu park where you can try aquatic leisure sports such as water skiing, water bikes, and banana boats in the summer.

■  Operating water sports : By the end of October, 2015
■  Cost :  Instruction and equipment rental included
    - Beginner : 60,000won
    - Water skiing 22,000won
    - Wakeboard  25,000won (per person)
    - Banana boat : 15,000won (per person)
    - Fly fish 20,000won (per person)
■  Inquiries : +82-53-983-1472

■ How to get to 'Daegu Soosang World' in Bongmu Park from Dongdaegu station? 
   - By bus (50 min)
101-1(bound for Pagyesa) or 401 → Get off at 'Bongmu park'  10 min walk to the 'Daegu Water World'
   - By Taxi (25 min)
It will cost about 9,000won from Dongdaegu station.

Address : 394, Bongmu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

'Deikyong Water Leisure Sports Town' at Sail-mot(Sail lake) in YeongCheon

YeongCheon is a small city, but full of exciting activities such as a paragliding, leisure sports to enjoy.
You can try water activities at Sail-mot(Sail lake) in YeongCheon.
'Deikyoung water leisure sports town' at Sailmot includes water activities such as water skiing, fly boat, wakeboarding, banana boat, fly fishing.
They also teach beginners how to ride wakeboard and water ski before the actual water sports.

△ photos provided Deikyong Water Leisure Sports Town

■  Operating water sports : By the end of October, 2015
■  Cost : 60,000won (instruction and equipment reantal included)
■  Time : about 2hrs
■  Inquiries for reservation : +82-54-337-9997
■  Website : 
※ Recommend you to reserve in advance by phone

■ How to get to Deikyong Water Leisure Sports Town at Sailmot, YeongCheon from Dongdaegu station? 

- By bus (1hr 50 min)
Take a bus 814 or 818(bound for Daegu univ)at Dongdaegu station → Get off at Buho-ri(부호리) or ‘Hayang elementary school’ → Transfer to a bus ‘Hayang1(bound for Kyungil univ, Sangam)’_’하양1(경일대, 상암) → Get off at ‘Sangam-ri (상암리)’, the last bus stop → 10min walk to ‘Deikyong Water Leisure Sports Town’
- By train and bus (1hr 20 min)
Get a train at Dongdaegu station for YeongCheon station (30min) → Get a bus 55(bound for Geumho, Ansim station) → Transfer to a bus 120(Sindeok2-ri_신덕2리) at Geumho terminal → Get off at Poong-lak Reservoir (풍락저수지 밑) → 5 min walk to ‘Deikyong Water Leisure Sports Town’ (1hr 20 min)

Address : 1068, Daepyeong-ri, Cheongtong-myeon, Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

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