Friday, July 29, 2011

The Four Best Clubs in Daegu

Nightlife in Daegu is extremely vibrant and the entertainment districts are filled with young people. There are a number of western style dance clubs that play techno, house and hip-hop as well as countless Korean nightclubs that play Korean dance/pop music.

We've narrowed down the list to the top 4 best nightclubs in Daegu.  

#4 Best Club in Daegu  
Club Frog 
 Club Frog is a popular hip hop club located just off of Rodeo Street in downtown Daegu. 

#3 Best Club in Daegu 
Club Monkey(Club MK)  
 Club Monkey is a dance club for people in their early 20s located just off of Rodeo Street. 

#2 Best Club in Daegu 
→ Club Pasha is the new electronica dance music club located just off of Rodeo Street.

#1 Best Club in Daegu 
G2 (G2 is currently closed)
 G2 is a hip-hop club located in downtown Daegu. It was formerly known as Gypsy Rock, which was, at one point, quite famous among the expat community.

Play Smart Music Festival @ EXCO (In Daegu), 29 Aug - 3 Sept

There's only a month left until the much-awaited Play Smart Music Festival in Daegu.  

To provide a safer and more pleasant environment for our audience to enjoy the event, the venue for the concert has been changed to an indoor venue at EXCO (In Daegu). 


Consequently, the dates and the line up of some of the performing artists have been changed as follows. 

We request and thank you for your understanding in this matter and we look forward to your continued interest and support in the event together with Daegu City and Samsung Electronics.  

Title: Play Smart Music Festival together with Daegu City and Samsung Electronics 
Dates: Mon. 29 August 2011 ~ Sat. 3 September 2011 / 19:00 ~ 21:30 
Venue: EXCO (In Daegu)
Performing Artists

- DJ's : 
DJ Koo / DJ R2 / 360 Sound / DJ Conan / DJ Freeky / DJ Pumkin / DJ Double Deck / DJ UJN + NOVA

- Rock Band : 
Nobrain / GOGOSTAR / NO.1 Korean / TransFixion / Superkidd / Copy machine

- Singer
2PM (29 Aug) /  CNBLUE (30 Aug) / SEVEN (31 Aug) / Leessang (special guest) / 2ne1 (1 Sept) / 4minute (2 Sept) / PSY (3 Sept)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Best List of Daegu : Best Beauty Salon

Daegu has always been famous for a number of beautiful women. That’s because Daegu is the mecca of the beauty service industry. 

So, today I introduce the various beauty parlors that are present in Daegu. 

Model Beauty Parlor

A business proprietor : Kim Gyeongwon
Phone number / Address : 053-637-1171 / 1504-4 Sangin-dong, Dalseogu
Specific details (award career) : Enter Grand Hair Show

Seok Beauty Parlor(Suseong branch) (Website)

A business proprietor : Lee Inja
Phone number / Address : 053-783-7789 / 1275-5 Beommul-dong, Suseonggu
Specific details (award career) : win and produce players of Daegu City Competition
Seok Beauty Parlor(Cheongun branch) (Website)

A business proprietor : Seok Gyeok
Phone number / Address : 053-421-9335 / 41-9 Daebong-1dong, Junggu
Specific details (award career) : Technical advisor of Chungang Committee
Songjuk Beauty Parlor (Website)

A business proprietor : Kim Oksun
Phone number / Address : 053-423-1563 / 40-98 Daebong-1dong, Junggu
Specific details (award career) : produce Miss Daegu and Miss Korea
An Yeonghee Beauty Parlor

A business proprietor : An Yeonghui
Phone number / Address : 053-765-6244 / 885-7 Hwanggeum-dong, Suseonggu
Specific details (award career) : win and produce players of Daegu City Competition
O Museon Beauty Parlor (Website)

A business proprietor : O Museon
Phone number / Address : 053-762-3223 / 563-4 Beomeo-1dong, Suseonggu (Appletower 6F)
Specific details (award career) : Technical advisor of Chungang Committee
O Museon Beauty Parlor(Daebaek Plaza branch) (Website)

A business proprietor : O hyeyeong
Phone number / Address : 053-428-3223 / 214 Daebong-dong, Junggu (Daebaek Plaza 10F)
Specific details (award career) : Win and produce players of Daegu City Competition
TK Beauty Parlor (Website)

A business proprietor : Lee Hyeonu
Phone number / Address : 053-424-1112 / 82-1 Dongsong-3ga Junggu (5F)
Specific details (award career) : Win and produce players of Daegu City Competition

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[The Road to the Kingdom] History travel with Wang Geon IV

You’ll meet Donghwasa / Gatbawi straight from Pagunjae intersection. Express No.1 and Palgong No.1 bus stop at Donghwasa and No.401 goes to the Gatbawi.

|| Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum ||

There is Bangjja Yugi(Korean bronze ware) Museum where exhibit bronze products in the foothills of Mt. Palgongsan. This museum houses 1,489 items of bronze ware in 275 types free donated by, Bong-Ju Lee, the Important Intangible Cultural Asset No. 77.

And also presented bronze ware products by devoted artisan Mr.Lee and materials shows whole process of making. On the one side of the museum, there is a concert hall for the performance of instruments made of bronze.

And you could feel the calm atmosphere of Mt. Palgongsan in trail and there’s also a space for experience of traditional instruments such as Jing.

|| Baekan Intersection ||

After passing by Gongsan tunnel, Baekan intersection comes out where is a cross road between Donghwasa and Gatbawi. After climbing 1,500 stone steps, you’ll see ‘Gwanbong Seokjo Yeore Jwasang’ which is designated national treasure No.431.

|| Gatbawi ||

This seated stone statue of Buddha was built to honor mother’s soul of Buddhist master in the Silla Dynasty.

Interesting thing is that lots of mothers is climbing this mountain to pray for their children 
to pass the university exam. The shape of stone on the statue looks like graduation cap.

|| Donghwasa ||

Walking up the incline after Baekan intersection, you’ll meet the entrance of Donghwasa temple which is around 1,500-year-old historic temple.

There are near thirty Buddhist architecture and small temples in the precincts of a shrine.
In front of Tongil Daejeon, there is magnificent statue called ‘Tongil Yaksa Daebul’ with height over 30 meters for wishing unification of divided country.

In addition, temple stay program for domestic and foreign people. If you want to experience the culture of tranquil temple, visit the website for the application.

※ Donghwasa Templestay :

|| The Mt.Palgongsan Cable Car ||

If you make turn left in the intersection of Donghwasa entrance, there’s road leads to ‘Donghwa collective facility district’ where several restaurants and accommodations are located. The famous attraction of Mt.Palgongsan is cable car connected to the top of mountain(820m high).

You can also enjoy the surrounding scenery of the mountain at the restaurant on the summit.

|| Daegu Safety Theme Park ||

People remember Daegu as the city of big incidents none of us intended. Especially, Daegu subway fire disaster in Feb 18 2003 caused bad image of Daegu and left scars in Daegu citizen’s mind.

Against such a bitter memory, Daegu Safety Theme Park was founded to form a consensus of safety in order to avoid such a tragedy again.

The park operates various safety education programs for visitors using modern gears and facilities for the real experience. In order to use the theme park located nearby Palgong cable car platform, pre-reservation is required. Open all year round from 9 am to 6 pm except New year day, Chuseok(Thanksgiving day) and every Monday.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book your cheap flight from Daegu to Hong Kong

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Use Daegu International Airport to travel to Hong Kong your summer vacation!

To invigorate Daegu International Airport and enhance the convenience of international flight passengers, Daegu City has joined forces with Korean Air and opened a direct air route linking Daegu and Hong Kong for the upcoming summer vacation season.

The Daegu-Hong Kong route is expected to vitalize Daegu International Airport amid a gradual rebound of air travel demand on the back of an economic recovery.

At a time when Daegu needs to attract more tourists to the city, in the run-up to a variety of international events, including the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011 and Visit Daegu 2011, the new air route to be operated in the summer peak season (from July 22 through August 22) will better serve Daegu citizens seeking international flights and attract more foreign tourists to the city. It is expected that the benefits of this route will help to revive Daegu International Airport, which has been in the doldrums for some time.

Nonstop flights to Hong Kong will depart at 9:30 p.m. every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and those to Daegu will leave 2:30 a.m. every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

If the temporary direct line between Daegu and Hong Kong proves a success, it will turn into a regular route from this year’s winter season. 

A source at the Daegu City office said, “We will make all-out efforts to attract a large number of passengers through active promotional campaigns so that regularly scheduled fights can operate on the route.”

Source: Daegu Travel News

[Photos] The cast and crew of SBS’s ’Running Man' Autograph For the 2011 Daegu visit year

On May 2nd, SBS's Sunday night variety show, "Running Man" staff and IU and Shin Bong Sun visited Daegu Stadium. They left supportive messages for Visit Daegu Year. 

Go Taekyeung! Big Concert

Huh Gak, SISTAR, Insooni, Yun-jeong Jang, ZE:A, Chan-whee So, and Soo-kwan Park, Korean Tradititional Artist will visit Daegu, Korea! Big Concert will be held on July 28 at 8 p.m. @Daegu Citizen Stadium

On July 28, 2011, Taekyeung university will host festive events marking the countdown of 30 days to go before the Opening Ceremony of the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011.

They will offer free tickets at Gate B1 at Daegu Citizen Stadium (Soccer Field). 

Daegu Citizen Stadium is located five minutes from Daegu Station, and 10 minutes drive from BukDaegu interchange. You can also take a taxi for a low fare at Daegu Station.

Date: 7월28일 목 19:00 pm
Inquire: 82-53-850-1234
Place: Daegu Citizen Stadium (Soccer Field)

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[Photos] 4Minute’s Autograph For the 2011 Daegu visit year

South Korea's third-largest city but often overlooked by tourists in favor of Seoul or Busan, Daegu authorities have branded 2011 as "Visit Daegu Year," beginning a huge promotion push ahead of the IAAF Athletics World Championships later this year.

4Minute was appointed the "Visit Daegu Ambassadors" for year 2011.

In the promotional video of Daegu 2011 visit year, 4minute visits major tourists attractions in Daegu.

If you have missed the CF, check it out now.

Friday, July 22, 2011

[The Road to the Kingdom], history travel with Wang Geon III

The vestiges of Wang Geon’s defeat by Gyeonhwon remained all over Daegu eastern area.

Defeated King Wang Geon escaped to South Eastern bound along with Geumhogang River, Mt.Palgongsan and circled halfway of Daegu. 

One of his escape roads is currently known as Pyeonggwangdong. Road, from the entrance of this area to general Shin’s memorial tower, is called ‘Wang Geon imdo’, which is very popular among road walkers called ‘Olleggun’.

Roads, from Pagunjae intersection to Palgonsanro, is Daegu’s representative driving course with colorful blossoms in spring and foliage in autumn. 

Daegu is famous for the traditional textile city with Museum of Natural Dyeing below the foothills of Mt. Palgong. This museum exhibits artifacts and tools of natural dyeing. 

In the experience class, you can make various artifacts such as handkerchief or scarf, using natural materials, about 20 to 40 minutes’ work. 

The literal meaning in ‘Pagye’ of Pagyesa temple is the straightening the stream. Pagyesa is very old temple which was founded nearly 1,200 years ago in AD 804.

There’s anecdote relative to royal family that the chief monk of this temple, Hyeoneung was asked to pray for the birth of King Sukjong’s heir for one hundred days and the monk Nongsan appeared in a dream of royal concubine Choi and she gave birth to King Yeongjo.

Currently, Pagyesa temle is branch temple of Donghwasa temple (Core temple of Daegu) and famous among a lot of Buddhists as well as representative trail for mountain climbers. 

Following Palgongsan road after passing by Pagyesa temple, you’ll meet the Hantijae road which is designated as one of beautiful 100 roads of Korea in 2006.  

Mt. Palgongsan is commonly referred as the mountain of Buddhism. One of the largest temples in the country, Donghwasa and other large or small temples are located. But Hanti martyrs’ shrine in the middle of Hantijae road is recognized as sacred place for catholic.

This shrine was built for the faithful Catholics who were persecuted in the 19th century. 

And dozens of believers were massacred at one place. The house of pilgrim was opened in 1983 and became as the official Catholic shrine from that time.

There’s Gasan mountain fortress camp site as the representative summer resort of Daegu.

In the summer time, lots of citizens are gathering to avoid the heat.

This resort can accommodate around 1,800 people and entrance fee for adult is 1,000 Kw 600 Kw for youth and 300 Kw for children. Parking fee is 1,000 Kw per day. In case of under 20 people, entrance will be by order of arrival.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

[The Road to the Kingdom], history travel with Wang Geon II

The escape way of King Wang Geon is started from the foot of Mt.Palgongsan and leads to the South-East of Daegu. All visitors in Daegu will get off at Dongdaegu Station or nearby express bus terminal. If you want to retrace the course of King’s flee, need to move toward Mt.Palgongsan. You can take a bus No. 101-1, 401, Palgong 2 or express No.1 at Dongdaegu Station. Bus routes info system is also available for more detailed guidance.

You’ll get to Bulro-dong as soon as passing Daegu international airport by bus.
Getting out Bulro-dong, you’ll see newly constructed broad road leads to the new town area named ‘Esiapolis’ which is one of new cities in Daegu as well as high-tech medical complex. This new town that has residential, industrial area and commercial facilities for shopping has been under construction. Recently, lots of people are visiting premium outlets, newly moved.

On the opposite side of Esiapolis, there is Bongmu Leports Park for water sports such as duck boat, motor boating, water skiing and water board.

Uphill road, towards mountain, is famous for tracking area and lots of citizens are visiting this campsite for summer vacation.

In addition, there’s butterfly ecology park ( where you could experience all about butterfly.

More than 1,000 species of domestic and foreign butterflies were displayed and people can see the whole development from a larva into an imago.

After passing by Esiapolis and Bongmu park, you can find Pagunjae intersection where has historical site of the general Sunggyeom, Shin who had died for his King Wang Geon.