Thursday, July 14, 2011

The "Naeillo" railway pass travel course - Come to Daegu by train

If you are planning a trip with friends or alone during summer holiday season, why don
you give it a try on rail travel?

The attraction of the rail travel is that you can go everywhere with a train. Before you take a train, have to decide which city to visit.

Daegu is a perfect place not to be missed because big events are held throughout the year.

Todays recommended rail travel course is as follow.

Gyodong market - Jin alley(Gin Golmok) - Dongseongro - Bangchun market

After getting off Daegu Station and then go out on the opposite side of the station through underpass, you could find KB Bank Dongseongro branch where is the start point of Railro travel Daegu course.

The first place of tour course that we are going to visit is one of old traditional markets, Daegu Gyodong Market where is filled with amazing and attractive things for those young people.

You can have some fun with strange appearance of old buildings and narrow alleys in the Market. Pudding rather than praise! Why dont you try cheap but delicious foods like Toppokki, Sundae and Kimbap in the alley of market.

Secondly, lets go to the Jin alley located nearby Dongseongro.

If you go straight along the road where leads to Joongang-Daero and cross the road, you could find Jin alley where Joongang Cinema is located.

In here, you could meet the hidden modern society of Daegu. Jin alley of Daegu was village of Dalseong Seo family since the Goryo Dynasty. The richest man of Daegu, Byung-gook Seo and his brothers lived together in here at that time. The relative of Byung-gook Seo, Byung-won Seo is the owner of Jongro roasted beef and Jin alley restaurant. You could also find 20 years old Mido coffee house owned by Mr. Seo.

Entering into Dongseongro district, you can feel the enthusiasm of youth in Daegu.

You can spend fun time in Dongseongro district where has various alleys known as Yasi, Wolf, Cafe, Communication and Rodeo.

Banchun market is located in 10 minutes drive from Dongseongro area. In there, you can find the fun to see various colorful signs in the market. If you want to know more about Korea, try seven days train travel.

※ Korail will offer the ‘Naeillo Ticket’, a 7-day open ticket for any standing or “first-come” seating on non-express services, from ticket vending machines from May 25th, 2011 to August 31st, 2011. 

▶ Naeillo (내일로, Rail 路(read “ro”): Ticket holders may occupy standing or ’first-come’ seats on any Saemaeulho, Nuriro, Mugunghwaho and commuter trains. The Price of the Naeillo Ticket is 54,700 KRW. 

More Info)
 Go to the website of KORAIL (Korean, English)
☞ Korea Travel Phone +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese) 

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