Monday, July 4, 2011

Unusual travel experiences_ Visit Daegu 2011

Looking for something completely different? Here are unusual travel experiences you'll ever have in Daegu, Korea.

1. Stamp Trail of Daegu Tourism

Not only tour to Daegu at tourist areas but also get a stamp from there during the summer vacation.

Daegu city has prepared stamps in 30 tourist areas and will entrust citizens, who have all 30 stamps on the book from 30 tourist areas.

* PRICE : 1,000 won
* DATE : Each February to October
* Confirmation of Stamp Trail
- Urban zone: Dalsung park, Gyeongsangamyung park, Yarknyungsi, Daegu hyanggyo Confucian school, Gukchaebosang memorial park. 
- North-Eastern zone: Kyungpook university museum, EXCO, Bullo-dong tomb park, Otgol village. 
- South-Eastern zone: Daegu National Museum, Daegu Stadium, Nokdong-Seowon Confucian school, Spavalley, Herbhillz 
- South-Western zone: C&Woobang land Apsan park, Daegu Arboretum, Yongyeonsa Temple, Hwawon village, Inhueng village. 
- North-Western zone: Myogol village(Yuksinsa Shrine) - Gongsan zone: Donghwasa Temple, Bangjja-Yugi museum, Gotbawi, Buinsa temple, Pagyesa temple, Historic site of General Shin Sung-Gyeom, Dalsung Arbor vitae Forest 
- Hyeonpung zone: Dodong-seowon Confucian school, Mt.Biseulsan Recreational Forest
* Distributors of Stamp trail
- Daegu Tourist Information Center(In Duryu park | Tel : 627-8900)
- Daegu International Airport Tourist Information Center
  (In Daegu international airport | Tel : 984-1994) 
- Daegu/Gyungbuk Tourist Information Center
  (At the Square of Dongdaegu train station | Tel : 939-0080)
- Dongseongno Tourist Information Center
  (In front of Junang police department | Tel : 252-2696) 
- Donghwasa Temple Tourist Information Center
  (Across the Donghwasa Temple parking lot | Tel : 985-0980)
- Daegu Train Station Tourist Information Center
  (In front of Daegu Train Station | Tel : 660-1432)
- Yangnyeongsi Tourist Information Center
  (In front of Yangnyeongsi Exhibition Hall | Tel : 661-3324) 
* Inquiry : Daegu Tourist Information Center | Tel : 627-8900
* Information : Tourism Division 803-3903 

2. Daegu City Tour

Daegu City Tour is a tour program which helps you appreciate a variety of Daegu's aspects from culture and history to tourist attractioins while visiting famous cultural and historic relics and attractions.

[Visitor Information on Daegu City Tour Bus]

* Itinerary : Days of operation and itinerary are subject to change every month.
(Please inquire by phone or online.)
* Departure Point : Tourist Information Center
(Next to outdoor music hall inside Duryu Park)
Dong Daegu Station
(Parking lot below the northern bridge of Dong Daegu station)
Banwoldang (Next to Donga Shopping)
* Hours : 10:00~17:00
* Frequency of Operation : 7 days a week
* Price : Adult 5,000 won / Ages 13~18 4,000 won / 12 and under 3,000 won
* Ticket Purchase : Confirm itinerary online or by phone and make a reservation
* Closed : Operated year-round
* Languages : Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese
* Information : Daegu Travel Phone +82-53-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
* Website : (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

3. Sights in Daegu

* Daegu U-Tourpia 

* Daegu sights

* Lonely planet

* Virtual Tourist

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