Friday, July 29, 2011

The Four Best Clubs in Daegu

Nightlife in Daegu is extremely vibrant and the entertainment districts are filled with young people. There are a number of western style dance clubs that play techno, house and hip-hop as well as countless Korean nightclubs that play Korean dance/pop music.

We've narrowed down the list to the top 4 best nightclubs in Daegu.  

#4 Best Club in Daegu  
Club Frog 
 Club Frog is a popular hip hop club located just off of Rodeo Street in downtown Daegu. 

#3 Best Club in Daegu 
Club Monkey(Club MK)  
 Club Monkey is a dance club for people in their early 20s located just off of Rodeo Street. 

#2 Best Club in Daegu 
→ Club Pasha is the new electronica dance music club located just off of Rodeo Street.

#1 Best Club in Daegu 
G2 (G2 is currently closed)
 G2 is a hip-hop club located in downtown Daegu. It was formerly known as Gypsy Rock, which was, at one point, quite famous among the expat community.

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