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YAE CHEF: One of Best Casual Restaurants in Daegu, Korea

YAE CHEF: One of Best Casual Restaurants in Daegu, Korea
YAE CHEF: One of Best Casual Restaurants in Daegu

Weather is hot outside in Korea nowadays and you must be looking some chill space for having some time with your friends or want to explore some new food hubs. No doubt, there are many restaurants in Daegu where you can enjoy the varieties of foods and spend good time. 

Here, I am going to introduce you one of best restaurants I have ever experience in Daegu. It is a unique restaurant because it gives you great taste with sweet music atmosphere inside the beautiful interior. 
Yes, I am talking about YAE CHEF Restaurant in Suseong-gu area in Daegu. It is a perfect casual restaurant in Beomeo-dong area. You can enjoy varieties of foods and coffee and other drinks there. Food is great in the taste and I am sure you will revisit many times once you go there.

It looks great from outside as well as from inside. Building is very new and environment is really friendly and great.

I think it is also a good and perfect place for the business kind of meeting. It is located very near by the Lotte Castle-II Apartments in Beome-dong. It generally opens at 11:30 in the morning and closes at 23:00 at night. You can go there either at lunchtime or at dinnertime according to your comfortable schedule. 
I went there with my two other Korean friends as they recommended me this restaurant many times and told that this is most popular restaurant nowadays in the Suseong-gu area. So we decided to go there. I found it really very well.

The interiors really look so great.  

Free Wi-fi is available inside the restaurant so if you are going alone there you can do free internet there too. 

We went to the second floor as one of my friends was already waiting for us there. 
Before going to the good restaurant many people think about the price. If you are also thinking so, you no need to be worry. Price is very reasonable here. The staff in the restaurant is very kind and friendly too.  

The foods from east to west are available in the menu but generally, you can find the mostly western food here. We decided to order the family set menu, as we were three people. After the order, one of the waitresses served us nice yummy and hot fresh breads with honey and drinks.


My friend was busy in taking picture with her DSLR as she is learning photography. Meanwhile we were busy in eating and talking.

The next menu was Salad. It was included in the family menu set. I generally prefer to eat salad in my daily life rather than meat. It was good stuff for me.

And here Cheese Crab pasta came with special taste. I could not stop myself to eat this yummy one. All dishes were great in the taste. We all were talking and enjoying the food together.

The last and main menu was Grilled Steak with special taste. It was mouthwatering dish for everyone. We all enjoy it too.

We all friends enjoyed the food together. After eating up all, they offered us free drink. 

We had a choice to select the drinks. We ordered green and black teas respectively. We really had a great time in Yea Chef after a long time with friends. I would recommend you to must visit there once whenever you have time. 

How to reach the YEA CHEF in Suseong-gu?
It is located in the Beomeo 1-dong.
• Subway - If you are going to visit, search in Google or take the subway and get off at Beomeo station, subway line 2. Walk around 5 minutes and you will be in the YEA CHEF restaurant.
• Bus - You can also take the bus, get off at Grand Hotel, and walk around five minutes from there.
• Taxi - Taking taxi is one of safest option but it can be little pricy. You can use taxi if you feel difficult to find the way.

807-111, Beomeo-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

 Written by International Student Supporters for Daegu Tourism

Monday, May 30, 2016

Korea Flower EXPO - Fragrant Flowers Display at Daegu Flower Show 2016

Korea Flower EXPO - Fragrant Flowers Display at Daegu Flower Show 2016
Fragrant Flowers Display at Daegu Flower Show 2016

Turning a ‘black thumb’ green!

Get a chance to learn gardening at flower Expo of Korea!!

Daegu Flower Show 2016, one of the biggest indoor flower exhibitions in Korea, will be held between June 2 and 6 at Daegu EXCO. 

△ 2015 Daegu Flower Show

The exhibition displays Topiary, Gardening, Flower Design, Wildflowers, Press Flower, Bonsai, Orchid, Preserved Flower, Water plant, Fleshy plants.

Also they offer some experience events such as Caring of plants, Florist Demonstration, Flowers Providing, Flower Design Contest, Flower photogenic, Floral Music Performance and more. 

Daegu Flower Show 2016 Information 

● Place : Daegu EXCO
● Period : June 2(Thu) to 6(Mon), 2016
● Time : 10:00~18:00
● Admission : Adult 7,000won, Student 6,000won
Pre-registration online (discount) : Click Here (until June 1, 12:00)
● Homepage : www.flowerdaegu.kr
● Getting to Daegu EXCO : http://goo.gl/dwHXnK)

90, Yutongdanji-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu(대구광역시 북구 유통단지로 90)

Hillcrest Zip-Lining Adventure in Daegu, Korea - Adventure in Nature

Hillcrest Zip-Lining Adventure in Daegu, Korea - Adventure in Nature
Zip-Lining Adventure in Korea

It is commonly said that life is either a daring adventure or nothing. If you are bored of city life and want to do something exciting and adventurous, Daegu has a best spot for you, yes its HillCrest. This eco-theme park with lots of fun and adventure activities is just half an hour away from downtown by bus and adds more colors to ‘Colorful Daegu’.

HillCrest has lots of stuff to do to make your day an unforgettable one, including canopy zipline courses, wall climbing, bumper cars, Tightrope walking, swinging boards, ladder ropes and many others.

There are basically 3 levels: Chimp, Gorilla and KingKong. Chimp Level is the easiest one basically for kids seeking adventure, Gorilla is for middle school students and the most intensive and adventurous one is King-Kong. Well if you love taking risks and living on edges, KingKong course is for you :)

Before starting the course, you get free training by the staff there. If you are doing zip-lining for the first time, it is really important to take the training. You are taught how to handle the gear, how to cross the obstacle and then you do a small zip-line as practice. Even if you are not very good at Korean, don’t worry, the staff is really helpful and will guide you to the best.

KingKong course starts with a climbing wall which is around 10m tall. It is a bit intense and I remember few of my friends gave up here and decided to go for Gorilla Track but later on they regretted since KingKong course is really amazing.

After climbing the wall, you cross a hanging net and next comes your first zip-line. The first zip-line is probably the longest one and it gives you view of the whole HillCrest. I really loved it. If you have a GoPro, don’t forget to take it as you have the chance to record some of the amazing moments.

KingKong course is composed of 5 or 6 ziplines and 18-20 other obstacles 40 feet up in the air. Best thing about this course is that the zip lines aren’t placed consecutively rather you have to pass through different canopy-top obstacles hanging bridges, walking on ropes and ladders and even a snowboard that slides between the trees.

Generally it takes around one and half hour to complete KingKong track as apart from zip-lining courses, there are obstacles like Tightrope walking, swinging boards, ladder ropes etc. 

Another interesting thing I liked about KingKong track was that once you are in the game, there is no coming back. There were moments when I was feeling afraid and could have given up if there were shortcuts but now I feel so happy since I completed the whole track. This self-reliance and self-challenging makes it even more exciting.

It is generally said that Adventure is the best way of learning. So, if you are love wanderlust, adventure and looking to make some unforgettable memories, HillCrest in Daegu is calling you. 

Let me wind up my article with this beautiful quote by Jackson Brown Jr., “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

■ Price 
  • Entrance Fee: 8,000won
  • Entrance Fee + Course Fee: 20,000won
  • Special Offer:  If you buy the package, it's 20,000won.
But currently there is a deal going on at Coupang (social commerce) and you can get the package at 16,900 Won.

■ Website: www.hillcrest.co.kr
■ How to be there: Take the red bus: #449, 452, 704, Gachang 2(bound for Ureuk), Express Line No.2

534-1 Yonggye-ri, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

Written by International Student Supporter for Daegu Tourism

Friday, May 27, 2016

Korean Traditional Tavern - Samunjin Jumak Village With Enjoyments Overflowing To See And Enjoy While Traveling Daegu, Korea

Korean Traditional Tavern - Samunjin Jumak Village With Enjoyments Overflowing To See And Enjoy While Traveling Daegu, Korea
Samunjin Jumak(tavern) Village In Daegu, Korea

If you go to Samunjin Jumak Village in Daegu, you will see old Korean history and traditional atmosphere.

When you get off at Hwawon Amusement park entrance riding Bus number 650, you can see the stone sign of Samunjin Jumak village.

Big tree and Jangseung welcome you at the entrance going in to the Samunjin Jumak Village. 
Jangseung is a ‪‎Korean totem pole‬ found at village entrances also on frequently traveled roads as markers. They are traveler's companions and guardians of Korean people. 

Samunjin Jumak Village also had been a filming place for some movies and K-drams. 

On the opposite side of the Korean traditional totem pole, there is an information board where it introduces the history of Samunjin dock of Samunjin Jumak Village. 

Beside the information board, there is a place where you can write a wish and a postcard, you can buy a postcard at the convenience store across and just put the postcard in the slow-mailbox. 
The postcards from the slow-mailbox will arrive after one year. 

How about writing a memorial postcard while you travel in Daegu?

You might think why is a piano here? This is called 'ghost-box'.
Samunjin dock is where the first Piano came in Korea, people thought there is a ghost inside the wooden box so it is making an outrageous sound. 

Jumak -selling Korean traditional food- used to be a place where people travelling a long distance stop by. Take your time enjoy eating Buchujeon(Vegetable pancake with Asian chives) and traditional alcoholic beverage Makgeolli made with rice sitting at a low wooden bench in cool outdoor. 

Moreover, at the Hwawon Amusement Park’s viewpoint where you can go through 104 stairs of Hwawon park, you can view green swamp cooling down your sweat. 

You can go to Gangjeongbo riding cruise ship at Samunjin dock. 
After filling up the boarding card, you buy the ticket, you can ride the cruise ship of Samunjin- Gangjeongbo route.

Samunjin Dock Ferry 

Cruise Ship
Fast-sailing Ship

 • Child : 36 months-old to Elementary school’s students
 • Group : Cruise Ship(over 20 ppl), Fast-sailing Ship(over 10 ppl)
 • One-way ticket available
 • Hours : Cruise Ship less than 1hr, Fast-sailing Ship less than 25 mins / One-way less than 15 mins
 • Closing : Cruise Ship(Wed), Fast-sailing Ship(Tue)

■ Getting to Samunjin Jumak Village : Take Bus Dalseong1(달성1) or 650 and get off at Samunjin Jumak Village.

40-12 Samunjin-ro 1-gil, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, South Korea