Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[Autumn Memory Tour] Let’s wander every inch of Daegu! Tour Course Recommendation #1

First visit to Korea and Daegu?
Then, I will introduce you a tour course for easy sightseeing!

Time tour in a city, Daegu downtown course / Funny scientific experience and Seowon(common educational institution of Korea during the mid- to late Joseon Dynast) story tour / Green Dream keeping Rest Place , Palgongsan healing course /

Have a tour after selecting theme tour course! You will be able to enjoy every inch of Daegu.
Then, today’s recommend tour course! 3 courses will be introduced in order!!

Time tour in downtown, Daegu downtown course –2 days and 1 night course
If you visited Daegu with friend or partner, and want to witness center of Daegu city! This course is best for you!

▲ Velvet Gallery Yeongdo Daum

▲ Kim Gwang-seok street 

- 1st day : Bangcheon marketplace - Kim Gwang-seok street - Lunch (Bangcheon marketplace) - Velvet Gallery Yeongdo Daum - Dongseong Street - Dinner (Dongseong Street, food alley) - eWorld and 83 Tower - Lodge

▲ Seomoon marketplace

- 2nd day : Yakryung city oriental medicine museum - Modern Street Tour - Lunch (Seomoon marketplace) - Namsandong Catholic Town

Funny scientific experience and Seowon Story tour – a day course
This is a tour course, including scientific experience children love and seeing of Seowon to know our country’s tradition, which is popular among families.

▲ National Daegu Science Museum

▲ Dodong Seowon

- A day : National Daegu Science Museum - Lunch - Dodong Seowon

Green Dream keeping Rest Place, Palgongsan Healing – 2 days and 1 night course
There is a course in which you can be fully healed in Daegu!
This is a tour course recommended for family and couple who want to settle all the stresses.

▲ Palgongsan Cable Car

▲ Sky Garden

- 1st day : Citizen Safety Theme Park - Palgongsan Cable Car - Sky Garden (Lunch) - Donghwasa, International Tourist ship experiencing hall -  Dinner (Donghwa district) - Lodge (Donghwa District Hotel)

▲ Gatbawi Rock

- 2nd day : Bangjja Yugi(Korean Bronzeware Museum) Museum - Lunch - Gatbawi Rock

Have you enjoyed watching 1st episode of Daegu tour course Recommendation? ^^

Tour fitting to my own style! If you follow as I have instructed, you will be able to enjoy Daegu very easily!

[Daegu Fair] Farming in the city! The Third Korea Urban Agriculture Expo_ Daegu Natural Science High School

These days in Korea, people talk about ‘urban farmer’.
This refers to those people who farm using small space such as their rooftop garden or veranda garden!
We can say it is similar to those popular ‘kinfolks’ in the overseas.

The Third Korea Urban Agriculture Expo that will help you in raising crops was held in Daegu Natural Science High School!

This is the main entrance of the Third Korea Urban Agriculture Expo which will be held in Daegu Natural Science High School located in Suseong-gu! They decorated the entrance with a picture thatshowed the catch phase expressing the neighbors as neighbors living in apartments.

There is a vast farm inside the school!! Isn’t it amazing? I would say this is pretty cool!

The first place that I randomly visited was the farm art observatory!
When you look down to the path that you took from the observatory, you can find this awesome farm art!

The building below the observatory is called the urban agriculture promotion center!
On the first floor, how you can use plants in daily lives such as for upcycling and green healing office is displayed!

There were specialty crops of Daegu and nearby areas in Urban Agriculture Healing Hose!!

Daegu is famous for apples!
There were Daegu’s specialty fruits, apples~
I also saw cotton seed in this expo for the first time! It really looked soft~~. 

Autumn sunlight has raised rice pretty well too!

There are guides and all over the expo, ready to resolve your curiosity about the plant and how to grow them on the spot!

Won’t this serve as a great learning center for the urban famers? 

There were also plant-your-seedling booth that was very popular
The visitors were in a long line to get their own seedlings!

Aside from these, there were various unit events, experimental programs, and seminars.

If you want to know more about urban agriculture of Korea
Remember Korea Urban Agriculture Expo!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Recommendations for Daegu Autumn Tourist Destination / Autumn Scenery at the Cosmos Field at Hajungdo, Nogok-dong

A weather perfect for outdoor activity continues in Korea.
It is sunny and the sky is clear. 

A place where cosmos are beautiful? 
We recommend you to Hajungdo Nogok-dong, the representative autumn tourist attraction site of Daegu. 

In Hajungdo, a famous as a place good for picture taking, cosmos are already in full bloom.

Here is a picture of the scenery taken on September 21!  

It is the view of Hajungdo looked down from Nogok Bridge.
It is a place you can view beautiful scenery with rape flower during spring and cosmos during autumn.

Admission is free!

Currently, the parking is under maintenance so it is preferred to use the riverside parking across Nogok Bridge. 

Last holiday, a lot of people visited Hajungdo.
Many people enjoyed walking through the cosmos. 

Feel the autumn of Korea along the walk that crosses the center of Hajungdo.

We will show you beautiful autumn sceneries.

There also are many people taking pictures with cosmos as the background. 

There also is a honeybee working hard. 

You can also see the field of reeds if you walk towards the end of Hajungdo following the walkway.  

It only takes around one hour to one and half hour to leisurely walk around Hajung-do.

If you want to see the autumn scenery of Daegu, visit cosmos field at Hajungdo!

Daegu Tour by Urban Railway~! Episode 9. – Attractions near Bangogae Station ~ Gamsam Stationof Daegu subway line 2

Episode 9 of Daegu Tour by Urban Railway!
Today, we would like to introduce to you the lavish hidden attractions of Daegu.

Daegu Tour you go by riding an urban railway is nicer because you can go casually without any plans!
It is nicer to view Daegu as much as you want inexpensively.

Now, we will guide you to the sections for today.

The places we will introduce today are Bangogae Station, Naedang Station, Duryu Station, and Gamsam Station of subway line 2.

□ Bangogae Station – Seasoned Sashimi Alley / Daemyung Cultural Performance Street

At the Exit 1 of Bangogae Station, you can meet the Bangogae Seasoned Sashimi Alley that boasts its history over 40 years.

The seasoned sashimi stores had started to appear as the dish was served as an appetizer for drinks in important occasions of Gyeongsang-do province during the time of hard life after the Korean War. 

Currently, the Bangogae Seasoned Sashimi is noted as a must-try dish of Daegu that it is also selected as one of the ’10 Beauties of Daegu.”

At the Exit 2 of Bangogae Station, there is another attraction which is Daemyung Cultural Performance Street!

The Daemyung Cultural Performance Street was created as the artists started to fill the empty space formed as Gyemyeong University of Daemyung-dong transferred to Seongseo Campus.

□ Naedang Station – Duryu Maze Village 
Next place we will introduce is Naedang  Station!

You can meet the Duryu Maze Village known for its colorful murals at the Exit 2 of Naedang Station!

The beautiful streets are well decorated along the narrow maze-like alleys.
You will feel your heart getting warm deeply as you see the murals decorated with different themes like flowers, trees, pinwheels, seas, etc.

It is a place where you can take a lot of pretty pictures, so don’t forget to bring a camera with you.

□ Duryu Station –E-world / 83 Tower / Open Air Music Hall 
Our next course is Duryu Station.
This is a place loved by everyone has various attractions and amenities.

At the Exit 14 of Duryu Station is the E-world, the Daegu’s representative amusement park.

It is the amusement park that brings back old memories to adults and creates new memories to children.

Aside from here, you can also visit 83 Tower, the landmark of Daegu.
It has the observatory where you can see the night views of Daegu at a glance, and inside the tower, there is a restaurant with good atmosphere and the ice rink is open at all seasons that you can enjoy the exciting skating.

The Kolon Open Air Music Hall is a place where international events representing Daegu such as Daegu International Body Painting Festival, an opening ceremony of Daegu International Musical Festival, etc. It is good to feel the composure sitting on a wide lawn at the back of the music hall.

□ Gamsam Station –Gwangjang Core, Jungni-dong Gopchang (Tripe) Alley, Queens Road Park
Today’s last course is Gamsam Station.

Gamsam Station which previously used to be a complex shipping center is a place where young people visit often. 
It is because there are a lot of distinct eateries from alley to alley.

Another eatery town near Gamsam Staton! It is Jungni-dong Gopchang Alley.
At this alley where more than 40 tripe specialty restaurants are located, the beef tripe dishes are displayed which are uncommon in Daegu.

If you ate delicious tripe, you should digest it, right?

Enjoy a walk at the Queens Road Park built along the street near the entrance of the Gopchang Alley.

How was episode 9 of the Daegu Tour by Urban Railway?
Enjoy Daegu fully be riding the urban railway which is the easiest way you can travel.