Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[Event] 2012 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival

2012 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival
"Colorful Daegu" will be full of amazing colors

2012 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival will be held on September 1st and 2nd. Beginning in 2008, this festival has taken place every year and it’s already 5th event this year. The event has attracted more visitors every year with increasing interests of people.

★ Festival Information 

* When: 1st(Sat.) - 2nd(Sun.) , September 2012 [2days]
* Where: Kolon Field Concert Hall in Duryu Park, Daegu
* Awards
 - Artists: DIBF Bodypainting Awards, DIBF Fantasy Make-up Awards
 - Model: DIBF Photogenic Model Awards
* Host: TBC
* Management: DIBF Organizing Commitee
* Sponsor: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Dagu Metropolitan City

★ Schedule 

There will be free face-painting, Henna and nail art services that has gained a lot of popularity during the festival. Furthermore, there will be diverse performances by Rock bands, hip-hop and b-boy dancers, belly dancers and magicians each day. You will also watch the spectacular fireworks show at 10 pm for three to five minutes. Wish you have a great time and make a precious memory during the festival!

★ Location 

* Address: Daegu Dalseogu Duryudong 588 Kolon field concert hall inside Duryu Park
* Subway: 2 line Duryu station, about 20 minutes on foot from exit 9,10,11,12
* Bus: #653(bandstand)

[Event] Daegu City invites you to the Special Concert !


Invite you to the Special Concert
A Wish Concert for the successful National Sports Festival

Daegu City co-hosted the “Special Concert” with KBS, the main sponsor of the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011, in order to recall the memory of the World Championships and wish to hold the 93rd National Sports Festival successfully.

The concert will be held in Daegu Stadium on Aug 31st (Fri) at 7pm. About 30,000 people including volunteers of the World Championships last year and Daegu City Supporters are expected to participate in the event.

The event will start with performances of Daegu artists. Awards for a person of national merits will be followed and after that, we will watch the video of “Livable City Daegu”. Finally, the main event “Special Concert” will start. The whole event will last for about two hours and the singers who will perform on the concert will be ZE:A, 4Minute, Brave Girls, Girl’s Day, Block B, F.CUZ, Insooni, Heo Gak, Shin Yong Jae, and Shin Yu.

Free tickets are placed at the public service centers of the City Hall, Gu-offices, Gun-offices, community centers and at any Daegu Bank. You can get in without tickets as well.

* When?  
2012. 8. 31. (Fri) 19:00 - 21:30

* Where? 
Daegu Stadium

* Tickets are free

* Program
- Watching video of IAAF and a person of national merits awards.
- Watching a video of “Livable City Daegu”. 
- Celebration Concert 

* Celebration concert's guests are 

Brave Girls, 
Girl’s Day, 
Block B,
Heo Gak, 
Shin Yong Jae, 
Shin Yu 

※This concert will be broadcasted on Sep. 8th (Sat) on KBS

* How to get to Daegu Stadium ?

* Bus: 
   1. 403, 849, 849-1, 939 (get off at Daegu Stadium Station)
   2. 309, 349, 449, 509, 609, 649, 724, 840, 909, 937 (get off at World Cup Three-way Intersection Station) 
      ※ It takes 25 to 30 minutes on foot from World Cup Three-way Intersection to the Stadium

* Subway:
   1. Take the subway to DaegongwonStation(Subway Line No.2) and then take exit 5.
   2. Transfer to 849-1, 939.
   3. Get off at Daegu Stadium Station.
      ※ It takes 25 to 30 minutes on foot from Daegongwon Subway Station to the Stadium.

Friday, August 24, 2012

[Event] 2012 Palgong Moonlight Walk!

 Walking Under the Moonlight! 
  2012 Mt. Palgong Moonlight Walk 

* When? 
2012. 08. 25. (Sat) 18:30 ~ 2. 6. (Sun) 08:00

* Where? 
Daegu Bongmu Park (Isia Polis Model house Parking lot)

* Entry fee? 
50km (20.000won), 30km (15.000won), 20km/10km (10.000won)

* How to register?

Internet registration is already closed but you can register on the spot from 2 hours before starting time. (First come first serve basis - first 200people).

* Things that you should prepare:

Night lamp or flash light, emergency medicine (if it’s needed), rain coat (in case of rain), snacks and water (Snacks will be provided every 5 km and water will be provided enough)

* Things that will be provided:

- Walker’s number, Course Map, Water and Snacks.
  (When you finish walking, Tofu, Makgeolli and other snacks will be offered as well.)

- Meals will be provided to long-distance walkers. (30km, 50km)

- A souvenir, a medal and a certificate will be provided when you finish walking.

This is the entrance of the event place. When you get into the place, find the reception place first and register. You should be there 2 hours before the departure time to register on the spot and receive some souvenirs. 

This is the picture of the reception desk. You should find the right place to register properly. 참가자 접수처 means reception desk. So, if you want to walk 20km, go to the "20km 참가자 접수처" and register. 

After the registration, you will find the place where you can receive souvenirs and water and snacks.

There were many people participated in the event last year. We saw some foreign people as well.

There will be a raffle event on the spot and the prizes are LED TVs. 
I will wish you a luck :D


 * Subway

Take subway line1 and get off at Ayanggyo Station. Take a taxi from there and it will cost about 2,500won.

 * Bus

Take Rapid1, 101, 101-1, 401, Palgong1, Palgong 2 and get off at Bongmu Leports Park Station.
※ You should check if the bus goes to Mt. Palgong direction.

Walking Course Map

Tips for Walking!

* What to wear?

- Clothes: Put on several layers of light clothes and prepare a jacket. (Avoid wearing Jeans.)
- Shoes: Light and well ventilated running shoes. (Used shoes are better than new one.)
- Socks: Layer nylon socks and cotton socks. Change them new one every 15 to 20 km.
- Cap: Wear a hat with a short brim hat during the night time and with a broad brim during the daytime.
- Gloves: Prepare light cotton gloves or thick and warm gloves depending on the weather.

* How to walk?

- Keep your eyes 20~30m forward.
- Walk with your back straight and move your arms naturally and regularly.
- Walk with shorter strides than usual.
- Land on with your heels and make your foot rolls forward naturally.
- Make your strides shorter and quicker on the uphill.
- Take a short break often.
- Drink and eat small amount of water and snack often.
- When you have a blister on your foot, prick it with a needle and dab iodine on the spot or just dab on the blister without pricking.
- You should do stretching for five minutes after finishing walking.

* Things you should know before walking!

- Get enough sleep for 2 days before the event.
- Apply Vaseline on the soles of your feet and tape your toes in order to reduce the frictional heat.
- Stretch your entire body before walking.
- Keep your pace up during walking.
- Be considerate to Cars when you walk.
- Drinking and smoking is restricted during walking
- If you feel uncomfortable and want to give up, ask one of the staff to take you to the returning car.
- When you walk 50km, you should pass the designated chick-in spots in time.
- You should check-in at all designated spots to get approved that you finished the walking. (There are 2check-in places for 10km. One from departure place and second one during walking. 4 for 20km, 5 for 30km and 6 for 50 km.
- In case of natural disaster, the event will be ceased and the entry fee will not be refunded.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

[Event] Daegu International Jazz Festival and nearby Attractions #3. I LOVE JAZZ

It’s Time To Jazz!
Daegu International Jazz Festival #3

2012 5th Daegu International Jazz Festival (DIJF)

*Program and Date: 
2012. 08. 22. ~ 08. 26.

-    08. 22. ~ 08. 23. Jazz carnival of midsummer night
-    08. 22. ~ 08. 26. Jazz all night
-    08. 24. ~ 08. 26. I LOVE JAZZ

Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall, 
Suseong artpia, 
Art Factory Cheongchun, 
Daegu artpia, 
Art Factory Cheongchun, 

The 5th International Jazz Festival starts tonight with the opening ceremony at the Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall! The three main programs of the festival will be held in many different spots for five days and please check the venue information for each program on our blog or on the official website (http://www.dijf.co.kr/). 

Following the information of Jazz carnival of midsummer night and Jazz all night, I will introduce you the brief information of I LOVE JAZZ and nearby attractions and restaurants of Suseong Artpia. This one is a ticketed event. Check the reservation information below.

08. 22. ~ 08. 26.
Suseong Artpia (Yongji Hall)

As the only paid event of the festival, I LOVE JAZZ will provide you classy performances performed by top-class jazz artists.

If you wanna get more information of the artists, visit the official webpage (http://www.dijf.co.kr/) and go to the Program - I Love Jazz and find the information by clicking each artists' name.

You can also buy tickets online at Interpark and Ticketlink, but they only provide Korean service. I recommend you to make a reservation through the phone.

Nearby Attractions

* Suseong Resort

With the beautiful landscape, Suseongmot Resort is one of the famous places for couples. It consists of Suseong Lake, trails, and Suseong Land. In the Suseong Lake, you can ride a duck boat. While you are walking along the trail, you will stumble upon a flock of swimming ducks

In the evening, fantastic fountain shows take place at the lake. It makes the atmosphere of the lake more romantic. Also, there are many fancy restaurants and cafes along the river. You will get a wonderful night view and make a memorable memory with your partner or date.

Nearby Restaurants

 * Deulangil Restaurant Row

Deulangil Restaurant Row is called as the heaven of tastes in Daegu. Hundreds of restaurants offer various cuisines from all over the world; Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Western cuisine. Variety of bars and pubs offer a wide range of choices.

Many restaurants here have won international competitions and offer dishes that are both traditional and creative. It is great for gatherings, business dinners, banquets and of course, a dinner out with your family and friends.

Have a romantic time with your partner or date with Jazz Music in the romantic city of Daegu!

[Event] 13th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival

13th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival

The 13th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival starts from tomorrow! Some films have English subtitles for international moviegoers! For those, I prepared translated information of the festival! 


2012. 08. 24(Fri) ~ 2012. 08. 28(Tue)


5,000won per one screening(4 to 5 short films)
- Tickets can be purchased on the spot
- Opening ceremony and Ourdoor Screening is free


Daegu Media Center
(Opening ceremony and Outdoor screening event will be held at 2.28 Memorial Park)

Screening Schedule

◎ Competition1 (84min) 8/26 15:00, 8/28 12:30
C1-1. One Night with Her (Gaseon Bae, 2011, HD, 17min, color)
C1-2. Amateur (Grim Ye, 2012, HD, 20min, color, Competition)
C1-3. To. Max&Locke (Yongsam Kim, 2011, HD, 22min, color+black, Apple Cinema)
C1-4. Yeonga (Areum Choi, 2012, HD, 25min, color)

◎ Competition2 (84min) 8/26 20:00, 8/28 15:00
C2-1. The man with a plaster cast  (Eunjeong Lee, 2012, HD, 17min, color, Competition)
C2-2. Idle Talk (Hongwan Kim, 2011, HD, 30min, color+black, Apple Cinema)
C2-3. One Sided Love (Jin-a Yoon, 2011, DigiBeta, 4min, color, Competition)
C2-4. Forest (Taehwa Um, 2011, HD, 32min, color, Competition)

◎ Competition3 (89min) 8/26 12:30, 8/28 17:30
C3-1. Boiler (Hyeonji Lee, 2012, HD, 21min, color, Competition)
C3-2. Paradise (Gyeongjin Kim&Minyeong Jeong, 2011, HD, 18min, color, Competition)
C3-3. BADminton (Nayeon Kim, 2012, HD, 27min, color, Competition)
C3-4. Night (Won Kang, 2012, HD, 23min, color, Competition)

◎ Competition4 (88min) 8/25 20:00, 8/26 17:30
C4-1. Noodle Fish (Jinman Kim, 2012, HD, 10min, color, Competition)
C4-2. Sorry to say I love you (Chanyang Shim, 2011, HD, 16min, color, Apple Cinema)
C4-3. Seventeen in Summer (Seulye Jo, 2011, HD, 28min, color, Competition)
C4-4. Undefined Creature (Gyeongjun Min, 2012, HDV, 34min, color, Competition)

◎ Competition5 (83min) 8/25 17:30, 8/27 15:00
C5-1. Etude, Solo (Dae-el Yu, 2011, HD, 19min, color, Competition)
C5-2. flying cat  (Jeongho Gwon, 2011, HD, 5min, color, Apple Cinema)
C5-3. Aigo! My nationality is in heaven (Dalya Lee, 2011, HD, 28min, color, Competition)
C5-4. Keep quiet (Seokjae Hong, 2011, HD, 29min, color, Competition)

◎ Competition6 (86min) 8/25 15:00, 8/27 12:30
C6-1. The fantastic duo (Byeongdeok Jeon, 2012, HD, 25min, color, Competition)
C6-2. CAMPUS (Jaewook Yoo, 2012, HD, 26min, color, Competition)
C6-3. An Orange Stonecrop (Soojeong Kim, 2011, HD, 11min, color, Apple Cinema)
C6-4. See You Tomorrow (Woojeong Lee, 2011, DigiBeta, 24min, color, Competition)

◎ Competition7 (86min) 8/25 12:30, 8/27 17:30
C7-1. Modern Family (Mungyeong Kim, 2011, HD, 18min, color, Competition)
C7-2. My Future Goal (Hyeongseok Lee, 2012, HDV, 6min, color, Apple Cinema)
C7-3. Min-Ho Win! (Jaewoon Jeong, 2012, HD, 40min, color, Competition)
C7-4. All about my family (Dasom Seong, 2012, HD, 22min, color, Competition)

◎ Wild mission: JP – Invited Films (92min) 8/25 22:20, 8/27 20:00
I-1. SHINDA GAIJIN (Pahurak Kong, 2010, HD, 13min, color)
I-2. ALL DAY (Goichi Main, 2012, DV, 25min, color)
I-3. ROOTLESS HEART (Hata Tosiko, 2011, HD, 10min, color)
I-4. PLEASE DIE 100 TIMES (Takeba Lisa, 2012, HDV, 12min, color)
I-5. RANATO (Akiyama Sintaro, 2012, HD, 32min, color)

Opening Event and Outdoor Screening (Free Event)

>> Section 1. Opening Ceremony (18:30~19:50)

- There will be an opening Concert performed by Huckle Berry Finn.

 >> Section 1. Outdoor Screening (19:50 ~ 21:30)
- Five short films will be shown for free at the 2.28 Memorial Park.
 ※ In case of rain, the screening will be canceled.

- Boiler (Hyeonji Lee, 2012, HD, 21min, color, Competition)
- Noodle Fish (Jinman Kim, 2012, HD, 10min, color, Competition)
- Modern Family (Mungyeong Kim, 2011, HD, 18min, color, Competition)
- ROOTLESS HEART (Hata Tosiko, 2011, HD, 10min, color) 
- Etude, Solo (Dae-el Yu, 2011, HD, 19min, color, Competition)
  :  English subtitles are provided for all outdoor screening movies.


 >> Screening place

Daegu Media Center
(6F, Building no.2, 2139, Daemyeong-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu, Korea ICT PARK)


106, 300, 518, 609, 651, Dalseo2, 순환2, 순환2-1, 202, 202-1, 400, 400-1, 650, 706, 836 
- Get off at Keimyung University Daemyeong Campus or Digital Industry Promotion Agency


Take subway line1 and get off at Myeongdeok Station. 15 Munutes-walk from there.
Take subway line1 and get off at Seomun Market Station. 10 Munutes-walk from there.

<Daegu Media Center_Daum Road View>

 >> Opening Event and Outdoor Screening Place

2.28 Memorial Park
(15 Gongpyeong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
※ In case of rain, opening ceremony place will be changed to Daegu Media Center and the free screening will be canceled.


650, 425, 650, 724, 309, 508, 518, 400, 939, 427,
Rapid1, Rapid3, Rapid2, Bukgu3, Gachang2, Donggu1, Donggu1-1, Donggu2, Bukgu2, 990 

- Get off at 2.28 Joongang Memorial Park or Cine City Hanil.


Take subway line 1 and get off at Jungangro Station. 5 Munutes-walk from there.
Take subway line 1 or 2 and get off at Banwoldang Station. 10 Munutes-walk from there.