Friday, August 3, 2012

[Event] Come and Enjoy unique summer theme festival only in Daegu!

Schedule of the 9th Daegu Horror Festival
: Come and Enjoy unique summer theme festival only in Daegu!

* When: 2012. 8. 3(Fri) ~ 8.5(Sun)
* Where: Gukchaebosang Memorial Park

* Main Event Schedule  
- Date and Time: 2012. 8. 3(Fri) ~ 8. 5(Sun) 19:30 ~ 24:00

Starting with the main theme performance, various performances and concerts will be performed on the main stage in Gukchaebosang Memorial Park for three days! Please check the detailed schedule above so that you won't miss the events you are interested in.

<Horror Dance Performance>

On the last day of the Horror Festival, there will be a participation event, “I am a Horror.” Spectators will compete in the event with their own concepts of Horror. Dance performance by Jaeng-e will be staged on the main stage at the same time. Exciting Horror Rock Festival will be the grand finale of the three-day event.

* Additional Event Schedule 
 - Program: Festivals, Exhibitions, hands-on experiences
 - Date and Time: 2012. 8. 3(Fri) ~ 8. 31(Sun) 19:30 ~ 23:00

※ Exhibitions and experience booths are located in the whole Gukchaebosang Memorial Park area
For the additional events, thirty booths are prepared all over the park. You can try ghost make up at the Face Painting booth and can read your future fortune at the Tarot Card Reading Booth. The programs such as taking pictures at the haunted house and playing memory-stirring classic Korean games will be good for family spectators to enjoy all together. Don’t just pass by ‘Beat the Ghost’ booth! You can win a prize for defeating the Ghost in the game! :D

<Additional Events>

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