Monday, June 30, 2014

Where are the chicken restaurants in Daegu?

One of the dishes easily accessible is a chicken.
When it comes to chicken dishes, the chicken a favorite snack of Korean is a first dish that comes into our mind but the Jjim Dak (Braised Chicken) is also a famous chicken dish loved by people.
We are going to introduce some famous Jjim Dak restaurants in Daegu.

Recommendation 1. Hyo-Myeong Chicken

Although the appearance of the restaurant is just a typical chicken restaurant, the taste is really great. You can taste a delicious flavor of sauces that it not spicy, sweet or salty.
○ Address: 3 Gosan 1-gil Namgu, Daegu
○ Contacts: 053)471-3037

Recommendation 2. Ddo Is Chicken and Jjim Dak

This is a place located near the Keimyung University Daemyeong campus that captivated the taste buds of gourmets with Jjim Dak.
Just as the reputation of the store, Jjim Dak manias all over Daegu are visiting.
You can taste the typical taste of Jjim Dak that’s a bit spicy because ts season made using pepper powders.
○ Address: 100 Yangjibuk-gil, Namgu, Daegu

○ Contacts: 053)626-1584​

Recommendation 3. New York Chicken

The New York Chicken located at Yakjeon alley is a chicken restaurant with tradition that kept its place for a long period of time.
The delicious seasoning that is a bit spice and sweet is the special feature of the restaurant.
○ Address : 12 Jongno, Junggu, Daegu.

○ Contacts: 053)253-0070​

Recommendations 4. DDak Jjik at night

When can taste you have aside from the inside the day guy. The prevention of a person we groupded Mountains Instead Of prevent nights. Have a good taste of chicken with balanced
○ Address: Ayangro-gil, Dongu, Daegu

○ Contacts: 053)951-9494​

Come to see the souvenirs filled with charms of Daegu

The kinds of works are very varied such as folk handicrafts, processed foods and more that the competition was very intense. 

As a result! Total of 17 works were selected and the winners were announced – 1 grand prize, 1 first prize, 1 second prize, 4 third prizes, 5 participation awards, and 5 winning awards.

A piecework that won the honorable grand prize is a work submitted by ‘Haiinbang’.
The work was motivated by the “Kim, Gwang-Seok Street” that has been rising as a tourist attraction of Daegu recently.
The image of Kim, Gwang-Seok is personally designed into a caricature and produced into necklaces, key chains, fashion badge, and more.

For the first prize, (a work by Kim, Soon-Hee) was selected.

With the Daegu’s Modern Alley as its subject, the old buildings, alleys, and mural paintings are designed into miniatures and produced into memo arrangements, spoon and fork map and etc.

The (a work by Kim, Young-Man) made of organic glutinous rice of Dalseong-gun received the honor of second prize.

A special method is applied to this product that you can enjoy Sungnyung Tea simply and conveniently anytime anywhere by pouring water.

The works are exhibited at the 12th exhibition room of Daegu Culture and Arts Center until June 29. Anyone can come and view freely!

Please support us with more interest for the tourism resources of Daegu to grow further as souvenirs.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Buk-gu Rock Spirit since 1999, 'Gypsy Rock' - written by Kristi Viires, Daegu tour supporter

Ever wondered where you could find like-minded people in Daegu and enjoy good selection of music the same time? If you like to listen to the classics of rock and metal music, enjoy jazz or any western instrumental music created in this century – then there is just a perfect place for you!

Gypsy Rock – 짚시락 is a “rock bar” with long history, located in Buk-gu area, just at the North Gate of Kyungpook National University in Daegu. Operating since 1999, the bar currently hosts its 5th owner – Cho WooChon 조우전.

How to?
Finding your way to KNU’s North Gate is the easy part. The second step is to locate the underground beauty.
If you are across the road of the North Gate of KNU, facing the gate – turn to right and walk down the road until you see flower shop (향기가득) at the corner (on your right hand). Turn to right and you’ll see a road that splits into two. Take the first of the V road on the left and walk until you see a GYPSY ROCK sign on your right. It takes about 1-2 minutes from the gate to there.

Gypsy Rock is operating 7 days a week, but closed for inventory 1st Sunday of every month.
Weekday – 6:30PM ~ 02:00AM (varies)
Weekend – 6:30PM ~ 4:00AM (varies)

Why? Why not!
The pub is one unique place in Daegu and one of my favourites, too. It carries the spirit of many for more than 10 years, their emotions and feelings graved into the walls of the bar. Whenever you visit you’ll be greeted by a very friendly owner and the regular customers. Many of its old customers in their 30’s and 40’s keep coming back to this place due the friendly atmosphere and they are very welcoming towards foreigners and newcomers.

Not only!
Gypsy Rock is favourable place for locals and foreigners (students, professors, travellers) alike who enjoy going there on the weekends. If you have time during the week, it’s a good place to go to listen and watch one of your favourite music videos. From Monday till Thursday you can request your own favourite songs.
Tip: Be prepared with a list of songs to request when you go there.

There’s a long list of choices for beer, foreign and local ones. Long list for delicious cocktails, too. And draft beer is quite cheap!

It is possible to smoke there, like in many of other places in South Korea. But as a non-smoker I find it OK to be there. The ventilation is good and not so many smokers around.

By the way…
The place is haunted!

…just kidding. Visit it one day, you will not regret.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Only 2 hours and 50 minutes from Daegu to Incheon International Airport by KTX ride OK!

Travelers going abroad from Daegu!
There are a lot of people, in exciting mood, who are already exhausted even before being aboard in airplane by being tired to get to airport.. right?

Now!! Don’t worry anymore.

New KTX rail was built which connects Daegu and Incheon International Airport directly. This Direct Incheon International Airport KTX train will be active by June 30. With Dongdaegu Station of Gyungbu Line as standard, 6 times of up train and 7 times of down train will be in operation.
The point is that it only takes 2 hours and 50 minutes only!!

Moreover! There is a promo discounting 10% of cost until July 29th as celebration of its opening (Target: passengers who use smart phone ticket)
In addition, there is 30% discounting coupon event, 2000 tickets per week!!

Use of KTX Incheon International Airport

Purchase Incheon International Airport Operation KTX ticket ☞ Let’s KORAIL Homepage / Smart phone app ‘KORAIL TALK’ / Booking at station counter and ticket issuance.

More comfortable, more convenient without time pressure!!
Let’s go to Incheon International Airport by KTX ride.

Recommended bar/restaurant: Traveler's Bar & Grill - written by John George, Daegu tour supporter

 As a sports fan in Daegu, it is sometimes difficult to find a good place to watch live sport with other sports fans and enthusiasts. Traveler's bar & grill is a great place that can satisfy any sports fan's needs: it provides good TVs for live sports, great food, and real ale beer & cider. It is located on the 4th floor of a building right near the end of cellphone street in BanWorlDang, close to the town center of Daegu (see enclosed map for more details).

Even if the TV does not have your sports program showing, it is possible to stream a sporting event from an authorized live sports website where the friendly staff will assist you in setting it up and watching it through a projector. Of course you would need to ask them if it would be possible to show the event that you wish to see first, but if you let them know in advance, they will always do their best to show it for you.

They have a separate pool table area, and a really western-style menu with fried breakfasts, delicious burger sets, and other western-style fast-food favorites. .

In addition, summers in Daegu can be particularly hot and so, a guest here can try a cool, refreshing apple cider that can quench their first; they also have real-ales on tap too, as another alternative to mainstream lager-beers

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

6.25 Korean War 64th anniversary / Daegu Apsan Nakdonggang Victory Memorial Hall

June 25 of every year is a memorial day of 6.25 Korean War which contains a heartbreaking history of Republic of Korea.
This is a day when a war broke out by invasion of North Korea on June 25, 1950.

There is Nakdonggang Victory Memorial Hall in Daegu, in order to praise the spirit of patriots who sacrificed their lives for protection of country.
This place, being located in front of Apsan, is a place which is often used as historical education venue for children.

At outdoor display hall, warplanes and tanks which were used at that period and armored car once used by Korean army.

You can access to background of Korean War, photos about scene and weapons of that period, and sculpture with detailed explanation at first floor display hall.

Moreover, you can witness a figure of student soldier who left his school, with gun in his hand instead of book to save his country even without assigned military rank and number.

At second floor display hall, several military equipment and weapons once used by Korean army and UN army are on exhibit.

Heroes who saved their country at risk of their life. Let us admire their soul as facing 64th anniversary of 6.25 Korean War.

Address: 456, Apsan Circuit, Namgu, Daegu Metropolitan
Inquiry: 053-621-9880~1
Admission Period : 10 am ~ 5 pm (Open everyday/ Close when raining)
Admission Fee : Free

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

明星绿色种植园 樱桃采摘经验 - written by Wei Wei, Daegu tour blog supporters

















有空的话不妨去大邱的星绿农产体验一下采摘水果的乐趣吧~ (农产的狗狗也欢迎你哦~)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Daegu Tour through the urban railway - From HyeonchungnoStation to Banwoldang station / DongseongnoShopping, Jamong, Melon Bingsu, Mountain Constellation Tunnel

We will be introducing dynamic, exciting and interesting routes to you on this “Daegu Tour through the urban railway.”

Daegu Hyanggyo that contains old history of Daegu and Matdulre-gil where you can enjoy unsual tastes of a mountain! 
And to a different Café Street which a hot place for young people!

○ ​Hyeonchungno station ~ banwoldang station

First of all, it is Daegu’s famous mountain! We begin from “Hyeonchungno Station” where the mountain is located at. 
The Hyeonchungno Station is located at the mountain intersection that there are a lot of famous places. There are Mountain Park, Café Street, Jarak-gil, and Constellation tunnel!

Since there are a lot of attractions, it is also good to ride free bicycle. For those who want to enjoy more comfortably can ride a bus.

Free bicycle is equipped at Hyeonchungno station! Deposit your identification card and go for a bicycle tour! 

For those who want to ride a bus. Exit through exit #4 of Hyeonchungno Station and ride the 410-1 bus, and get off at the Mountain Park.

If you are a Daegu citizen, this is a place you must have gone at least once when young for picnic!

※ The mountain cable car have stopped its operation due to an accident. It will be re-operated once the safety is secured after the safety inspection has been executed.

Isn't it great to enjoy walking with the beautiful scenery of the mountainand the fresh nature?

Another attraction of the mountain! The twinkling constellation tunnel and the Matdulre-gil formed with tasty food alley!
To reach here, you exit through exit #2 of Hyeonchungno Station and walk for 20 minutes. 

What you see as you enter the Matdulre-gil is the ‘Constellation Story Park.’ Indulge into the attraction of the twinkling constellation tunnel! It is fun to look for a constellation.

After emerging from the constellation tunnel, you can see the Matdulre-gil.
It has Daedeok restaurant that boosts its long tradition and other various kinds of restaurants! 
It is also recommended as a dating course for lovers because the area where one can rest and stroll under the green tree is prepared as well.

A place you can feel the delicate aroma of coffee~ This is the “mountain café street’ known as the Street of Youth.
There are around 26 restaurants and cafes of different colors located here.

There are franchise restaurants but the café different colors that are popular among young people are now lined up at the place. The Korean food, Chinese food and Japanese food, you can enjoy choosing the meals you like to eat at Mountain café street.

Don’t worry those who want to dine in at an atmospheric place. Enjoy the green nature after the romantic dinner from the mountain café street, enjoy a date with someone.

Shall we move on to the ‘Myeongdeok Station’ where the Daegu Hyanggyo is located at?
You can reach Daegu Hyanggo if you exit through the Exit #2 of Myeongdeok Station and walk around 900m.

Inside the precincts, there are Dongmu, Seomu, Dongjae, Nakyukjae, and Confucian Hall aside from Myeongnyundang. 
The mud wall stands across that it divides front from back, there are Myeongnyundang and Confucian Hall are the recently are the Confucian Hall and Myeongnyundang, and there is a DaeSeongJeon at the back.

There are ceremony offered every spring and autumn at Hyanggyo, and it is also utilized as a space for various traditional education like Chinese character, courtesy education and as well as the traditional wedding hall.”
The Hyanggyo, we Daejeon a ceremony at spring and fall yearly, and also have service.

For those who want to travelto the history of Joseon dynasty~ eEperience the classical scholar figure of old Joseon dynasty here in Daegu hyanggyo.

○ Address : 112, Myeongnyun-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
○ For inquiry : 053-422-8700

Next is the Street of Youth! The Dongseongno!
Banwoldang station has 23 exits. Enjoy shopping at the underground shopping plaza of Banwoldang station, and check meticulously famous attractions by exits.

※ AttractionsBanwoldang station by exits

#1 : Nammun market / 
#3 : Banwoldang intersection, Central Public Peace Center /
#5 : Bongsan Cultural Center /
#10 : Yasiallery, Soju valley, Café alley /
#13 : Daegu Merchandising Market /
#14 : DongA Department Store /
#15 : Discount merchandising Market, Deoksan Market /
#18 : Hyundai Department Store / 
#22 : Nammun Market

Dongseongno, the hot place of Daegu filled with shopping, foods and attractions.
We recommend Café street of different color that will make us cooler this summer.

As there are signature menu of each café, its popularity is increasing day by day.
Strawberry cake, melon bingsu, grapefruit bingsu, chocobing and more~ You can taste the unique flavor that captures the taste of young people.

Our next course is the Bongsan Cultural Street which is called as Daegu's Insadong Street! Many galleries are concentrated in this street that it is enough to be called as the gathering place of artists.

You can view for free and purchase the art works as many as you want!
Moreover, there have been unique cafes opening in this place nowadays, so you can also enjoy a cup of tea.

Those who want to enjoy a performance, you can enjoy exciting performances with cheaper price in Bongsan Cultural Center.

Up to here was the Daegu railroad tour filled with fun and exciting attractions.