Friday, May 31, 2013

[Igok Fountain Park] Be intoxicated by the fragrance of roses~ 2013 Family Rose Festival

Roses have at last fully blossomed into majestic beauty at the end of May!
You are gravely mistaken if you believe that all roses are red.
On May 25, the 2013 Family Rose Festival was held here in Daegu.

The most noticeable booth was the rose flower tea.
How can one resist? I stopped by for tasting.^^
In the next booth, people were busy with making rose soaps.
And in the magic rose booth, exotic roses were lining up the place.

Now, shall we see what flowers are bragging their beauty at the Rose Park?
First, there are over 100 breeds of roses planted here!
Let me introduce some unusual roses that you would not have seen.

“Blue moon” was the most unique and the prettiest of the roses I have observed.
“Hiogi” had a very pretty color. It had a strong fragrance and was large with thick stem.

In time for the blooming season, how about creating beautiful memories with your loved ones at the Rose Park this weekend?

[Daegu Yaknyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine] Exotic experience that the whole family can enjoy!

The famous sightseeing spot in Daegu! Daegu Yaknyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine!
Daegu Yaknyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine is a comprehensive oriental medicine culture space containing various exhibitions, educational seminars, cultural events, and sightseeing, through which the visitors can see, feel, and experience the life and culture of Yaknyeongsi people in the old days.

Tips for visitors to Daegu Yaknyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine!
During June, Yaknyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine has prepared special educational programs as well as immersive experience programs for everyone at any time!
If you are visiting Daegu in June, take note and create special memories at Yaknyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine. ^^

※Immersive educational programs
○ Date and time: Throughout the year
○ Closed on: Mondays (open on holidays), New Year’s Day, Korean New Year and Chuseok
○ Time: 10 AM ~ 12 PM, 2 PM ~ 5 PM

Tips for visitors to Daegu Yaknyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine!
During June, Yaknyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine has prepared special educational programs as well as immersive experience programs for everyone at any time!
If you are visiting Daegu in June, take note and create special memories at Yaknyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine. ^^
Oriental foot bath /  20 minutes / 5,000 won / Medicinal herb additives to facilitate blood circulation /  Advance sign-up
Make a herbal soap / 20 minutes / 3,000 won / Select herb for each skin type / Advance sign-up
Make an oriental air freshener / 20 minutes / 5,000 won / Make an oriental air freshener using 7 fragrant herbal ingredients / Advance sign-up
Make an oriental mist / 10 minutes / 5,000 won / Mist for skin hydration / Advance sign-up
Make an oriental lip balm / 10 minutes / 4,000 won / Lip balm to keep the lips moist / Advance sign-up
Try on traditional doctor and nurse costumes / Free / Try on costumes just like the ones Huh Joon and Dae Jang Geum wore
Tasting of traditional herbal tea / Free / Try Sipjundaebo-tang and Ssanghwa-tang brewed with domestic ingredients
Self health examination / Free / Measure blood pressure, height, and weight

[Events at Daegu in June] Hot June event news at Daegu!

June signals the beginning of hot summer.
Keeping up with its reputation as the city of festivals, Daegu has plenty of festivals and events lined up in the month of June ^^


One. The 4th Daegu Flower Show

Variety of flowers from wildflowers to water plants and succulent plants are gathered again for the 4th anniversary of the Daegu Flower Show. Join us for a “healing trip” with flowers that lasts for 5 days at the Daegu EXCO. ^^

 Date and time: 2013. 6. 5 (Wed.) ~ 9 (Sun.) / 10:00 ~ 18:00
- Location: 1st floor of Daegu EXCO
- Events: Daegu Flower Design Competition, gardening lectures and demonstrations, florist demonstration, a small musical concert amidst the flowers,
- Fee: on-site purchase: Individual (Adult 6,000 won, Students (4 years old to middle school student) 5,000 won) / Group (Adult 5,000 won, Students 4,000 won  / over 10 persons)
- Contact number: 053)601-5064
- Official homepage :

Two. The 12th Daegu Food Tour Expo & Daegu International Food Industry Exhibition

A festival of taste! All the dishes representing Daegu at one event!
The 12th Daegu Food Tour Expo will be held at Daegu EXCO, from June 13th to 16th. ^^ 

- Date and time: 2013.6.13. (Thu.) ~ 16 (Sun.)
- Location: 1st floor of Daegu EXCO
- Main exhibitions: Total of 12 exhibitions including Noodle special exhibition, Lotus food exhibition, Daegu 10 Dishes special exhibition, History of Packed Lunch exhibition, Exhibition of temple, oriental, seasonal, and fermented food, Detoxified food exhibition, Healing food exhibition, Table decoration exhibition, and Kids’ cooking exhibition
- Contact number: 053)601-5455
- Official homepage:

Three. Daegu International Musical Festival

The Korea’s only international musical “Daegu International Musical Festival” is back!

- Date and time: 2013. 6. 15. (Sat.) ~ 7. 8 (Mon.)
- Location: Major concert halls and other areas around Daegu
- Main programs: official events, invited musicals, presentation of supported works, DIMP University Musical Festival, DIMP Fringe Festival, various other events such as DIMP in DIMP and seminars
- Contact number: 053)622-1945
- Official homepage:

Four. The 13th Korean Oriental Medicine Expo & Daegu MediExpo
Oriental medicine industry to the world and to the future! Daegu, the city of western and oriental medicine!

The 13th Korean Oriental Medicine Expo begins from June 21st at Daegu EXCO.
- Date and time:  2013. 6. 21 (Fri.) ~ 23 (Sun.)
- Location: 1st floor of Daegu EXCO
- Exhibitions: Natural drugs and medicinal herbs exhibition,

Medicinal herb exhibition, oriental medicine hospital and doctors exhibition, health and medical instrument exhibition, oriental health food exhibition,
institution and organization exhibition, experience halls
- Contact number: 053)810-0240
- Official homepage:

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[Buksung-ro Tool Museum] Japanese colonialera_ The transformation of the rice granary at Daegu Buksung-ro!

Daegu, a city famous for its streets. Makchang Street, Anjirang Gopchang Street, Guje Street, Yasi Street, Wolf Street, Jin Street ... Streets that hidden all around Daegu~

While there are so~ many streets in Daegu

By any chance, have you ever heard about Buksung-ro Tool Street?
‘Buksung-ro’, which represents Daegu Industrial Tool Street, encompasses a massive area that includes not only this place but also Seoseongro, Seoya-dong, Ingyo-dong, Seomun-ro, Sijangbungno, Suchang-dong, and Taepyeong-ro.

There was news that a tool museum that preserves this history will be founded.
'Buksung-ro Tool Museum', which represents Buksungro Tool Street, has finally opened its gates. ^^

Buksung-ro Tool Street, located at 19, Taepyeong-ro 2-ga, Buksung-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu.

The first floor of the tool museum, which revived a building that was used as a rice granary in the 1930s, is consisted of ‘The Craftsman’s Room’, which reproduced the workspace of a Tool Street technician, and a space where you can experience 'Crafts DIY'.

And what awaits us when we go upstairs? A craftsman’s room at the time is displayed.
An antique telephone, a safe, and even a desk.. isn’t it decorated so realistically?

Here, admiring how the technicians uniquely organized their tools with different methods is expressed adds to the fun. ^^

The second floor preserves the original form of a tatami room and will be used as a educational space where seminars can be held.

The Tool Museum, where you can see the history of Buksung-ro Tool Street at a glance. We hope it matures into a unique attraction of Daegu. ^^

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

[Recommendations for Family Outing Places in Daegu]This weekend~ Where in Daegu should we go?

The end of May is almost around the corner!
Today’s weather at Daegu was so hot.. I’m worried how I’ll be able to stand this coming summer...
But before the hot summer comes! Surely, you must go on your last spring outing?

Recommendation 1. Daegu Dong-gu Bongmu Park

Bongmu Park is a leports park built on the outskirts of Palgongsan.
As a park where greens space is well spread, there are various sports facilities such as foot volleyball courts, basketball courts, badminton courts, camping sites, Butterfly Greenhouse, and even Dansan-ji where you can enjoy water sports!
A place where one can observe live butterflies and caterpillars because it houses an environment in which caterpillars and butterfly can inhabit, the Butterfly Greenhouse is a perfect educational place for kids.

Recommendation 2. Igok Fountain Park

Igok Fountain Park located at Igok-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu!
What’s so special about this place? A rose park that has rich rose scent!
Roses are everyone’s favorite flower. ^^ Of course, there are various types of roses~
If you visit Igok Fountain Park, you will meet various roses of different shapes and colors.

Recommendation 3. Dongchon Resort

A place that is perfect for a spring outing!~ It’s none other than Dongchon Resort.
Receiving spotlight as a resting place for Daegu citizens, Dongchon Resort has everything from a viaduct, pool, boat, bicycle road, and even a walking trail!
○ Major facilities at Dongchon Resort : sunrise bridge, viaduct, roller skating arena, ecological park, sports park, water fountain, benches, YoungNam Jeilgwan, Manchon Bicycle Stadium, amusement park, wild plants garden etc.  


Recommendation 4. Buk-gu Rape Flower Field

In the middle of Daegu.. where can one enjoy abundant attractions and rest?
It’s this place! You can meet a huge rape flower field near Nogokgyo, which is the upper region of Geumho river’s alluvial island at Nogok-dong, Buk-gu.
It greets visitors with cosmos in the fall~ and rape flowers in the spring~
The rape flower field, dyed in yellow! Isn’t is so pretty?
The field, which area is 15,000㎡, will be open from this coming May 27th.^^

[Daegu Bangjja Yugi (Korean Bronzeware) Museum] The history of Korean yugi at a glance!

Daegu’s attraction that boasts a beautiful scenery! We welcome you to Bangjja Yugi Museum located at Palgongsan~
As a museum specialized in Bangjja yugi, it opened its gates in 2007 to preserve and pass down Bangjja yugi, our proud cultural heritage, and its manufacturing techniques.

Its major collection is the 275 types and 1,489 pieces of Bangjja yugi that Lee Bong-ju, a brassware artisan who was proclaimed as Important Intangible Cultural Property 77 in 1983, produced and collect his entire life. Daegu city received the collection as a donation for free and currently manages it.

Among the different types of brassware, Bangjja yugi has the best quality.

With one basement floor and one story above ground, this place has three permanent exhibition rooms, Yugi Room, Donated Items Room, Reproduction Room, and a culture appreciation room, film education room, outdoors performance stage, and a special exhibition room.

Yugi Room introduces the history of brassware, which has continued along with our history, and the craftsman spirit of those who succeed brassware artistry~

This place is where you can see the transition of tableware from the prehistoric times to the present!

Don’t you just grasp the extremely long period of history from the worn brassware? ^^

You can also see a brassware shop in which Bangjja yugis were traded a long time ago.

Even internationally, there are not many countries that preserve Bangjja yugi technique. As such, this place is an impressive and specialized culture art space that embraces the tradition and culture of Korea’s Bangjja yugi.

※ Visitor Information
○ April 1st ~ October 30th : 10:00 ~ 19:00
○ November 1st  ~ March : 10:00 ~ 18:00
○ Closure : New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Day, Chuseok Day, Every Monday (The next weekday if Monday is a holiday)
○ Group Reservations
- Phone Reservations: 053)606-6171

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival/ Celebrating the 2013 Together Day, the 6th Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival!

The hot scene of 'Happy companionship with people around the world'!
A festival to foster a multicultural society where people from various ethnicities and cultures understand each other and coexist!
We visited the <Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival>.


- Part 1 Together Day ceremony
The opening event that passes through the 2.28 Memorial Park, a garden within the city.
Starting with the Colorful Welcome Parade, the festival was initiated amongst the joyous pungmul sound by 'Goripae'.

After the pledge of allegiance and memorial speech on the main stage, we made 'Happiness rice balls' full of vegetables of various colors and shape.

 A really colorful event was going on at the Fringe stage!

The event where people sprayed various painting powder at each other was a dynamic event that made one actively participate rather than merely watching.


- Part 2 Festival
The festival was composed of an eventful and exciting platform with three themes, 'Fun', 'Taste', and 'Joy'.

Especially, the hands-on experiences at the Welcome Festival was very nice.


In addition, one could make flowerpots, traditional Korean paper, and balloons and even face painting which children love to do was available.

The scene of the fun festival where we learn that despite our differences in culture and ethnicity, we are ultimately all 'one'!
This was Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival with excitement and fun, taste and joy. ^^

Daegu Fashion Jewelry Town ring making experience!

Where can you have a unique experience in Daegu?
A place where not only all kinds of jewelry products are gathered, but also a fun, unique experience awaits you! It's Fashion Jewelry Town.

This place has it all, from a jewelry museum, jewelry experience center, media room, seminar room, seminars on the jewelry industry, and even an estimation analysis room.

Also! There is a 'Make Your Own Ring' event that one can experience only at the Fashion Jewelry Town.

For 10,000 won per person, you can make your own ring! Requires at least 5 people so it's recommended to make reservations in advance. ^^

Along with silver rings, various experience programs such as traditional Seven Treasures craft making, table clock making, and key chain making are prepared~

Things to prepare for making your own ring!
Hammer, sand paper, and a mysterious lump of metal~ These are what you need to make a ring.

This short bar is a 92.5% silver bar. Because 99.9% pure silver can be easily bent, 92.5% silver is normally used in silver rings.
After rolling the silver bar on a long piece of metal,

tap it strongly using a wooden hammer so that the ends meet.
Afterwards, we go through the process of brightening the silver ring.

And finally! After brightening and washing the ring with a machine, your own silver ring will be completed!

Make a precious memory with someone you love and take back home a token for just the two of you!
Enjoy a different experience at Daegu Fashion Jewelry Town. ^^

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Friday, May 24, 2013

All teas from around the world in one place, 2013 Daegu Tea Expo

From May 23rd to May 26th!
Daegu Tea Expo will be held at the Daegu EXCO for 4 days.

The theme for the event is ‘Challenge toward the world's tea culture-The world of black tea and tea food'.

Various oriental herb teas and traditional teas, functional teas, tea processed food products and tea products will be exhibited and sold.


Also, hands-on experiencing events involving tea such as Tea meditation experience hall, Tea making experience hall will be prepared.
There will also be plenty of side events such as Tea love children's song contest and Korea hanbok contest!

<2013 Daegu Tea Expo>

○ Period : May 23rd, 2013(Thu)~ May 26th, 2013(Sun) / 4 days
○ Location : Daegu EXCO 1st floor Hall 2
○ Opening time : 10:00~18:00(Entrance closes at 17:00)
○ Entrance fee : 1-day pass - 3,000 won / 4-day pass - 5,000 won
○ Exhibition content : Tea industry hall, Craft industry hall, Culture hall, International hall
○ Special events : Korea hanbok contest, Korea tea contest and traditional tea manners tournament, Tea love children's song contest

This weekend!
Would you like to explore a world of various teas, savoring the scent of subtle tea?

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

[2013 Daegu Dongseongno Festival] The first day of the 24th Daegu Donseongno Festival! Take a look at its lively scene.

May 17th~ Daegu Dongseongno Festival opened powerfully along with the golden long weekend!

The first day of Daegu Dongseongno Festival! We enjoyed the festival by swooping into the scene. ^^

This year, the Daegu Dongseongno Festival celebrated its 24th anniversary. Many people including not only the younger generation but even old seniors visited Dongseongno.

Various hands-on experience booths filled different areas of Dongseongno! ^^

Our children are deeply immersed in making cookies~~

I even make my own artwork by trying out handicraft. ^^

A busking performance is going on in the middle of Dongseongno street~~

Also, at a different place with lovers, or with friends~ even the elderly.. to make one's image drawn into a caricature.. bustling with people~

Hearing beautiful sound coming from somewhere.. I followed it and guess what I found!
An ukulele performance~ our ladies.. they wear the same outfit and play the ukulele so beautifully.

And of course, an exciting game booth can't be missed! Participate in a fun game with Mom and Dad. ^^

On the stage in front of Daegu Department Store, the semifinals of the Daegu Dongseongno Song Festival was going on..
The Dongseongno Song Festival is so famous that one can be given an opportunity to debut as a singer.. Many young people with outstanding talent participated. ^^

A road art performance, 'Take the Money and Run' !
Grabs the attention of ordinary people with wearing comical masks and making ridiculous gestures! 

tarting from 4:30 PM was the highlight of the Dongseongno Festival! 'Gyeongsang Governor was also there.

Gyeongsang Govenor
a reenactment of the newly appointed Gyeongsang governor touring administrative agencies within the province to look over the living conditions of the people.
It is an important event that shows the histrocity of Daegu, where 253 governors held office for 310 years since 160.

The Gyeongsang governor's procession, which was consisted of as many as 120 people, paraded for a total distance of 2.6km!!

It was so splendid and colorful that it caught the eyes of everyone passing by~~. ^o^

Also, Gyeongsang Govenor, a ceremony for handing over duties between the incoming and outgoing governors, was demonstrated.

At Dongseongno, where the excitement of youth is felt firsthand! From the past to the present! A rich festive full of attractions!!!! Reporting from the Dongseongno Festival!