Wednesday, May 22, 2013

[2013 Daegu Dongseongno Festival] The first day of the 24th Daegu Donseongno Festival! Take a look at its lively scene.

May 17th~ Daegu Dongseongno Festival opened powerfully along with the golden long weekend!

The first day of Daegu Dongseongno Festival! We enjoyed the festival by swooping into the scene. ^^

This year, the Daegu Dongseongno Festival celebrated its 24th anniversary. Many people including not only the younger generation but even old seniors visited Dongseongno.

Various hands-on experience booths filled different areas of Dongseongno! ^^

Our children are deeply immersed in making cookies~~

I even make my own artwork by trying out handicraft. ^^

A busking performance is going on in the middle of Dongseongno street~~

Also, at a different place with lovers, or with friends~ even the elderly.. to make one's image drawn into a caricature.. bustling with people~

Hearing beautiful sound coming from somewhere.. I followed it and guess what I found!
An ukulele performance~ our ladies.. they wear the same outfit and play the ukulele so beautifully.

And of course, an exciting game booth can't be missed! Participate in a fun game with Mom and Dad. ^^

On the stage in front of Daegu Department Store, the semifinals of the Daegu Dongseongno Song Festival was going on..
The Dongseongno Song Festival is so famous that one can be given an opportunity to debut as a singer.. Many young people with outstanding talent participated. ^^

A road art performance, 'Take the Money and Run' !
Grabs the attention of ordinary people with wearing comical masks and making ridiculous gestures! 

tarting from 4:30 PM was the highlight of the Dongseongno Festival! 'Gyeongsang Governor was also there.

Gyeongsang Govenor
a reenactment of the newly appointed Gyeongsang governor touring administrative agencies within the province to look over the living conditions of the people.
It is an important event that shows the histrocity of Daegu, where 253 governors held office for 310 years since 160.

The Gyeongsang governor's procession, which was consisted of as many as 120 people, paraded for a total distance of 2.6km!!

It was so splendid and colorful that it caught the eyes of everyone passing by~~. ^o^

Also, Gyeongsang Govenor, a ceremony for handing over duties between the incoming and outgoing governors, was demonstrated.

At Dongseongno, where the excitement of youth is felt firsthand! From the past to the present! A rich festive full of attractions!!!! Reporting from the Dongseongno Festival!

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