Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May's Events in Daegu, chapter1 !

The Family Month, May!
There are lots of events in Daegu!

1. The 16th Biseul Mountain Weyrichii Festival

- 2013. May. 1 ~ 8
- Biseul Mountain Recreaton Forest
- Phone : 053-715-1283~5
- Website : http://www.biseul.kr/

2.2013 Daegu Yakryeongsi Herb Medicine Festival 

- 2013. May. 8 ~ 12
- Daegu Junggu Yakryeongsi Ilwon
- Phone : 053-253-4729
- Website : http://herbfestival.org/

3. Colorful Dalgubal Merrymaking at the Lantern Festival

- 2013. May. 9 ~ 11
- Daegu Dooryu Park Baseball Stadium
- Phone: 053-623-6388
- Website :  http://www.gwandeung.or.kr/


4. The 24th Daegu Dongseongro Festival

- 2013. May. 17~ 19
- Daegu Dongseongro Downtown
- Phone : 053-423-3337
- Website : http://www.dsr.or.kr/index.php

Monday, April 29, 2013

Walk along to the third course of 'Olle Road' in Daegu!

We have been to course No.3 of 'Olle Road' in Buinsa after course No.2 last time.

The 'Olle road' in Buinsa is a very great place for walking in the spring and fall.
You also see the whole view of the rural villages.

The 'Olle Road', which is filled with the scent of spring~!

If you pass by Gongsan Elementary School and reach Dangsan, Yongsoodong, you can see Yongsoo Lake.

Also, if you walk along this road to Pagaesa, you can arrive in Buinsa Temple.

This is a really awesome walk.

Exercise, great view of the rural area, and places you can relax!

You can see this only on the 'Olle Road' in Daegu.
You should ask your family, friends, or your love ones to walk here before the summer comes.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

There is a kind of cafe for helping residents escaping from North Korea.

There are many kinds of community centers and a variety businesses in Daegu for the settlement of the residents escaping from North Korea.
Our blog visited the Cafe 'Gonggam', which is one of them.
This Cafe is located at Jongro 2ga, Junggu, Daegu.

All the facilities and goods in 'Gonggam' are donated by other people.
This place is for the residents escaping from North Korea, but also anyone can use.

A cup of coffee with peace~~!

personal computer system & wireless internet ~~!
Look aroud just for a moment!

There are many places filled with neighborliness and human affection in Daegu.
Why don't you visit the Cafe 'Gonggam'?
It needs your sincere and human kindness.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Let's go to 'the 16th Biseul Mountain Weyrichii Festival'!

Fresh air, and a thick forest!
A famous festival of Biseul Mountain in Daegu.

The 16th Biseul Mountain Weyrichii Festival will be held this coming May at Biseul Mountain, Daegu.

Festival Outline
Theme :  Backnyun Dalseong will be dyed Weyrichii.
Time : May. 1. 2013 ~ May. 8 . 2013
Place : Biseul Mountain Recreaton Forest
Events: Biseul Mountain ritual for the mountain spirit, opening ceremony (Insooni opening performance), There will be a Weyrichii singing contest (MC: Song Hae), and a Closing Ceremony
Cultural Events: Opening Ceremony, Cultural Art Performace, Bubble Magic Show, and a Weyrichii singing contest
Experience Field : Weyrichii Bibimbop, Weyrichii Natural Dyeing, Caricature, Nail Art, Balloon Art
Dalseong Artists Festival: Dalseong Pungmulmadang, Dalseong Dance Performance, Weyrichii Goldenbell.
Website : 

There are many varieties of exciting events for one week.
So come to the Biseul Mountain Weyrichii Festival and enjoy all the events!

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Producing and Selling Coffee! The Famous Coffee Shop 'La Finca'

The hometown of the 'La Finca' coffee is Daegu.
When you visit Daegu you can see this coffee shop the most.
Today, we introduce Cafe 'La Finca', which is a local enterprise.

Here we can see the whole process to make coffee, that people usually have, and there are many unique experiences waiting for visitors.
The local enterprise 'La Finca' is Gukchaebosangro 953-1, Suseonggu, Daegu.

There is a cafeteria where people have coffee with a great atmosphere, a museum, an outdoor patio, coffee factories, and a coffee storage.
Also the indoor interior design is great too.

If you go up to the 2nd floor, you probably will be addicted to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
It is a good chance to get to know the origin and kinds from each country's coffee, because there is a coffee museum.

This building, which is just behind the cafeteria from the coffee factory.

Also, You can have a unique experience that is prepared for visitors.
If you want to participate in this program , you have to register 1 to 2 weeks before the experience date.
You can register  by e-mail, phone, or by website.

Information of the experience program.

-Phone : 053) 743-0892
-e-mail :
-website : http://www.myungga.com 

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fascinated by the melodies from here and there in Daegu City~!

Come to appreciate mini-concerts which are held everywhere in Daegu City.
The project ' The City with Melody' is running from April to November in Daegu City.
Over Three hundreds mini-concerts are planed for this year.
If you schedule a visit to Daegu, you should check this out.
1. Music Vitamin at noon / April ~ November (On Wednesdays at noon) / 2.28 Jungang Memorial Park
2. Pongdang Pongdang Concert/ April ~ November (On Fridays at 17:00) / Jungangro and six public transportation - areas only.
3. Customized Concert / April ~ November (anytime) / traditional markets, apartments
4. Performance of the Municipal Performing Arts Company / April~ November (anytime) / Parks, Daegu Stadium
5. Outreach Performance (Culture & Arts Center) / All year round /  City Hall, Schools, Daegu Industrial Complex
6. Tuesday's Gukakmadang / March ~ October (once per month, Tuesday at 19:00) /Culture & Arts Center (Biseul Hall)
7. Our Melody and Our Madang / May ~ October (On Fridays at 20:00) / Kolon Concert Garden
8. Forged High Tin Bronze Museum Outdoor Concert / May ~ October / Forged High Tin Bronze Museum Outdoor Concert Hall
9. Teenager Cultural Zone / April ~ November / 2.28 Jungang Memorial Park
10. Organized Performance / May ~ November /  Kolon Concert Garden, National Debt Redemption Movement Memorial Park

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Are you looking for more information about the 'Chicken Beer Festival in 2013'?

Are you looking for more information about the 'Chicken Beer Festival in 2013'?
The information about the 'Chicken Beer Festival in 2013', which is loved by younger generation in the whole country.
The Daegu Chicken Enterprise and the Dacktongjipgolmok co-op shopkeepers have free sampling.
Twenty famous chicken brands in Korea participate in this festival.
Also, you can find free sampling for local beer, imported beer, coke, sprite, and enjoy variety of foods.
There are plenty of great spectacles just like a comic 'Chicken Memorial Ceremony', which many comedians perform on July 18th, City of Qingdao's performance, Rock Band, Club DJ, and Chicken and Beer Party Time.
All these performances will be finished by 20:00.
A part of the earnings of this festival will be donated to the starving children.
Fun and exciting Daegu International 'Chicken Beer Festival in 2013'!
July 18th ~ 21st    Daegu Doryu Park  Assistant Stadium

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Monday, April 22, 2013

The story of apple trees in Daegu

Dongsan Hospital which is in the center of downtown Daegu.
If you go to the Switzer house which was built with red bricks on the Cheongra
Hill, you can find one big apple tree and three small apple trees in the garden.
These are the trees from the first western style apple tree which was designated as a nurse tree on Oct.19th, 2000 in Korea.
Woodbridge O. Johnson, the first director of Donsan Hospital and also a missionary, brought apple trees from the state of the Missouri and planted them around the hospital and the company housing.
These trees are the progenitor of the 114 years history of the apples in Daegu.
Also it consolidated the foundation as a symbol of this city.

From that time onward, Daegu reminds everyone of apples and apples always remind everyone of the City of Daegu.
Daegu had 80% of the whole country's apple output in the early 1960's.

People probably think of the modern period and industrialization at the time of these apple trees.
You can see the history of apples in Korea , here in Daegu.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Walk along Mt. Palgong Olle Road (Wanggun Road)

Olle Road is a big trend in these days.
On this road you can enjoy nature and help improve your health.
When we visited Wanggun Road we felt a gentle spring breeze.

The path we walked was Yonghosangbak Road which starts from the historical Admiral Shin Soong Gyum Memorial to Hasnsilgol Village.
The Yonghosangbak Road starts at the historical Admiral Shin Soong Gyum Memorial.
Now, are you ready to follow our journey?

When you get to the entrance, you can find the information of the tracking course.
This is really well explained.
Wanggun Road in 35km in total and it takes 15 hours to complete.
Well, this course is a gentle stroll not a tough hike, so people can enjoy it easily.

Even more, it is a good opportunity to see roof tiles, stone walls, and traditional houses in Korea. If you want to feel not only the nature but also the history of Korea, it could be great.
There is also the Wonmo Ancestral Shrine, which is a Daegu cultural heritage site just a little ways from Wanggun Road.

Lots of yellow forsythias are along with the road!

If you get to the top of the mountain, you can see the physical equipment for people.

After you walk for one and a half hours, there is the Wanggun Road Observatory.
What do you think?
A clear view of the Palgong Mountain is awesome.

Wanggun Road at Palgong Mountain includs nature, history, and a story.
Why don't you walk to the Wanggun Road this spring?

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Monday, April 15, 2013

清明雨後行 - 國債報償運動紀念公園一遊



未經春寒三月風, 何見池中數點紅。
若非昨夜偶逢雨, 豈得今朝櫻花濃。
漫漫浮生尋逆旅, 寥寥數載徒過客。
古來零落復如此, 難為幾人落塵中。

癸巳年 二月廿七 

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Let's ride a bike and feel the spring!

Where is a great place to ride a bicycle?
introduces the cycle track in Daegu.

* Dalseongbo - Gangjeonggoryungbo
This track starts from the Dalseongbo to the Gangjeonggoryungbo and is one of the representative cycle paths where it is connected to Four Major Rivers in Korea.

◆ Gangjeonggoryungbo Cycle Track Certification Center
- Jookgokri 806, Dasaeub, Dalseonggun, Daegu
- more information : 1577-4359

Oops! You forgot to bring your bike ?
Don't worry about it!
You can rent a bicycle for free at Subway NO.2 Kyemyung University Station just deposit your ID.
Also, you can rent one for a very reasonable price at a convenience store, which is close to Gan

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* Riverside of the Sincheon
There are great tracks for cycling.
Sincheon is a wonderful place to exercise and ride a bike.

◆Recommendable track for beginners which starts Sincheon to Geumho River. (36km)

Riverside of the Sincheon which in front of Daebaek Plaza --> Sangdong Bridge --> the meeting point of  Geumho River and Sincheon --> behind the Gumdandong townhouse --> the meeting point of  Geumho River and Sincheon --> Chilseong Market --> Daebaek Plaza

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