Saturday, April 27, 2013

There is a kind of cafe for helping residents escaping from North Korea.

There are many kinds of community centers and a variety businesses in Daegu for the settlement of the residents escaping from North Korea.
Our blog visited the Cafe 'Gonggam', which is one of them.
This Cafe is located at Jongro 2ga, Junggu, Daegu.

All the facilities and goods in 'Gonggam' are donated by other people.
This place is for the residents escaping from North Korea, but also anyone can use.

A cup of coffee with peace~~!

personal computer system & wireless internet ~~!
Look aroud just for a moment!

There are many places filled with neighborliness and human affection in Daegu.
Why don't you visit the Cafe 'Gonggam'?
It needs your sincere and human kindness.

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