Wednesday, January 30, 2013

[Tour] Outdoor Ice Skate Rink in Daegu

Shincheon Outdoor Ice Skate Rink

January is almost over and we should enjoy winter activities before the winter ends
For those who haven’t been to the Shincheon outdoor skate Rink, I prepared this article to share the information about the ice rink.

When you enter the gate, you will see the ticket box. Admission is free but you need to rent skate if you don’t have.

Use lockers to put your stuff.  It costs only 500w.

Before you go into the skate rink, make sure that you wear all safety gear. 

The safety regulations say

1.    You have wear globes in the rink
2.    Children have to wear safety helmet or caps
3.    You cannot walk into the ice rink in your shoes
4.    You cannot smoke in the rink
5.    Please skate counter-clockwise
6.    Pleas pick yourself up as soon as possible when you fall down
7.    Don’t crush ice or have a snowball fight
8.    Don’t skate dangerously
9.    Put valuable stuff in the locker
10.    You should pay when you break any facilities
11.    You should listen to the safety guard in the rink
12.    Go to the medical room when you are injured
13.    We are not responsible for any injury caused as a result of you

The ice rink was filled with many children who were having a lot of fun. 

Visit snack bar if you are hungry. Hot and delicious Korean snacks are prepared.

The skate rink will be open until February 11th, so you should visit and enjoy the Korean style outdoor ice rink before the Winter is gone!

[Shincheon Outdoor Skating Rink]

   - Venue: near Daebonggyo, sinchundunchi
 (In front of Daebec Plaza)
   - Period: 2012. 12. 15 ~ 2013. 02. 11
   - Hours: 10am ~ 9pm (~ 10pm on weekends and holidays)
   - Admission: Free / Skate Rental: 1,000KRW per hour
   - Facilities: Resting lounge, Skate rental shop, Stands, Lockers, Portable toilet, Snack bar
   - Inquiry: 431-2170

  Hot to get there?

   ● Bus

     - 323-1, 402, 427, 509, 704, Circle 2-1 Daebec Plaza Bus Stop
     - Gachang2 Namsan High School Bus Stop

Monday, January 28, 2013

[Exhibition] National Daegu Museum's special exhibition

Ancient Woodenware
from the Seongsan Fortress, Haman

National Daegu Museum is holding a special exhibition that displays a variety of wooden tablets and wooden crafts discovered within the Seongsan Fortress eastern wall. The exhibition is free and it will last until February 17th.

[Ancient Woodenware
from the Seongsan Fortress, Haman]

   Period: 2012. 12. 11 ~ 2013. 02. 17

   Closed Every Monday
   Venue: National Daegu Museum special exhibition hall1
   Open hour: weekdays 9:00am~ 6:00pm weekends 9:00am~7:00pm 
   Admission: Free 

Archaeological investigations of Haman Seongsan Fortress have been conducted on an annual basis since 1991 by the Gaya National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage. Based on its structure, exterior-wall-reinforcing structures and excavated artifacts, these efforts have reveled Haman Seongsan Fortress to be a stone fortress originating from the Three Kingdoms period. Not only the largest number of ancient wooden tablets bearing inscriptions even found in Korea, but also diverse woodenwares, have been excavated from Haman Seongsan Fortress. Wooden tablets with calligraphic inscriptions constitute precious research materials, while the agricultural implements excavated alongside them offer valuable insight into lifestyle of Korea’s ancient people.

The Daegu National Museum and the Gaya National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage are jointly holding an exhibition on the wooden crafts excavated from the Seongsan Fortress in order to shed light on ancient Korean lifestyles under the theme of ‘Ancient Woodenware from the Seongsan Fortress, Haman’.

The exhibition displays a variety of wooden tablets and wooden crafts discovered within the Seongsan Fortress eastern wall. Woodenwares have been familiar implements in everyday life from the prehistoric times, but because of their characteristic of easily corroding, unlike pottery and ironwares, they have not attracted much attention and have not been actively studied.

However, a large number of wooden objects of diverse types were excavated from the Seongsan Fortress, enabling us to hold this exhibition. We hope that this exhibition will provide the momentum for a new recognition and awareness of Korea’s ancient woodenware culture. We also hope that significant research on woodenwares will be activated, leading to the restoration of Korea’s ancient ways of life.

There are other exhibitions going on in the museum that you can look around and you can also buy some souvenirs from the souvenir shop located on the first floor. Make your time for visiting the museum and have a peaceful and educational daytime with your friends or family.


  How to get there?

  ● Address: 321 Cheongho-ro (70 Hwanggeum-dong), Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Kore

  ● Bus
    : 100, 100-1, 349, 414, 414-1, 427, 449, Suseong1, Suseong1-1, Circle3, Circle3-1

  ● Subway
    : Take  subway line2 and get off at Manchon Station and take exit 3. Transfer to one of a bus above.

Friday, January 25, 2013

[Tour] Happy Winter Festival Kids Park

Happy Winter Festival Season 4 
Kids Park

Happy Winter Festival Kids Park is an indoor play ground. There are a number of dynamic rides and play equipments all around the park. It’s like a small indoor amusement park that keeps your children warm while they are having fun.

Tickets are 12,000w for adults and 15,000w for children. The signs say you cannot bring any food and cannot use your personal mat inside. Also, once you come out of the event hall, you cannot reenter.

You will see random bags on your left side when you pass the gate. Grab one of those and put your shoes in the bag since you cannot wear shoes inside. I suggest you to bring spare socks because socks can get dirty.

You can hold your shoes bag but you can also put it into the locker. It costs 1,000w for using the locker.

It’s easy to find a group of children in kindergarten uniforms.

Kids are running around and having a great time.

Small rides for toddlers are also placed here and there.


There is a place for making huge bubbles. It costs 3,000w for unlimited time. You can play making bubbles anytime you want while you are hanging in the Kids Park.

This air slide was the most famous attractions in the park. It's safer and cleaner compared with water slide and snow sled.

 [Happy Winter Festival Kids Park]

  ● Period: 2012. 12. 21 ~ 2013. 02. 24
Venue: 90 Yutongdanji-ro (1676 Sangyeok-dong), Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea
Inquiry: 031) 601-6818
Open hour: 10:00 a.m. ~ 6:00 p.m.
  Admission: Kids 15,000w / Adults 12,000w / Group(more than 20 people) 10,000w