Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Fun Places] Virtual Reality Sports Theme Park

I have a piece of good news for our active and fabulous Daegu visitors!
At the Daegu Stadium you can experience cool state-of-the-art machines and programs for free that will have you experience a variety of sports games.
All the facilities are safe and virtual.

People were waiting in line to experience awesome sports activities.
You can practice 8 kinds of sports events and there were 15 rooms built.
Hit up at 3D VR Road Race Contents, LED Sports Floor, Screen Baseball etc.!!

*How to get here to Daegu Stadium?
Place: B1(N4-N5), Daegu Stadium
Fee: Free
Subway: Daegongwon Station Gate 5 or Gosan Station Gate2
Bus: 403, 849, 849-1, 939

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Exhibition] Daegu Flower Show

Date: June 5-June 10 2012
Venue: EXCO

June 5 / 11:00
Opening Ceremony

During the event period
Outdoor Gardening Contest

June 5 / 9:00-18:00
Flower Design Contest

June 6 / 14:00-16:00
Floweriest Demonstration
Room 325

June 5 / 9:00-11:00
Gardening Idea Contest

June 7 / 13:00-18:00
Orchid Symposium

June 5-9
Gardening Lecture

All the events will be conducted in Korean.

[Exhibition] Daegu Metro Art Center at Daegongwon Station

At Daegongwon Station Line2, there is an exhibition of Korean lifestyle in 1960-1970s. The event will go on until August 10th 2012.
You can see how ordinary Koreans’ lives in those days are different from ones in nowadays.

A small model house, a classroom and local comics shop in old days can be found at the special exhibition place.

Korean people used to wear homemade or custom-made clothing from couture houses before ready-to-wear era began.
A barber shop, Dabang(Korean old fashioned coffee shop) and a mom-and-pop-store as well came alive at the Daegongwon station.

Korean traditional games and other western games are prepared for children.

If you have chance to visit Daegu stadium or any places in Siji area by subway, why don’t you hop off at the Daegongwon station and look around Metro Art Center exhibition?

Monday, May 28, 2012

[Musem] SOO – Korean Embroidery and Folk Painting

At musem SOO you can experience many programs of Kroean embroidery and folk painting.
Check out how it looks like.

It has cultural heritages related to embroidery and folk painting.
There are Korean traditional pouch, pillow, folding screen and other a variety of relics.

In contrast to its conventional exhibitions, it has modern style interior

It provides experience programs to children as well.

For adults, it offers experience programs and lectures.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[Mountain] DaeguOlle Mt.Palgong route 1&2

The “Mt. Palgong Olle” (trail) first opened with a two-hour course to Bukjijang Temple in June 2009. It grew into eight courses featuring an additional 11 kilometer - “Road to Hansilgol,” 9.8 kilometer - “Buin Temple trail,” 7.5 kilometer - “Pyeonggwang-dong Wanggeon trail,” 6.8 kilometer - “Road to Dansanji,” 8.17 kilometer - “Road to Pokpogol,” and 7.1 kilometer - “Sutaeji Valley.” Each course takes three to four to complete on foot and all are replete with interesting scenery.

DaeguOlle Mt.Palgong route 1 - Trail to Bukjijangsa Temple

Course Introduction

-Route 1 (2hrs) / Round-trip Course
  Poet's Way--> Stonehouse Yard--> Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum--> Bukjijangsa Temple
-Good to walk with light steps for men and women of all ages
  Nice to look around a pine forest
-Best season : spring, summer, autumn, winter
-Watch out  for cars on weekend
-Getting to the starting point
 By subway and bus
 Line 1-->  Ayanggyo station exit No.2-->  Express bus1(급행1) -->  Dohak 2-dong(Bangjja Yugi Museum)

Vicinity tour: Daegu Bangjja Yugi(Korean Bronzeware) Museum

DaeguOlle Mt.Palgong route 2 - Trail to Hansilgol

Course Introduction

-Route 2 (2-3hrs) / One-way Course
 Shrine of the general Shin Sung-gyeom--> trail to Hansilgol--> Hill of Wish--> Observatory --> Yongjin Village --> Birthplace of former president Roh Tae-woo --> Pagyesa Temple
-Excellent to look out a wide-view
-Best season : spring, autumn, winter
-Getting to the starting point
 By subway and bus
 Line 1 -->  Ayanggyo station exit No.2 -->  Bus No.101 -->  Jimyo-dong -->  Bus No.101-1 -->  Pagye-gyo(bridge)

Vicinity tour: Museum of Natural Dye Arts

[Lodging] Have you heard of Daegu’s Greenstel?

Daegu has appointed 150 accommodations as the Greenstel in order to provide inexpensive and tidy accommodations to visitors of Daegu for various large-scale international events.

Greenstel is a newly-coined word by connecting the words Green and Hostel, meaning a low carbon green development, and signifies the eco-friendly and successful hosting of the 2011 Daegu International Track and Field Championships.

GreenStel Symbol/Logo

The image of a simple and comforting traditional Korean-style house filled with longing memories is handled with softness so the curves will give a comforting and casual free feeling. The image also expresses a suitable, clean, and inexpensive accommodation for a eco-friendly green development city desired by the city.

GreenStel Purpose

Recommend and select accommodations with excellent facilities and environmental services
Provide an image of a pleasant resting place for the visitors.

At the website, information of Daegu tourism can be found as well.

Friday, May 18, 2012

[Food] Unique Pastas in Daegu

Unique Pasta in Daegu (1) - MIES factory

This restaurant is located in the middle of downtown area.
Have you ever heard of salad pasta?? MIES is so famous for the dish that it has a branch in Gangnam, Seoul. It also has very unique interior, which the architecture drew inspiration from the factory and construction site.
Fun thing all the staff were men. (I’m a woman. ^^)

Once there we tasted this sweetandsour Salad pasta, grabbing a glass of draft beer.

Unique Pasta in Daegu (2) – Seoga and cook

Seoga and cook started its business in Daegu and now spreads its chains to every province in Korea. It offers delicious pasta in plus size plate at reasonable price.

Seafood Carbonara Pasta
It’s like 2-3 servings in one plate!

It’s interesting that they put an egg fried sunny side up on every menu they serve.

Unique Pasta in Daegu (3) – Vongdaebak Pasta

Every pasta menu of this restaurant contains clams and hot pepper in it.

The famous menu; Seolleongtang(Korean stock suop of bone and stew meat) Pasta

There are around 40 franchise restaurants of Vongdaebak in Daegu.

Address: (near Kyeonbuk Univ.) 1321-2 Sangyeok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu 대구 북구 산격동 1321-2 
11-6 Samduok-dong-1-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu 대구 중구 삼덕동1 11-6
Pasta – 4,900~7,900won
Pizza – 79,00~13,900won

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[Festival] Colorful Daegu Culture Festival

Colorful Daegu Multicultural Festival’ has been held since 2009 to commemorate the ‘Together Day (May 20th)’ and to prepare the atmosphere of local society that respects multiculturalism while native and foreign people are communicating altogether.
Multicultural festival provides the Colorful Together Zone to install colorful booths for experiencing traditional culture & foods, life counseling, exhibition of multicultural paintings, and so on. Also various participation events are coming along during the festival such as talent contest of foreign residents, traditional folk performance, celebration show, ring the golden bell, etc. that all the native and foreign residents can enjoy together, Especially, it provides different experience chances for native people to help their understanding and interest of the multiculturalism.
Daegu has provided and promoting the multicultural policy leading the global era for about 26 thousand foreign residents, consisted with the marriage immigrants and foreign workers in the region, to lead happy lives as members of the local society.

Date: 11:00-17:00 May 20,2012
Venue: National Debt Indemnity Commemorative Park

Let’s see what kind of places you can visit in the vicinity of the event area.

* Dongseongno Street

Daegu Modern History Museum

* Alleys Exploration


Unique Restaurants in Dongseongno Street

Spicy Steam Galbi

Friday, May 11, 2012

[Festival] Dongseongro Korea Wave Festival

Dongseongno Street is the city's busiest street, always full of lively young people and gorgeous stores. Every May when the flags of all nations fly over the sky of Dongseongno, the Dongseongno Festival starts with the fanfare of a marching band.

For the festival, special events such as new K-POP singers’ survival audition show ‘Power M season 2’, K-pop Cover Dance Festival, Korean wave fashion concert, Nalmoebukchum (drum dance) and many traditional folk games are performed along with plenty of experience programs.

Plus, there are many cool restaurants in Dongseongno area.

People can enjoy the pleasure of thrift shopping at the stores offering big sales during this festival.

Date: May 18 -May20

Thursday, May 10, 2012

[Festival] International Tea Festival Daegu 2012 - Exco hall filled with mixed fragrance of all variety of tea

Have a lovely sweet scented cup of tea at International Tea Festival Daegu 2012~~

Not only tea but also plenty of events will be provided.

You can practice the tea ceremony and other cultural stuff.

There will be 115 domestic and international companies with 166 booths.

Many beautiful artistic tea cups and pots will capture your eyes with the first masterpiece exhibition.

Celebration performances, Table Story Contest, International Tea Seminar and Traditional Tea Ceremony Contest will be taken place.

Dates: May 17 – 20, 2012
Venue: Hall2, 1F, EXCO