Friday, March 30, 2012

[Filming in Daegu] Korean Drama ‘Love Rain’

Daegu has been the hot spot for Korean drama filming.
Recently, Korean romantic melo drama ‘Love Rain’ has been being filmed in Daegu. It has a total of 20 parts and the first 6 parts are filming in Daegu.
Jang Guen Suk and Yuna, the hottest Hanllyu stars in Japan, plays the main characters.
I remember that I happened to see Jang Guen Suk and Yuna on location in Dongsungro 6 months ago. Wow, it has been a long time.
It just started to be aired on Mar 26 at KBS2 TV.

Set in the 1970s, the first scene was filmed in Kyemyung University in Daemyung-dong.
Kyemyung Univ has been famous for its beautiful architecture and gardening.

I hope Daegu’s beauty will be etched deeply in K-drama viewers’ memory.

[Tourist Info] Daegu Alleys Exploration – Nostalgic Alleys

Jin Street

You can imagine the 1950s of Daegu here.
In this alley, it is also possible to appreciate the look of traditional Korean houses in harmony with Chinese or Japanese architectural styles. This area has become a very popular place for young people to enjoy fine restaurants.

Random blogger’s view:

Banwoldang Station at exit four, Jungang-ro Station at exit one

In front of the Jungang Cinema : 518,704,706,909, Donggu1-1
Across from the Jungang Cinema : 106,518
In front of Hanabank : 349,401,650,730
Across from the Jeil Cinema : Express2, 106,202, 349,401,410-1,503,650,730
Jeil Cinema : Express1, 202-1,410,503,704,706

Mulberry Street

The reason why these alleys have been attracting people’s attention is that the modern historic sites around Gyesan-dong have been introduced to the public.

There are poet, Lee Sangwha’s old house at the end of the alley as well as the former houses of Lee Sangjeong (an independence fighter) and Seo Sangtaek (The advocate of National Debt Repayment Movement), and others.

Banwoldang Station at exit 14,15 and 16

Across from the Maeil Newspaper : 420-1
Across from the Jeil Cinema : Express2, 106, 202, 349, 401, 410-1, 503, 650, 730
Jeil Cinema : Express2, 202-1, 410, 503, 704, 706
In front of the Donga Shopping : 305, 405, 414, 509, 609, 909, Bukgu2
Across from the Donga Shopping : 305, 405, 414-1, 509, 609, 840

Hand-made Shoe Street/Motorbike Street

Very different from the motorbike alley, which was quite recently established after covering the stream in the 1960s, the shoe alley is a very old road, which was called ‘Miljeongeori’.

People used to sell their horses after unloading or delivering goods in the road connected to ‘the alleys outside the fortress. This road played an import role in traditional transportation of goods to the area. 

Chemicals Street

The chemicals road starts from the Dongsan police station and stretches to the Jungbu Police Station along the Gyeongsang Gamyeongro road. There have been frequent fires due to the chemical elements retailers settling down in a row of around 300m around Seomunro area from a long time ago. Being called Honmachi, this area was the most popular place for the pleasure-seeking people along with Hyangchon-dong.

Across from the Textile Hall : 323, 600, 609,651, Donggu2, Bukgu3
In front of the Textile Hall : Express1, Express3, 156, 309, 323-1, 400, 420-1, 427, 508, 521, 600, 609, 623, 651, 724, 840, 909, 939, Donggu2, Bukgu3
In front of the MMC, Across from the MMC : 323, 400-1, 427, 939, Bukgu3 / 323-1, 400, 427, Donggu2, Bukgu3
In front of the Kwak's Hospital : 156, 309, 425, 521, 724, Donggu2 / Express1, Express3, 508, 600, 623
Across from the Kwak's Hospital : Express1, Express3, 156, 309, 425, 508, 521, 600, 623, 724, 909, 939
Behind the Hotel Amigo : 621, 653

Alley Tour Reservation(Engilsh):

[Expo] International GREEN ENERGY EXPO Korea 2012

Title : International Green Energy Expo Korea 2012

Goal: To establish most suitable marketing bridge-head in Asian Market

Date : March 28th(Wed) - 30th(Fri), 2012 / 3days

Venue : Every exhibition Halls in EXCO
Hall A, B (First floor), Hall C (Third floor) Hall D (Fifth floor)

Entry Fee: 10,000 WON
(If you pre-register by online, you can get a free admission ticket of visitor)

Hosted by : Daegu Metropolitan City, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Organized by : KOPIA (Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association),
                    KWEIA(Korea Wind Energy Industry Association)
                    EXCO, Korea Energy News

[Shopping in Daegu] The scoop on some cheap places to go shopping in Daegu!

Spring Shopping Spree in Daegu!!

Spring is such a good season for shopping!
If you have no idea where to shop in Daegu please read my article below and get some info.^^


Lotte mall Esiapolis is one of the best life style centers in Korea.
It has CGV(theater), Restaurants, Cafes, Kids Theme Park, Flower Garden and Customer Lounge.
You will also find so many brands from luxury items to cheap stuff here.
It’s close to Bongmu Park and Mt. Palgong.

Bus: 101, 101-1, 401, 팔공(palgong)1, 급행(express)1
Address: 1545 Bongmu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu 대구 동구 봉무동 1545

Color Square – Daegu Stadium Mall

The newly opened Daegu Stadium Mall with state of the art architectures functions as one of the fabulous fashion and culture complex malls in Daegu.

It has a huge grocery store, clothing shops, brand shops, CGV theatre, restaurants and beautiful walking paths.

Bus: 403, 939, 849-1, 604, 849
From Daegongwon Subway Station gate5, take 849-1 or 939


It’s a culture complex mall too.
Queensroad would be less crowded than the other ones above.

Subway: Gamsam Station
Address: 1136-164 Jungri-dong, Seogu, Daegu 대구 서구 중리동 1136-164
Bus: 202, 202-1, 402, 726, 750, 521

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

[Travel Healthy] Way to keep your health in spring travel season!

Warm sunshine and rascal spring breeze would tickle your chick.
It seems like everything in spring makes you want to go on a trip.
But you should be careful, because seasonal change can make level of immunity bound to drop when temperatures between day and night are significantly different.
Many people get cold or allergy from the trips at the change of seasons.
Let me introduce some ways so you can’t ruin your fun and health!

Clothes for outdoors!

As temperatures between day and night are different, do not forget to take overcoat!

Moderate alcohol consumption and moderate amounts of fluids!

One of the most important factors in taking a trip is trying the famous food of the region. And alcohol may take place too. But too much drinking would ruin the trip. Also, excessive alcohol drinking can lower the level of immunity by dehydration.
If you have a lot of outdoor activities, drink enough amount of water to avoid skin diseases and/or asthma by yellow dust.

Pieces of advice for those who feel unwell!

For those who are already suffering from colds or allergies, see doctor prior to trip. When traveling, consume some fruit and/or vitamin supplements. Taking enough sleep to minimize fatigability is important too.

Friday, March 23, 2012

[Daegu Festival] Introducing spring festivals in April! Enjoy the fresh spring breeze!

Spring day has come to make you excited and the weather is getting warmer.
It is ashamed you don’t go out on a picnic with this glittering sunshine.
Well, thanks to the hauntingly beautiful season, Daegu city provides plenty of events you all will love.
Now let’s see what Daegu has been prepared for us!

Palgongsan Cherry Blossom Festival

In Palgongsan, you can participate and enjoy the various games and foods prepared along together with watching the cherry blossoms unfolded each side of the road. The road called ‘Olle road’ has become famous for not only families on a picnic but couples on a date too.

Bus: 403, 939, 849-1, 604, 849
From Daegongwon Subway Station gate5, take 849-1 or 939
Address: 14

Date: April 15-19
1330tt call center: +82-53-1330 for more info: +82-53-1330
Take Bus 401 or Express Bus 1 (급행1) Get off at the entrance of Donghwasa Temple (동화사입구)
Venue: fountain square Dong Hwa district Palgongsan

Biseulsan Azalea Festival

Are you ready to be blown away? Biseulsan is going to show you the gorgeous view of entirely red mountain dyed by Azalea flowers. The main events are reciting contest of azalea poems, a drum dance performance, a climbing contest and Korean folk games. You can also appreciate the Buddhism culture at the traditional temples of Yugasa, Sojaesa, and Yongyeongsa in the mountain.

Dates: April 28~ May 6
Venue: Biseulsan crest and whole area of natural recreation forest

Daugu Housing EXPO 2012 (DAHOS 2012)

DAHOS 2012 is the big EXPO for the construction industries. It gives the exposition showcased the latest equipment, products, services and technologies. If interested, register online. ( It’s free! But, you need to get a Korean friend to translate for you as it doesn’t have an English website.
Date: April 5(Thu) ~ April 9(Mon) / 5days
Venue: EXCO DAEGU (Daegu Exhibition Convention Center, #1676 Sangyeok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu 대구 북구 산격동 1676)

Tour Expo Daegu Gyeongbuk

Daegu Gyeongbuk Tour Expo gives you huge opportunities with about 220 exhibitors, which is constituted with Domestic/Overseas Publicity Pavilions, Specialty Product Marketing Pavilion, and Traditional Costumes Experiencing Pavilion in different peculiarity every year to provide a cool chance for experiencing diversified tourism culture of the world.
Date: April 6(Fri) ~ April 9(Mon), /4days
Venue: EXCO DAEGU (Daegu Exhibition Convention Center)

Daegu International Marathon 2012

Daegu city hosts 2012 Daegu international Marathon after 2011. It must be honored to host two meaningful international events in a row. Daegu city is gladly willing to become a cornerstone to invigorate marathon and promote health in people.
Date and time: April 8(Sun), 08:00 A.M
Venue: Gukchaebosang Memorial Park, Daegu (42 Dongin-dong-2-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu 대구 중구 동인동2 42)

Monday, March 19, 2012

[Daegu Festivals] Introducing Daegu Festivals in 2012~~!

There have been many festivals and events in Daegu so far.
What kind of interesting events will be held in 2012 then?
Let me show you the main festivals that are gonna heat the city this year~








Visit DAEGU blog is back with more fun than ever~~
Stay tuned~! :D