Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Makchang BBQ Restaurants in Chilgok, Daegu

Savory and Chewy!

Makchang gui(BBQ) is the name of a Korean dish that consists of grilled pork (or beef) large intestines similar to chitterlings, but often grilled over coals. The small intestines are often called gopchang. They are often served with a light doenjang sauce and chopped scallions. High calcium content and high catabolism for alcohol makes it a favorite anju (side dish for drinking).

Makchang gui is said to be originated from Daegu and the surrounding Gyeongsang region. King Seonjo of Joseon is said to have enjoyed the dish at his inauguration. <wiki>

There are many makchang places in Chilgok, Daegu, so I’d like to show you the pictures of a random restaurant to you below.

This dish might frighten off some individuals after they find out that it is made from pork intestines, but is much like chitterlings in the United States. The preparation is a bit different as it is cooked on a grill/griddle right at your table. This is a favorite nighttime food and is normally accompanied by Soju or beer.

To properly prepare Makchang you must make sure that when you grill it is both crispy on the outside while staying soft like a marshmallow on in inside. After it is finished pluck it from the hot grill and eat it with a slice of garlic, green onion, and soybean sauce.

Because of its popularity there are many Makchang restaurants in Daegu, costing normally 6~8 USD per serving. If you decide to have Makchang while you are in Korea, Daegu is surely the place to try it.