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🎬Filming Location in Gunwi County, Daegu 🎬

Hello~ This is Visit Daegu!

In our previous blog, we mentioned that Gunwi county is now part of Daegu. And now, we would like to introduce a filming site in Gunwi 🎥

We’ll introduce the filming location of Hyewon’s House from the hit summer film “Little Forest”💖


This humble abode is named after the movie protagonist, Hyewon!🏡

BUT, if you search “Hyewon’s House” it may not after in the Maps so make sure to type in “Misung 1-ri Village Hall (미성1리마을회관) instead!

The walls of the houses at the entrance of the village are painted with murals depicting some scenes from the movie!🎨

Do you remember this scene? Outside the house, there are persimmons hanging as well! 🍊

Don’t forget to take photos in this spot!📸

Along the way, you’ll come across fields and a river, take time to breathe in the scenic beauty of the countryside of Korea! 🌳

📌 58-1 Misung 5-gil Ubo-myeon, Gunwi County, Daegu


Doesn’t Hyewon’s House make you feel at home?🙂

If you want to visit Hyewon’s House, leave a 🏡 emoji at the comments section!

We will return with more exciting content next time! 💖

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