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🎤Dancing Queens on the Road🎤

Hello~ This is Visit Daegu!

Recently, there is a trending TVN program called “Dancing Queens on the Road.” In this show, legendary Korean female artists travel across the country, meet fans, and have fun together on a concert tour.🎍

And now, the pop-up store of this popular TV show is coming to Daegu~?💖

The Hyundai Daegu Dancing Queens on the Road Pop-Up Store 🎤


Upon entering the underground entrance, you will see the “Pop-up Festa” banner a the door and👀

You’ll see the pop-up store right away!✨

There are various merchandise items available!🤭

There are short-sleeve shirts, windbreakers, shorts, and ball caps to try on and buy from various brand collaborations!!👍

Especially this cute merch with the phrase “dancing queen”!😊

They also have a collaboration with Seoul Popcorn called “Seoul Popcorn x Dancing Queens on the Road”!

Moreover, you could check out accessories released through a collaboration with "Vintage Hollywood."

There are diverse products like rings, bead bracelets, necklaces, etc., using the signature colors of the five divas!💍

There is also a photo zone decorated with five life-size figures of the dancing queens with various props, so don’t forget to take a photo!📸

With the rainy season coming up, why not visit The Hyundai Daegu for an indoor date and check out the “Dancing Queens on the Road” Pop-up Store!?🤭

✅ Popup Store : 23/06/30~23/07/06

✅ Operating Hours: Mon-Thu 10:30-20:00 / Fri-Sun 10:30-20:30

📌 The Hyundai Department Store Daegu, B2 Creative Ground


Well, how about right now?

If you are a fan of top female Korean artists, leave a 💖 in the comments section!

We’ll be back with more exciting content next time!💖

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