Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Daegu Bang Chun Saturday Night Market

Have you been to Daegu Bang Chun Night Market??
This place becomes sort of a combination of modern art and Korea’s traditional market culture on Saturdays.

Bang Chun Market has been trying to be new culture-art space in Daegu since 2008.

Unique Saturday Night Market Toyo-o-o Market closed Sep 10th.
They offer fun programs such as free guitar lesson, metal craft place, art note experience, calligraphy fan making, and caricatures exhibition.

Let’s look around~~

Traditional shops are neatly arranged in the market nowdays, while they used to be a bit messy in the past.

Bang Chun Market denies being the same as other traditional markets in Korea. It has its own unique mixed atmosphere of tradition and modernism.

I had expected it to be really packed with people but the place was not that crowded. Why?? Cuz people tend to shop at a Super Super Market rather than a traditional market.

They gave you free standard plastic garbage bag when you spend more than 5000 won.

There are many artistic and fun things in Bang Chun Market!

Byeldda Gong Bang - Metal craft art place
I made cute earrings here~~ :)

Tarrot Reading Place
That man looked a bit serious.. Why so serious?? lol Hope they got some lovely results. :)

They offer different programs every Saturday. Last Saturday was about couple making and love love games. lol

*Daegu Bang Chun Market*

Address: Daebong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
Bus: 303-1, 309, 403, 420-1, 425
Subway: Kyeongbuk Univ. Hospital Station / Gate3