Friday, August 12, 2011

Pool Parties at Night in Daegu

Wow it’s really humid here in Daegu!!
Dive into a swimming pool with me YAY ;O

Alright! Now we got orange tanned skin and bikini tan lines.. And then what??!! We party animals will be on fire at night~~~!

Spot 1. Pool Party at Hotel Daegu Inter-Bulgo EXCO

Amazing Pool Party starts at 7 PM every Friday and Saturday night at the Hotel Daegu Inter-Bulgo EXCO! In the heat of the night, the music will never stop and the party will never end for those ravers.

Date : Jul 22nd – Aug 27th
The entrance fee : 15,000won with 1 Free Drink. (Available from 9AM to 10PM)

2009 House Rulez Pool Party

Outdoor Swimming Pool

9 Lanes, 25 meters Outdoor Swimming Pool situated on the second floor, open during summer season. Also open till late night during the peak of summer season, and depending on the outside temperature.

Address: 702-845 San-gyeok 2 Dong, Buk Go, Daegu
Tel: +82 (53) 3800-332

Other Special Offers of Hotel Inter-Bulgo EXCO

Tanning and Grill Pakage – Let’s dig in fellas

Stay 3 nights, the Forth night is Free
Spot 2. Spa Valley Summer Night Festival

Have some fun at Daegu’s No1 Water Park!
Oh, I remember what I had there. The mouth-watering combination of Tteokbokki, Korean rice cakes in hot sauce, and Beer. lol ;p

Address: 27-9 Naeng-chun Lee, Ga-chang Myoen Dal-sung Gun, Daegu
Tel: +82 (53) 608-5000

Spot3. Green Groove Festival (Held in Dae Chun)

Dae Chun is a little far from Daegu but I thought it would be worth visiting since you can’t really talk about Korea’s hottest summer spots for foreigners without Dae Chun Beach. Here is the message from the festival organizer.

“U.R. Culture presents ‘Green Grove Festival 2001’ A festival where nature and people come together to accomplish the dream for a brighter future. We have invited the hottest artists worldwide to celebrate this festival for a night that you will never forget. We hope this event sparks a movement of “Green Culture” around the world and achieve this dream. Hope to see you all there!”

Date: Aug 13th to Aug 14th
Price: 1day 99,000won/ 2days 154,000won
Venue: Dae Chun Beach public Parking Space#1
Adress: #201 Sinheuk Dong, Boryeong, Chung-cheong-nam Do

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